Sirius e Rental Software

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A multi-module management system designed by Orion Software for retail trade companies.

About Sirius e Rental Software

Sirius Is a 3rd Generation Rental Software

Siruis e Rental Software has easy picture integration, email and fax capabilities, or the ease of installation, training and support found within the Windows environment!

Sirius was developed with input from industry leaders and, combined with 15 years of experience, created a powerful, flexible, yet easy to use and learn rental solution.

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Sirius Was Developed With Three Key Objectives in Mind:

  • Improve business processes and deliver operational savings
  • Enhance customer service by providing real-time information, complete and clear forms, and precise inventory availability status
  • Gather and share knowledge, through extensive kits and accessory management or using the operation notes available for each piece of equipment

Sirius Advantages

  • Monitor pick-ups and returns, quickly and efficiently
  • Profit from automatic price and tax calculation, while keeping special agreements for each customer in mind
  • Avoid double bookings that are disastrous to your customers and your reputation
  • Eliminate time consuming tasks such as manual form entries (reservations, contracts, invoices, statements of account…)
  • Invoice professionally, in your customer’s language
  • Monitor customer credit limits, special instructions and accounts receivable efficiently
  • Access the location and availability of your equipment at all times
  • Efficiently manage equipment operations and availability in several branches, in real time
  • Prevent oversights and lost add-on sales, thanks to the Kit and Accessories Management
  • Instantly access a detailed customer rental and equipment history
  • Track maintenance, repairs and depreciation for all your equipment

Accessory Management

This is a feature similar to the kits.

The difference is that the accessories are suggested on a pop-up screen for an item.

They are a list of compatible accessories that could be rented or sold with an equipment. You can then select easily the bits that fit a drill, or the proper sandpaper that fits a sanding machine.

As with the kits, the price of these accessories can be included or not in the price of the main item.

Accounts Receivable

Sirius offers an extensive accounts receivable system. For each customer, you can select if they have an account or not, their credit margin, interest rate, etc. You can also block the account in case of payment problems. Different prices and discounts can be offered for each client. Taxes and insurance status can be setup according to each customer situation.

Availability Calendar

This screen shows the quantity available for all the items of a specified category for a period of one week, divided into blocks of twelve hours. So on top, 14am represents the 14th of August in the morning. For each item, you can see the quantity on hand and the maximum quantity that is available for each of the periods of the week.

Each period is color-coded. Green stands for equipment available, red is equipment that is not available at all and yellow is for partially available. Since you can see all the items of a category at once, it allows you to easily offer replacement products to your customers.

Customer Management

With Sirius, you can monitor and track all your customers: charge and cash. Sirius can scan a driver’s license directly into the client’s account, and even add a picture for enhanced security. Sirius can efficiently use email to send statements or invoice copies to your client.

Customer Monitor

This is the screen that you would be using to collect your dues from your customers.

It summarizes all the information that you need on a single screen. You can consult the customers’ credit conditions as well as the list of all the invoices that are currently owed. You can also see the aging of these invoices and the past payments, customer’s complete history, as well as statistics about their credit.

You have access to the customers comment field where you can keep notes about your collection efforts. If needed, it is possible to block the account of a bad customer from this screen.

Item Maintenance Management

With Sirius, you can track the maintenance of your equipment and put them easily ýin repairý. It then becomes unavailable and prints out an internal repair document for your technicians. Lists of equipment currently under repair are offered to plan work schedules. You may keep a logbook of all the maintenance done on the equipment.

This is linked to your part’s listing, and when used, it will be taken out of your inventory, and its cost is added to the total maintenance cost.

Item Management

Sirius manages rental items, sales items, services, and counters. (mileage or hours of usage) Tracks your equipment down to their individual serial number, if necessary.

For each item, you will know the quantity you have on hand as well as the quantity available for any given period. You can assign up to five different sale or rental prices for each piece of equipment you have, and Sirius will automatically pick the correct rate depending on the customer you are dealing with.

