An integrated ERP solution for the hemp and medical/recreational cannabis industries.

About ERPCannabis

ERPCannabis is a complete ERP solution for the cannabis industry. ERPCannabis provides exactly what you need to manage cultivation, harvest, extraction, packaging, distribution, and sales. Whether your primary customer is doctors, dispensaries, or the end consumer, ERPCannabis will be there to help.

ERPCannabis has a high-level flow to ensure your business can follow the steps needed to oversee your grow operation:

1. Grow: Seedlings grow into flowers and the trimming process to convert the product into either a raw material (that needs to be extracted for certain products) or a finished good (when selling the flower directly). 2. Processing: Products still in the raw material stage need to be extracted into a pharmaceutical (gel cap or topical), oils, conentrates, or a consumable product. Finished products (flowers) enter the packaging stage. 3. Wholesale: Processed products enter the wholesale market, which can include clinics or a network of resellers or retailers you have a business relationship with. Generally reserved for larger (bulk) sales. 4. Retail: Processed products hit the shelves of retails stores for lower volume sales. 5. Medical Tracking: Ensure information about patients is accurate, such as their healthcare provider. 6. Backoffice: Accounting, HR, Payroll, Time Management, and Reporting.

Features of ERPCannabis

Grow Operations

Tracks each plant during the grow stage.

  • Custom harvest/cure settings
  • Custom workflows
  • Yield forecasting
  • Generalogy tracking
  • Transport manifest
  • Conversion tracking

Processing and Maintenance

Track your processes, recipes, and packaging for the finished goods.

  • Custom produce recipes
  • Recipe variations and versions
  • Production forecasts

Logistics and Transportation

Ensure your logistics are properly thought out and record to ensure the distribution of your product grows smoothly through your transportation channels

  • Manifest creation


Dispensary POS capabilities to handle cash and credit card processing, real-time inventory updates and overall prospect tracking and other marketing related features such as promotions.

  • Patient CRM
  • Email/text marketing
  • Customizable receipts
  • Promotion management
  • Email campaigns

Medical Tracking

Manage the needs of a medical dispensary through patient management, verification of prescriptions, and track customer fill rates.

  • Patient details (conditions, preferred ingestion method)
  • Purchase history (track usage for irregularities)
  • CRM capabilities

Back Office Operations

  • Accounting (General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Cost Accounting)
  • Human Resources
  • Payroll
  • Time Management

Analytics and Reporting

  • Sales trends
  • 280e tax report
  • Dashboard reporting
  • Document management
  • HIPAA compliant

Product Overview

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