SCP 4.0

A software system designed by Jada Management Systems, LLC.

About SCP 4.0

SCP 4.0 is a forecasting, demand planning, and vendor managed inventory (VMI) solution that recommends what to make/procure, how much to make, and when to make it in order to uphold target inventory levels. SCP 4.0 also includes MRP, full container optimization, and strong reporting tools.

The purpose of Vendor Managed Inventory partnership programs is to electronically share information between members of the supply chain resulting in shorter lead times, reduced inventory, reduced obsolescence, and more efficient manufacturing. The up-stream member of the supply chain (the supplier) takes on more decision making for what to supply to the customer. The result is a more leveraged relationship for the supplier and improved service for the customer. For more information, see some of our blog articles, 3 Steps to Make VMI Work and Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) Explained.

Managing the VMI Process Requires a Good Planning Engine That Includes Flexible Integration Capabilities

VMI, SMI (supplier managed inventory), or CPFR (collaborative planning, forecasting and replenishment); The problem is always the same. Customers and suppliers manage and share their electronic information in dozens of ways and formats. A supplier needing to establish a Vendor Managed Inventory VMI partnership relationship with multiple clients can expect to receive customer data as a combination of Excel files, ASCII files, EDI, XML, exported reports, and more. To complicate the matter further, this data can be transmitted over email, FTP, web portal, EDI VAN, and private or public exchange networks.

The SCP built-in Data Mapping functionality automates Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) communication with any electronic data source from something as simple as an Excel spreadsheet, to retrieving data from the Internet… even to the extent of automatically locating emails in an inbox, detaching and unzipping (if necessary) the required attachment, and processing the information. And it doesn’t stop there. SCP is also capable of automatically communicating data and reports back to clients who are anxious to know how much inventory is being held at their suppliers and what shipments they can expect.

Data Integration

Quick and seamless integration is undoubtedly one of the biggest factors in the success or failure of supply chain projects. A long implementation means high costs and lost momentum which in turn can translate into a loss of interest by users and management.

The average implementation time (including training) for SCP is 2 weeks

This number is a true measurement from existing client implementations. It is made possible primarily because of SCP’s built-in Data Mapping functionality. Data Maps are capable of retrieving data, manipulating it, and allocating the results to the proper location in SCP where it can be used by the forecasting, planning, and scheduling engines. They can also take info from SCP and pass it to external target databases or files for full 2-way communication.

Data Maps connect SCP to any electronic data sources such as AS400 databases (DB2), Oracle, SQL Server, Excel, ASCII, XML, EDI VANS, FTP, Internet, even email attachments and much more. They also ‘shield’ users from the technical requirements of most supply chain systems.

With SCP Data Mapping, the demand for already constrained I.T. resources is minimal and the power of implementation is transferred into the hands of the people managing the installation. A person with minor technical skills can create and adjust a map, significantly reducing the integration time from weeks to days. Super-users can even create ODBC connections and write SQL commands. More technically advanced users can write complete programs to accomplish integration goals.

Forecasting & Planning

Highly manage-by-exception based, the SCP planning engine represents your supply chain accurately. Plants supplying distribution centers (DCs), central warehouses supplying remote locations, point of sale data from stores, or a combination of all of the above… SCP can easily be configured to accommodate a variety of models.

Forecasting in SCP is accomplished through multiple formulas ranging from simple moving averages to more complex seasonal, trend, exponential smoothing, etc. algorithms. For the optimum in automated forecasting, select the award-winning ForecastPro automatic formula for best-pick forecasting functionality.

For manufacturers needing to plan raw materials in addition to finished goods, SCP supports a multi-level bill of materials, driving demand down from the finished parts to the corresponding components.

Add scheduled receipts, customer orders, and existing inventory to the mix, combined with highly configurable planning parameters including lead time, safety stock and safety time; SCP recommends accurate replenishment planned orders for internal and VMI purposes.

There is no shortage of reporting in SCP. Shipment, Manufacturing, Excess, Stockout, Inactivity, Performance, ABC Analysis and many more are included in this module. Please see the SCP Reporting section for more information.


With thousands of records to manage, good reporting functionality is critical to the supply chain planning process. SCP includes over a dozen highly configurable color-coded reports and also supports custom reporting where needed.

Excess, Inactivity, Fill-rate, Performance, On-hand, Safety Stock Recommendation, ABC Analysis, Exceptions Reporting, Shipment, Manufacturing and much more. SCP reporting has everything needed to get the job done quickly and accurately. It even contains reports that track customer forecast/schedule changes for monitoring VMI relationships.

SCP reports can be exported as ASCII, PDF, Excel, HTML, MS Word, and other formats. They can also be automatically emailed or posted on a Web site in any format… a low-cost effective method of sharing data with suppliers and clients.

All SCP reports come with very detailed filtering capabilities that allow users to fine-tune the output as much as necessary.

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