An ERP system designed by AgriSoft|CMC for agriculture/forestry/fishing/mining companies.


The business of animal agriculture is about productivity, effectiveness and quality. Choosing the right software to streamline that business and increase profitability is an important decision. The software your company uses should make complex tasks simple, save you time, and integrate easily into your existing business structure.

AgriSoft|CMC understands that no two businesses are alike, and neither are their software needs. By offering both character-based and graphical user interface software, we are able to provide your company with affordable and effective software solutions that your work force can be comfortable with.

We have the solution to your unique software needs. More importantly, we have the knowledge necessary to help you choose the right type of software for your operation.


  • Master Table
  • Accounts Payable
  • Sales Order Processing
  • Payroll
  • Purchase Orders
  • Enterprise Management and Digital Dashboard
  • Logistics & Invoicing
  • General Ledger
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Sales Analysis
  • Inventory Processing
  • Inventory Control
  • Order Entry Pricing
  • Dispatch
  • Trucking
  • Electronic Data Interchange
  • Fixed Asset Depreciation
  • Commodity Purchasing

Accounts Receivable

AgriSoft|CMC’s Accounts Receivable Module includes many sophisticated features typically found only in higher-priced AR packages. With AgriSoft|CMC, you can track customer invoice history and payments, analyze a customer’s credit-worthiness, and update the General Ledger Module automatically.

Features Include:

  • Built-in system control options allow customization for your unique needs.
  • Aging Report has six operator configurable aging limits that can be based on ship or invoice dates.
  • Maintains detailed Invoice and Cash Receipt Histories with Reporting and Look-Up feature.
  • Has Salesperson and Broker features for tracking sales, margins, and paying commissions.
  • Provides sales margin information by customer, product, and invoice. Customer Margin Report options include: History, Salesperson, Agreement, Class. Product Margin options include: History, Product Group, Brand, Category, Product Class, & Pricing Class. Invoice Margin options are Dollars or Per Unit.
  • In-depth sales analysis by customer and product is provided by the Sales Extract Program. Sales Extract reads both current and historical files to access sales data for any time period.
  • Analysis reports can be created by, Customer or Product, or by Product or Customer location, or by G/L. Analysis reports can also be created by Geographical Code, Product Group Code and Customer Class.
  • Password protected screen viewing of selected information is available for Executives, Sales, etc.
  • Tracks unfilled invoices. Tracks location and lot taken to fill invoices.
  • Cash receipts screen handles, invoice adjustments, overpayments, credit memos and shortweights.
  • Invoice generation automatically converts orders into invoices - select by date or document.

Commodity Purchasing

AgriSoft|CMC’s Commodity Purchasing Module is designed for clients who purchase local grain. It records purchases, creates a receipt record, calculates the discounts (test weight, moisture, foreign material, etc.), records the pounds received and converts weight to bushels. ‘Base’ or ‘Board’ pricing is available, and contracts are maintained.

Features Include:

  • Interfaces with Accounts Payable system for instant check printing. Split payments and partial payments are allowed.
  • Built-in system control options customize Commodity Purchasing System to your needs.
  • Posts purchases to General Ledger by creating vouchers which are included in A/P posting.
  • Allows impounding of taxes from vendor based on the commodity.
  • Includes system incremented ticket number and contract numbers to facilitate entries.


AgriSoft|CMC’s Dispatch Module interfaces with Trucking P&L, Order Entry and Accounts Receivable systems to generate and store dispatch related documents for sales orders. The module generates freight invoices, and maintains Driver Master Records, Trip Records, Monthly Time Logs, and Location Records for trucks, trailers and gear.

Features Include:

  • Maintains Driver Master Records by Name, Hire Date, License, Expiration Date, Physical Expiration Date.
  • Stores traffic tickets by number, state, date, and violation.
  • Stores Trip Records by Entry Date, Ship Date, Delivery Date/Time, Shipper Information, and Deliver to/Bill to information.
  • Maintains driver and equipment logs by trip.
  • Maintains quantity in units and weights.
  • Includes fields for special instructions for driver.

