Orbweaver Advance

A software system designed by Orbweaver.

About Orbweaver Advance

Distributors, Manufacturers and Suppliers in the Electronics Industry know the pain. Every year, thousands of RFQs and POs are received or issued. Tackled by hand, responses to RFQs and the issuances of POs are a significant amount of work, representing dozens, if not hundreds of hours of staff time & to say nothing of the potential error inherent to any manual process.

Fortunately, there’s a better way. Introducing Orbweaver Advance, a fully integrated solution designed to automate routine business tasks.

With Orbweaver Advance, RFQs and POs are automatically managed within a pre-determined business flow married to your existing MRP/EFP system.

Orbweaver Advance RFQ

  • Activity queue automation
  • Touchless email attachment import
  • Automated component pricing and representative historical data
  • Automated approval and business flows
  • Dashboard capacity management

Orbweaver Advance PO

  • Automated sourcing and PO issuance
  • Automated reconciliation within system of record
  • Dashboard exception management

Best of all, Orbweaver Advance was developed by a team of electronic industry insiders, guaranteeing it will work within the nuances of your existing sales process and workflows.

Why Orbweaver Advance?

  • Most processing is automatic and straight-through; exceptions are routed to a webportal for seamless resolution between the buyer and seller.
  • Orbweaver Advance also provides revision control, eliminates duplicate entry and transmits data in real time.
  • Your team’s work load will be dramatically reduced, as stock is automatically reordered from suppliers when a need arises (or is anticipated), and incoming POs flow directly to the system of record.
  • The burdern on suppliers and customers is minimal. Orbweaver Advance works with their existing workflows and data transfer solutions and preferred formats.
  • Data transfer is completely secure thanks to the Orbweaver Lockbox technology.

User Reviews of Orbweaver Advance

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