Ciiva BOM Manager

A bill of materials application designed by Ciiva.

About Ciiva BOM Manager

Ciiva is an electronic part selection and BOM management tool. Ciiva BOM manager helps you manage, track, and review every component used in your designs. This enables you to automate your BOM management process.

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  • Review and track changes to your bill of materials
  • Track and source components for designs
  • Centralize and share data with your team


Ciiva is built around a Client-Server-Cloud architecture. A user or company database is created and securely stored on one of the many node servers, which is positioned in a geographically optimized location.

Each user has a Windows client application that runs locally on their PC which connects to the node server to synchronize data in real-time with other connected clients (authorized users). If a client is offline, changes are pushed to the client the next time a user logs in and it connects to the node server. Users can even access information offline in a read-only mode should it be required.

Installation of the client does not require any administrator privileges, and updates to the client software are made automatically, so users don’t have to worry about version updates. In this respect, it is as simple as using a web based application.

The Ciiva Cloud captures information from a wide range of manufacturers and suppliers in real-time and combines this information with historical data to provide live information feeds.

This is combined with anonymous, validated data harvested from the entire Ciiva user base to further enhance the information feeds. For example, a potential alternative component recommendation may be derived from supplier component information combined with anonymous data which indicates that a number of Ciiva users have also defined this component as a possible second source.

Your component and bill of materials information is safe and secure, and only shared with users that you choose to share it with. At no stage is any confidential user, component, product or bill or materials information provided to any other unauthorized Ciiva user. Statistical analysis of large amounts of anonymised data helps provide information that is beneficial to every Ciiva user while protecting data sources and respecting confidentiality. These statistical information sources are completely decoupled from and untraceable to an individual Ciiva user or database.


  • Free version available (2 users, single-level BOM)
  • Pro version starts at $20/user/month (Unlimited components, multi-level BOM)

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