Ariba Spend Analysis

A software system designed by Ariba.

About Ariba Spend Analysis

Does your organization have true ýSpend Analysisý? Do you know how much you are spending? On what? And with whom?

Simple questions to ask, but challenging to answer. Disparate systems spread across multiple geographies. Incomplete and erroneous data. Multiple classification schemes. All these factors obscure spend analysis, leading you to make mis-informed sourcing and business decisions. And that can cost you money and put your business at risk.

Imagine the power of having accurate, up-to-date visibility into all your company’s spending. Now imagine that this classified data is enriched with key business and market intelligence – all delivered through an intuitive, yet advanced analysis engine.

Ariba Spend Visibility delivers a structured, 360-degree view into your spending and compliance, empowering stakeholders to identify quick-hit savings opportunities, implement optimal sourcing strategies, and improve compliance with existing contract terms to sustain long-term savings. The keys to this success are:

  • Speed. Swift implementation and integration with existing systems, ensures all spend data is captured and accurately classified. Robust dashboards, reporting, and analytical features enable fast, accurate and personalized analysis
  • Sustainability. Automated classification to both industry (e.g., UNSPSC, NAICS, eClass, etc.) and company-specific standards ensures consistent, highly repeatable spend analysis.
  • Coverage. Line-level, commodity-specific detail derived from all data systems ensures comprehensive, ‘clean’ data. And Ariba’s enrichment capabilities and supply market expertise ensure you have holistic and actionable spend intelligence
  • Flexibility. Solutions can be delivered On-Demand or ‘behind the firewall’ and easily integrate into an overall spend management program

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