The complete Cloud accounting solution for the cannabis industry

About CannaSky

CannaSky’s Cannabis Cloud Software manages all aspects of your Cannabusiness operations from seed to sale on this user-friendly platform. Take the stress out of operating procedures, whether it’s harvest and cultivation management, inventory management, bookkeeping, or compliance. Thanks to a team of accounting experts and software developers, CannaSky has designed and developed a fully integrated accounting suite specifically for the cannabis industry. Accounts payable and receivable connected to inventory flow, payroll, production and much more.

At CannaSky, services are fine tuned to fit each client’s specific needs. Also, if a new issue occurs within your operations a custom solution can be developed just for you. From an accounting suite to personalized solutions, CannaSky believes in growing with clients to drive the cannabis industry with innovative and user-friendly ideas and technology.


  • Accounting Suite: From seed to sale and beyond, CannaSky handles it all. Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable fully integrated alongside Inventory Management.
  • Inventory Tracking: Track all incoming and outgoing shipments effortlessly. Inventory management with built-in analytics and barcode scanning.
  • Integration and Automation: Each state has different requirements and workflows. This software integrates and automates the necessary processes depending on your location(s) of operation.
  • Advanced Technology: Improve productivity and efficiency with advanced analytics. Drive the industry with data driven decisions using the latest technology.
  • Secure Cloud Storage: With cloud storage, know that your operational data is always up to date no matter which device you access it on. Secure servers ensure your data is never lost or stolen.
  • Data Analysis & Reports: Process and analyze cultivation, distribution or manufacturing data with ease. Generate operational reports at a click of a button.
  • Fully Responsive: CannaSky is fully compatible and accessible on any device whether mobile, laptop or desktop.

Product Overview

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User Reviews of CannaSky

Submitted on May 20th, 2021 by Elizabeth Graham

Everything is amazing!! I can’t help but express my gratitude. Before CannaSky management and tracking tasks took days, but now its takes only a few hours at most. The time I’ve gained has allowed to expand operations and handle larger inventory and distribution.

Submitted on May 20th, 2021 by Gregory Cummings

CannaSky excellent customer service and support team always ensure that the service is fine tune to our specific needs. CannaSky easy to use design makes managing our operation intuitive and stress-free.

Submitted on May 19th, 2021 by Jack Webber

Bookkeeping has always been a frustrating process for me but now, with CannaSky, I am able to handle it with a breeze. I can access whether at home or office to handle company issues. The support team also responds quickly and provides stellar service.