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Adaptive Planning

A web-based budgeting, planning & forecasting service designed by Adaptive Planning.
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Adaptive Planning provides comprehensive budgeting, planning, and forecasting that’s proven to reduce cycle times by up to 90%. With an incredibly intuitive “Excel-like” interface, it’s easy to collaboratively plan and forecast revenue, expenses, capital assets, workforce, balance sheet, cash flow, and more.

  • Complete Set of Planning/Budgeting Elements. Revenue planning, personnel planning, expense budgeting/planning, capital spending, revenue, assets, liabilities, cash flow planning, and equity.
  • Driver-Based Planning/Operational Metrics. Supports drivers or metrics such as headcount, units, prices, square footage, etc. to plan.
  • Custom Dimensions and Attributes. Supports customized dimensions to categorize data, e.g., departments, business units, projects, products, etc., as well as account and dimension attributes.
  • Automated Rollups. Automatically consolidate and roll up data across all dimensions into the total company budget/plan.
  • Multiple Line Item Detail. Split any account into as many rows as desired, with notes and descriptions, providing detailed support behind numbers.
  • Global Assumptions. Enable centralized assumptions that can be managed in one place and used across the organization.
  • Workflow. Automatically manage the plan submission and approval process; send email alerts when workflow status has changed.
  • Notation and Comments. Supports notation and comments throughout the application.
  • Audit Trail. Search to find changes to data, filtering on such fields as users, time ranges, departments, accounts, custom dimensions, etc.
  • Allocations. Allocations are automated with simple rules – choose the source departments and accounts, target departments and accounts, and an allocation method (e.g., Square Feet, Number of Employees, Percent Ownership, etc.)
  • Automated Currency Management. Automates conversion from the local currency of child entities to the currency of their parents.
  • Document Repository. Enables storing and sharing documents (e.g., MS Office files) related to budgeting, forecasting, and other corporate performance management activities.
  • Process Tracker. Supports collaboration and status around planning activities, optimized for desktop and mobile devices.
  • Multiple Linked Instances. Enables teams to plan autonomously but link models – e.g., a marketing departmental plan links to the sales plan that links to the revenue plan, or subsidiary plans link to the corporate plan.

Standardize, Streamline & Simplify

Adaptive Planning offers a powerful hosted solution for budgeting, planning, forecasting, and reporting. Its easy-to-use modeling environment helps businesses improve planning efficiency through collaboration, the elimination of errors, high user adoption, and rapid deployment. Businesses gain greater visibility into their financial and operational performance, giving them the ability to react quickly to their changing business needs.

Easy to Use

Adaptive Planning has an easy to use interface that looks and feels like a spreadsheet, making the most complex budgeting, planning and forecasting operations easy. Adaptive Planning users spend more time with value added work, and less time with administration.


Adaptive Planning provides a flexible modeling environment that allows companies to easily customize the application to their existing model. The flexibility and depth in functionality makes adding a department or division, reducing headcount or adjusting expense guidelines effortless. Moving from spreadsheets to a budgeting and planning solution has never been easier.

Quick to Implement

Adaptive Planning makes implementation simple. The system and the database are preconfigured to accept any model. The implementation process is completed by a financial operations expert and takes no more than 5-10 business days, making your path to budgeting and planning success exceptionally short.

Low IT Requirements

Adaptive Planning minimizes and in some cases eliminates the need for dedicated IT resources. Being a hosted solution, your IT organization will never have to worry about infrastructure requirements, maintenance, or upgrades - its all part of the package. Adaptive Planning allows your organization to focus on the business, not technology.


Adaptive Planning is a subscription-based hosted solution, minimizing the financial risk of a large up-front capital investment. The service requires no hardware or software installation, and there are no maintenance or licensing fees, so companies can get up and running quickly. Adaptive Planning makes it easy to get the power of an enterprise application at a price you can afford.

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