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About ComplianceMate

ComplianceMate is a HACCP compliance and temperature monitoring software designed for back of the house monitoring for restaurants and food service operations. This platform provides real-time monitoring of temperatures, equipment performance, HACCP compliance, and more. By using this custom checklist reporting and completion system, your business can improve efficiency all while maintaining compliance.

Using cloud-based tools and wireless hardware, it’s easy to get started with ComplianceMate.

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  • Information gathering incorporate all of your checklists, including time/temp sheets and brand-specific operational checks, into a digital format
  • Environment analysis so all checklists and temperature monitoring equipment match the needs of each location
  • Implementation of a a wireless temperature probe and a tablet
  • Transformation to mitigate future risk through corrective action, staff adjustments, or retraining.
  • Data and insights let you pull time-stamped reports on past temperature data over any date range
  • Captures reliable temperature data
  • Eliminate human error from your compliance checklists
  • Ensure compliance with all HACCP and internal standards
  • Send real-time notifications when temperatures are out of spec
  • Provide time-stamped temperature data from any cooler or equipment at any store at any time
  • Demonstrate employee accountability and highlight opportunities for training

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User Reviews of ComplianceMate

Submitted on December 23rd, 2020 by Dennis Dipo from Fresh Foods Corporation of America

The system was installed to aid with our Food Safety program by monitoring temperatures of products that had parameters for cooling to a particular temperature within a certain time frame. We have peace of mind that we will get a call should any of the boxes get out of our required temperature range and we can respond to the problem before it becomes a big issue.