Electronic Data Interchange

AgriSoft|CMC’s Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Module contains EDI standard formats and menu options for hassle-free EDI communications with your customers.

The module interfaces the Order Entry System with EDI, eliminating the need to key in orders, and automatically generating shipping documents and invoices.

AgriSoft|CMC staff will work with you, your customer, and the third party network to integrate hardware, software and communications system to make your EDI transactions easy and trouble-free.

Enterprise Management and Digital Dashboard

AgriSoft|CMC’s Enterprise Management Module makes your business easier to run by giving your managers the power to know what they need to know at the push of a button. With the AgriSoft Enterprise Management Dashboard, your management can have a ‘real-time’ graphic view of key enterprise data right on their desktops, providing essential analytical information and Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for reporting or decision making.

The module allows managers to view:

  • data in real-time, by day, month, or year
  • Bookings data in real-time, by day, month, or year
  • Inventory data in real-time, by day, month, or year
  • Work in process
  • Pie chart of bookings to sales ratio
  • Graph of accounts receivable aging by periods of 30, 60, 90 or +120 days
  • Graph of accounts receivable aging by periods of 30, 60, 90 or +120 days

General Ledger

The General Ledger Module is the core of the AgriSoft|CMC system. Other modules (Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Logistics & Invoicing, Inventory Control. Fixed Assets, etc.) automatically generate accounting entries that are fed into the General Ledger Module automatically or manually.

Features include:

  • Built in system control options customize General Ledger System to your needs.
  • Automatic transfer of journal entries from other modules, such as P/R, Inventory, A/P, A/R, Logistics, and Fixed Assets modules.
  • All journal entries, manual or system generated, can be proofed before posting to the G/L.
  • Financial Statement Design report generator included, or export data to spreadsheets or O.D.B.C.
  • User configurable account structure.
  • User defined Chart of Accounts allows flexibility.
  • A journal entry must balance before the system will proceed to a new job.
  • Year-End P&L closing entries are automatically posted to retained earnings.

Inventory Control

AgriSoft|CMC’s Inventory Control Module provides a comprehensive framework to receive, store, transfer and track lot-based inventory. To meet your unique inventory requirements, the Inventory Control module stores information and supports business rules that are not provided in most other inventory systems. In addition to supporting an unlimited number of warehouse and processor locations, an audit trail for every transaction involving inventory is created.

The module provides:

  • Lot and merge tracking capabilities
  • Inventory transaction auditing for over thirty transactions that may affect inventory
  • The ability to transfer, mark-down, and re-value inventory.
  • The ability to determine inventory availability through a variety of inquiry and report programs.

Inventory Processing

AgriSoft|CMC’s Inventory Processing Module is used for processing plants, perishable distribution and feed mills. It can be used stand-alone or integrated with the Order Entry, Accounts Receivable, Purchase Order, and General Ledger modules.

The Inventory Processing module allows tracking of:

  • Product life in days.
  • Serial numbers
  • Bar codes
  • Minimum and maximum inventory level counts
  • Weight, cubic footage and density codes
  • Production formulas
  • Imploding and exploding inventory
  • Location transfers and more.

Master Table

The Master Table Module lets you have total control over your system, providing user-customization of the software without the added time and expense of custom programming. Using AgriSoft|CMC’s user-defined options, you create system-wide, company, division and/or user-based business rules. You manage the security and user access through user-defined tables, and control the master files and data validations.

The Master Table Includes:

  • A database of customer and vendor information.
  • User-defined security rules that define security at various levels including individual and group access to module applications, windows, transactions and more
  • Data validation rules to enforce the integrity of transactions.
  • Parameters to define how the system is to process and print various forms.
  • Language and international date format definition.

Order Entry Pricing

AgriSoft|CMC’s Order Entry Pricing Module allows fast screen entry of orders and automatic generation of loading documents, shipping documents and invoices (priced or unpriced). The module interfaces with EDI modules, and can process multiple pricing levels including:

  • Base product pricing
  • Market pricing
  • Daily market pricing
  • Market spread pricing
  • Variance pricing
  • Chain store pricing
  • Level pricing
  • Catch weight pricing,
  • Special pricing
  • Feature pricing
  • Custom pricing.

