Automated Rental Management

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Rental management software designed to work with Sage 100.

About Automated Rental Management

Automated Rental Management (ARM) software from BCS ProSoft is the full-featured rental management and accounting system that rental companies need to access timely, accurate financial information and maximize staff productivity.

The ARM system features 13 integrated modules: award-winning Sage 100 accounting software for your core accounting needs, and several rental-specific modules. Designed by rental experts, ARM gives you the power and flexibility you need to control inventory and track reservations; it also handles all of the standard billing methods.

ARM was designed for companies that rent and/or sell light equipment, party supplies, tents, scaffolding, portable buildings, sanitation equipment, plants, trailers, costumes, movie equipment, and many others.

The process of writing customer rental orders and taking reservations is critical to your business. At the time a reservation/order is written, you need to have the following information at your fingertips: customer’s complete mailing and shipping addresses, the availability of specific items for sale and for rent, item pricing, quantity pricing, customer pricing, costs and customer credit limits. ARM’s powerful report generator and inquiry options deliver the information you need, when you need it. For rental order processing software that tracks every detail of your rental business, choose the integrated, feature-rich ARM and Sage 100 system. It’s a perfect fit for any type of rental operation.

Contract Entry

Features Include:

  • Convenient lookup and search functions make finding the correct customer, shipping address, and billing code simple
  • Create new customers and items on the fly
  • Customer credit limit checking during data entry
  • Records user id of operator entering contract
  • Copy new contract from another contract or invoice
  • Checks quantity available and warns if overbooked
  • Convenient lookup and search functions make finding your data simple
  • Easily query stock in other warehouse locations
  • Fax contracts directly to your customer
  • Enter multiple deposits and receipts
  • Contract History Inquiry shows cumulative billing totals for contract
  • Separate Delivery/Return instructions for each contract
  • Track contract changes
  • Query item pricing including quantity breaks
  • View and maintain customer specific memos during contract entry
  • Full salesperson commission reporting
  • View the Reservation Inquiry screen at any time
  • Handy calendar makes finding the correct date a snap

Equipment Maintenance

Features Include:

Serialized Item Memos: Enter and maintain nearly unlimited freeform text about an individual piece of equipment. Keep details on servicing or to describe scratches or dents existing before a rental.

Serial Item on Repair Listing: The Serial Item on Repair Listing reports all serialized items currently flagged with an on repair status. You may select a specific warehouse, item number and serial number, or choose a range for each.

Serial Item Return-to-Stock Entry: The Serial Item Return-to-Stock Entry allows you to change the repair status for items that were flagged for repair and are ready to be returned to stock.


Features Include:

Inventory Maintenance: The Inventory Maintenance function is the storehouse for all item data. Quickly switch your view from rental-specific data to sales and general data such as the product line, valuation method, etc. A convenient tab system lets you move quickly to locate the data in which you are most interested.

Graphic Reservation Inquiry: An easy to read graphic reservations inquiry screen shows instantly the quantity of an item: on rent, to be returned and available for any selected week. Click on the displayed calendar to scroll the screen to the time frame of interest. Drill down from this window to view a list of the open contracts referencing the item. Drill down further to view each individual contract.

Serialized Inventory: Both lot and serial-numbered items are supported providing the ability to track individual pieces of equipment or collections. You can easily inquire into the status (available, on repair, on rent) of each individual item.

Sales and Rental Commissions: You may establish separate commission structures for an item based on whether it is to be sold or rented.

Sales and Rental History: Detailed sales and rental history is preserved by item and by customer and includes quantity and dollars both rented and sold.

Kitting: Kits can represent groups of items priced and sold/rented together. Sales Kits can be entered during Contract Entry to explode the component items automatically.

Product Overview

  • Developer BCS ProSoft
  • Type Equipment Rental Software
  • Client OS Windows

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User Reviews of Automated Rental Management

Submitted on June 11th, 2019 by Elizabeth Deck

Managing rental inventory with ARM is one of those key technologies that we couldn’t live without. We know in an instant what equipment is in, where it is, who should be billed, who has been billed, who has paid, and who hasn’t paid.

Submitted on June 11th, 2019 by Peggy Kringlie

ARM is so manageable — reservations, inventory, and billing are all integrated, which allows us to be more efficient and productive.

Submitted on June 11th, 2019 by Elizabeth Deck

It was the very best software implementation I have ever been a part of. Even with the short time frame we didn’t experience any down time.

Submitted on June 11th, 2019 by Howard Schapira

ARM kicks out the reports we want and everyone’s eyes light up. From a managerial standpoint, it is exactly what we need.

Submitted on June 11th, 2019 by Gary Peto

Our entire sales team uses ARM. When a client calls in, we can instantly confirm if the rental is available and the client is delighted.