Preactor Viewers

A web-based software system designed by Preactor International.

About Preactor Viewers

The Preactor Viewer is a view only system designed to be linked to one or more Master Schedulers over a PC network. It communicates and passes data between it and the Master System using a store and forward communication object, PCO, and messages that automatically trigger a response at its destination. Viewers can be located in different departments around the facility. There are applications where companies have sited Viewers 1000s of miles away to link multiple sites and provide updates to live schedules.

Viewers can be used is a variety of ways:-

  • On a shop floor PC to provide the cell supervisor or machine operator with up to the minute work-to-lists generated by the Master Scheduler.

  • Can be linked to bar-code readers to take progress information automatically from a barcode on a route card or other paperwork to feed back completions.

  • Can be used in the sales office to track the progress of orders.

  • Can be used by supervisory staff to track the progress of batches.

  • Can be used by management to compare actual with scheduled completion times.

It is often necessary to update Preactor from the shop-floor as batches are completed. This can be done manually in Preactor but where the numbers of updates are frequent then you can automate the process by connecting Preactor to a variety of tools available in the market place including bar code readers, touch screens, SFDC software and Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES).

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