LeanEra Manufacturing

A web-based software system designed by Profit Solutions International for manufacturing companies.

About LeanEra Manufacturing

Your Business Processes Have Been Refined – and They Work. So You Need an ERP System That Adapts to Your Operation, Not the Other Way Around!

LeanERA Manufacturing helps users work more efficiently at each stage of the business process. It is comprised of software modules that can be tailored to your organization’s specific needs and processes. You won’t need to reinvent your processes to fit the system parameters; the flexible software adapts quickly and easily to your proven operational practices. Each implementation of LeanERA Manufacturing begins with the same core software. But it is flexible enough to be applied in a variety of business environments. Built on an extensive library of application modules, LeanERA Manufacturing is implemented with the appropriate modules that support each customer’s varied business functions and processes.

Streamline Production Planning for Any Plant

LeanERA Manufacturing provides a window into productivity and plant management through a single integrated application that provides the ability to oversee the entire plant and office procedures. It’s all about better visibility to the sales, customer contacts, quality controls, expenses and revenue projections for better management capacity.

Discrete Manufacturing

How do you accommodate inventory requirements when sales forecasts keep changing? LeanERA Manufacturing makes it possible to closely tie sales forecasts with production schedules to ensure product availability, while minimizing inventory costs and reducing cashflow challenges.

Nimble, accurate updating

  • LeanEra translates revised details to MRP and Master Schedule in the shortest possible time
  • Update production plans in 1 hour or less and communicate needs to your supply chain
  • Running updates will not interfere with other users of the system
  • MRP has continuous access to the latest data in real time
  • Accurate production planning protects the cash cycle, minimizes inventory cost

Off-the-shelf service

  • Enhance customer service by ensuring required inventory levels
  • Integration of EDI allows high-speed access to customer information and orders
  • MRP allows Order Entry to predict delivery dates and answer customer queries

Hands-on control

  • Integrated view of forecasts and production plans for effective decision support
  • Maximize plant efficiency
  • Plant modeling optimizes Master Schedules and Routings
  • Support for Demand flow or Canban modes
  • Master Schedule allows manual control in any planning period

Made-to-Order Manufacturing

How do you create a streamlined operation when you never make the same product twice? Translate sales orders into production specifications with LeanERA Manufacturing and get your customer what they want. Fast! Automatically generate the bill of materials, routings, engineering information and get it delivered for efficient use of facilities and resources. Eliminate repetitive tasks and streamline the invoicing process.

Streamline Production Planning for Any Plant

  • Product Configurator automatically generates Bills of Material, Routings, and Engineering information from sales orders
  • Updates are instantly delivered to MRP for the most efficient use of facilities and resources
  • Multimedia support enables faster set-ups and access to drawings

& And out the door

  • Shop Floor modules fully integrated with Time & Attendance so workflow and costs can be monitored as it happens
  • Direct links to equipment PLCs, workstations and shipping automatically record production and delivery details
  • MRP can be updated hourly, if required, without delaying other users

Make smaller jobs more profitable

  • Easy question-based Sales Order process simplifies service and production
  • Eliminate repetitive steps; all sales, production, purchasing and financial data are shared in one database
  • Shorter cash cycle: costing, shipping and customer details are captured automatically for invoicing

Support remote sales locations

  • All modules are Internet-ready out-of-the-box
  • Fully controlled access to order entry, WIP and account inquiries

Process Manufacturing

How do you accommodate varying customer orders when your products are output as a continuous batch? LeanERA Manufacturing makes it easy to monitor production processes, inventory levels, feedstocks and sales – in real time. Using that information, you can match inventory levels to fulfill customer orders.

Integrating production and management

  • LeanEra communicates directly with production PLCs so that it is possible to know what product is in process at all times.
  • Database and MRP are automatically updated with inventories and costing minute-by-minute.

Going with the flow

  • LeanEra does not force creation of artificial job orders to track production or sales.
  • MRP communicates sales requirements throughout the system and backflushes inventory to fill customer orders.
  • Information flow is a single process from order entry to shipping; all data is continuously updated in real time.

Recipe for efficiency

  • LeanEra batch control scheduling lets you produce a consistent product across multiple lines, regardless of hopper sizes, by automatically adjusting the Bill of Materials for each process line.

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