Features Include:

  • Each customer, chain or group can have its own mark-up.
  • Stores as many markets as needed by date. No need to switch prices at week end.
  • Level pricing allows mark-up by percent, amount or both to a user defined GROUP of customers.
  • Special pricing stores price by customer, product and date. System ‘remembers’ to use it on documents.
  • Special feature for multi-company users ensures identical customer and product records in all companies.
  • Includes customer credit limits for credit verifications at time of order entry (you can view aging).
  • Verifies product availability during order entry with stock-low or stock-out notification.


The Payroll Module handles all HR/Payroll-related functions for quick, easy creation of paychecks, and for processing of all other payroll-related functions. Checks can be created for standard hourly and salary pay, as well as for piece work pay commonly seen in the animal agricultural industry (such as pay per number of birds vaccinated, tons delivered, or eggs picked up). Federal and state taxes, FICA and other withholdings are automatically calculated, and Vacation and Sick Pay hours are tracked and updated. The module interfaces with the General Ledger allowing automatic posting of payroll-related entries.

Features Include:

  • Built in system control options customize Payroll system to your needs.
  • Includes separate Executive Payroll with higher level of security.
  • Allows for single or batch processing to simplify timecard input.
  • Payroll checks can be generated for any specific period of time.
  • Automatic accumulation and tracking of pension, sick, and vacation hours.
  • Operator configurable, Local, State, and Federal Tax Tables.
  • Interfaces with General Ledger for automatic posting.
  • Handles piece rates, multiple pay rates, shift differentials, over-time, housing allowances, etc.
  • The system allows you to generate ALL needed tax reports (Quarterly Federal, State, Local, etc.).
  • W-2’s can be generated on forms or Magnetic Media.

Sales Analysis

With AgriSoft|CMC’s Sales Analysis Module analyzing your sales and profitability is easy.

Features Include:

  • Allows sales reporting by units (cases, dozens, pounds, tons, etc.) and/or dollars.
  • Shows profitability by customer and route.
  • Aging is configurable for six dates. Handles over and under payments, disputed invoices, short weights and returned items.
  • Provides sales margin information by customer, product, and invoice. Customer Margin Report options include: History, Salesperson, Agreement, Class. Product Margin options include: History, Product Group, Brand, Category, Product Class, & Pricing Class. Invoice Margin options are Dollars or Per Unit.
  • Sales Extract reads both current and historical files to access sales data for any time period.
  • Analysis reports can be created by Customer or Product, by Product or Customer location, or by G/L. Analysis reports can also be created by Geographical Code, Product Group Code and Customer Class.

Sales Order Processing

AgriSoft|CMC’s Sales Order Processing Module is intelligently designed to streamline your order processing and provide necessary information to users instantaneously. The commodity pricing features allow you to maintain EMI, UB, and USDA market values. Market values are easily maintained to automatically and accurately price customer orders.

The module is integrated with the AgriSoft Solutions|ERP Inventory Control Module, Logistics & Invoicing Module, and Accounts Receivable Module to provide maximum efficiency.


AgriSoft|CMC’s Trucking Module interfaces with the Dispatch Module to store and maintain key information for long haul tractors, trailers and gear. The module can produces a Truck P&L Report which includes information on miles, income, fuel dollars, repairs, thruway costs, expenses per mile, and profit or loss per mile. All reports can be generated weekly, or for combinations of weeks on single vehicles, or consolidated.

Features Include:

  • Tracks miles per gallon.
  • Tracks mileage by state and turnpike.
  • Produces retail fuel report.
  • Produces driver’s pay report.
  • Stores Driver’s Code, Name, and Pay Percentage.
  • Maintains Fuel Station Master Records.
  • Bill of Lading data includes Miles, Charges, Expenses, and Income.
  • Tracks fuel & oil by quantity, and dollars by truck, and company.
  • Tracks repair orders, by truck, trailer, gear, company, and vendor.
  • Generates total company truck P & L’s.
  • Generates individual truck P & L’s.
  • Generates individual trailer and gear P & L’s

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