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About Estimating Link

Estimating Link is a sophisticated estimating software application ideal for both state and private work in heavy highway, environmental, bridges, site-work, railroad and civil projects. It’s designed specifically for unit price and lump sum bidding all through a super user-friendly, easy-to-use interface. Designed by an estimator with real world construction experience, Estimating Link has been perfected by users for 35 years.

Quickly build an entire estimate with accurate labor and equipment cost, markup, alternates, etc. and print professional proposals. Copy an entire existing project or bring specific aspects of the project into a new estimate, such as rates, certain phases of the job/items, overhead, etc and scale it all to your new estimate. The integration of DOT systems and spreadsheets make uploading and working with other platforms a breeze.

Crews, Template Items and Catalogs make saving and re-using data easy and organized. You can classify and password your estimates and use libraries to keep customers and vendors data ready with the click of your mouse. The Subcontractor and Rate Table comparison modules make it easy to compare vendors and prices and update your entire bid at the eleventh hour with the low cost.

Complete your first bid the same day you install Estimating Link. You are not required to go through a long setup process to enter detailed data for labor, equipment or other rates. Estimating Link can be used as a stand-alone program or as a multi-user program so that estimators can work simultaneously on projects.

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  • Bid Sheets - Provide a summary of all the primary Items with the unit costs extended by the Bid Quantity. Add project overhead, bond costs, corporate overhead and desired profit percentages.
  • Alternates & Fixed Price Items - easy what-if analysis of costs with different production rates or day lengths.
  • Move Money - Take advantage of windfall profit/loss and track the money.
  • Item Sheets - Toggle your production with the click of a button between production in days or hours.
  • Sub-Item Assistant & Combine Items - A complex Item or phase of the job can be composed of many sub Items.
  • Rate Tables - Simple, one-time setup of your reusable labor codes and hourly rates.
  • Rates - Re-use and scale resources such as labor, equipment and material.
  • Fuel Calculator - Easily change fuel rates and update your entire project at the last minute.
  • Pipe Trench Calculator - Calculate the amount of fill or bedding required to fill a trench.
  • Accounting Integration - makes integrating with your accounting fast and easy.
  • Subcontractor, Material and Rate Table Comparison - update material and/or subcontractor quotes in a project and changes are made immediately.

Additional features include:

  • State DOT Bidding Support
  • Metric to English Conversion
  • Customizable views
  • Project Classifications
  • Project Password
  • Spreadsheet Wizard
  • Catalogs
  • Template Items


Estimating Link software is sold with perpetual licenses and/or subscription licenses, depending on your business preferences. The starting price for the SaaS is $300 per month.

There is a FREE version available, along with a FREE trial.

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User Reviews of Estimating Link

Submitted on December 16th, 2022 by Anonymous

I like the program, I like the way it works. Price played a big factor in it. The other ones are pretty expensive compared to this one. The people are really nice. Jennifer over there and I think Kathleen is the owner. They’re easy to work with and the price is right and I like the program. It does what I need and more. We’re just starting to use it.