A web-based multi-module management system designed by Xactware Solutions for finance & insurance companies.

About XactContents

Where Xactimate leaves off, XactContents picks up. Xactimate allows you to estimate the cost of rebuilding structures; and XactContents assists in estimating how much it will cost to refurnish those structures. Every imaginable home product from appliances and electronics to firearms and furniture; this product features detailed pricing information, eliminating the speculation often assumed with estimating. This product will greatly reduce the time your staff spends on searching for prices and data entry; as well as reduce the cost associated with inaccurate pricing.


XactContent can help you in your estimation process with the existence of several features. The existence of an incredibly deep database, with hundreds of thousands of prices of consumer items all updated weekly, allow you to create the most accurately priced estimates available. Searching for items in the database can be done by searching name, model number, description or features; and items not found in the database can be easily manually added to an estimate. The database also features like, kind, quality (LKQ) replacements for items that are no longer made. With XactContents items can be depreciated by percentage, or you can utilize built-in life expectancy tables.


The reporting feature of XactContents assures your management will have the most accurate, complete, and up-to-date info needed to make crucial business decisions. All reports can be viewed in real-time, with adjustments and updates being made as work is done. Assignment reports allow you to view the details and status of any and every assignment. Furthermore, every report has a ýdrill-downý capability, giving you the tools to see what data is found in the largest or smallest of reports.


Using XactContents ability to track estimates and assignments will enhance the efficiency of your business. You are able to issue and track both actual cash value (ACV) and replacement cash value (RCV) payments; ACV and RCV are automatically estimated with adjustments for deductible, salvage, policy and category limits. Payments are then recorded, allowing you to view details of payments already made and items left to settle. With XactContents you are easily able to monitor assignments, claims, and payments in real-time. Side-by-side comparisons of original and replacement items are available; with pricing results that show the source and date of last verification for each item. To aid in the implementation process you are able to import your inventory from an Excel spreadsheet.

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