Kit Management

A kit is a group of items that usually rents together. For each of these items, you can decide if they will be included in the price of the kit or charged for individually.

Kits help to speed up the transaction. You choose the kit and everything that is part of it automatically appears on the transaction.

It can also be used to make a special deal on a group of items. Kits make training easier since Sirius provides much of what employees need to know.

Rental Contract


When beginning a new transaction, you can see the credit status of your customers, their address, and all their identification cards. If the customer’s account has been blocked or if he is in payment default, you shall get a red note. You will also see any comments linked to this customer, good or bad.

A blocked account prevents you from proceeding while a payment default note is just a warning.


The next step is to enter the delivery information. You can specify if the transaction will be delivered or picked-up.

This allows you to print reports and delivery forms to build the work schedule of your delivery teams. You can enter the delivery address, if different than the billing address, or you could pick the ýship toý from your customer’s list. Finally, you can use five customizable fields where you could enter any additional information needed by your operations.


The correct price for each item based on your customer status automatically comes up. You have the option of modifying that price.

The new price will be kept on the transaction for its whole duration without affecting the default price of the equipment, if desired.

There is no limit to the length of the transactions, you can have as many pages of items as needed. Also, to make things easier to understand for your customers, you can add lines of text to the transaction detail.


Discount rates are brought up automatically and can be modified. Discounts are calculated only on the equipment marked as discountable. You can also add additional charges like damage waivers, shipping, cleaning or labor charges. The tax system is extensive: taxes can be charged based on the customers’ address, the delivery address, or entered manually. You can keep customer deposits on transactions. You can issue the invoice once the equipment is back or you can pre-invoice from the rental contract.


There are over 100 different reports you can print from Sirius. For most of them you can select a range of dates, customers or equipment to be included and you can decide on the sorting order to be used.

Examples Include:

  • List of reservations to be delivered tomorrow
  • Checklist for your bank deposits
  • Batch of delivery slips
  • Cash balancing documents
  • Price listing or inventory value reports

Sirius database can also be linked to a spreadsheet like Excel to generate additional reports or you can use your word processor software to do mass mailing directly from your customer or supplier list in Sirius.

Finally, you can use Sirius with report generating software like Crystal Reports.

This allows you to create and save an almost infinite amount of reports.

Serial Number Management

You have the option, for each of your items, to create a sub-file for each serial number. This allows you to keep track of the individual information for each of the serialized items that you own while still being able to track their overall availability. For each of the items you can keep the purchase information like supplier, date of purchase, invoice number and cost. You can also keep track of the revenues generated by this item, its return on investment, and its depreciation (calculated automatically).

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User Reviews of Sirius e Rental Software

Submitted on May 26th, 2020 by Don Lombardi

We are a national rental operation with 5 branches, across Australia. Over the past 15 years, we have used 4 different rental management systems none as good as Sirius E! We have used sirius pro and then 5 years ago migrated to Sirius E and never looked back! Sirius-e gives a rental manager all the information you need at your finger tips, It is quick accurate and just a pleasure to use. Its the perfect tool to run a national rental business. Sirius and Orion software understands RENTAL.

The Good…

Sirius E and excel work hand in hand so you can have powerful reports out in seconds.

The Bad…

Being in Australia - updates are mandatory and run often in the middle of our trading day, which can stop operation for a few minutes.

Submitted on June 12th, 2019 by Lucy Belanger

Our experience using the software has been quite seamless. From the implementation process to the convenience of the flexible training sessions, the team has always been available to tend to any requirements or questions we had. One of our favorite features would have to be the ease of use of the dashboard in particular and the ability to easily navigate between screens and functions.

Submitted on June 12th, 2019 by Gillian Beasley

We had issues being able to accurately track inventory and reservations. The two biggest attributes about this software would be the ability to efficiently manage and control inventory and transfer in between branches therefore greatly reducing the risk for loss, and both the accuracy and simplicity of the reporting system.