Oracle Financial Services Cloud

A cloud-based software solution designed by Oracle.

About Oracle Financial Services Cloud

The Oracle Financial Services Cloud is a community cloud offering dedicated to our customers in financial institutions including banks, insurance and investment companies and securities institutions among other regulated institutions in the financial industry. This unique offering provides our financial services customers with the assurance that their move to the cloud is secure, compliant and risk adverse. The Oracle Financial Services Cloud supports the unique Financial Services requirements to manage their Human Capital Management, Financial Services Management and Customer Relationship Management in the cloud.


Oracle has the broadest cloud portfolio in the industry, delivering a complete range of production-level, cross-functional business applications for each part of your organization with information and data shared seamlessly across Oracle Cloud Applications and your other systems. Business users have the latest innovations at their fingertips across customer service, finance and accounting, human capital and talent management–all enriched with social engagement and collaboration tools and an intuitive user interface that works on any mobile device. These applications have been architected on a modern and open service-oriented platform and infrastructure to simplify integration needs and lower an organization’s total cost of ownership. With the Oracle Financial Services Cloud, Oracle is providing our customers with the confidence to move to the cloud knowing that they are ensuring data privacy, providing compliant services, enterprise level support and minimizing organizational risk.

Security and Data Privacy:

The Oracle Financial Services Cloud offering will provide our Financial Services customers with the confidence that Oracle utilizes our superior security solutions with our specialized resources dedicated to this cloud offering. Administrative access and support to the customer dedicated cloud environment is restricted to Oracle employees only. Focus on the ability to control and restrict the transfer of data to ensure data privacy includes encryption at rest by leveraging Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) and in transit over public networks by using SSL. Database Vault is also included and addresses the common regulatory compliance 2 | ENTER TITLE OF DOCUMENT HERE O R A C L E D A T A S H E E T requirements and reduces the risk of insider threats. The Oracle Financial Services Cloud offering is aligned with the International Organization for Standardization 27001- 2013 security controls. All customer access to data in the cloud is governed by username/password or single sign on, using identity federation via SAML 2.0 token assertion. Single sign on allows customers to easily adopt cloud services while leveraging their current LDAP repositories for authenticating their employees in the Oracle Cloud. The Oracle Financial Services Cloud also includes the use of the bastion security model to provide yet another layer of protection and control to safeguard customer data from malicious access The Oracle Financial Services Cloud is uniquely offered to financial services organizations to provide the added assurance that their move to the cloud is secure, compliant and risk adverse.


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