An equipment management software that makes inventory easy.


CHEQROOM is an equipment management software that makes inventory easy through their web-based system. The solution allows for optimized equipment checkout so you know where your equipment is at all times. This will help provide full control of your assets, prevent loss, control damages, and more.

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  • Equipment checkout
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Equipment reports
  • Asset tracking
  • Equipment booking
  • Equipment scheduling
  • Asset management
  • Mobile apps

Optimize Equipment Checkout

Simplify the checkout process using CHEQROOM’s equipment checkout software and barcode scanning app

  • Eliminate Spreadsheets: Check out equipment and just scan QR code labels for instant and accurate data entry. All from your mobile device, no more paperwork required!
  • Check in/check out on the fly: Control your equipment from your smartphone and check in/check out assets wherever you are. With around-the-clock access from anywhere and any device, you can do it whenever you want, in real-time!
  • Ensure Accountability: Enable and use self-service check in of your equipment. Simply let all your users create their accounts and login to make checkouts themselves!

Streamline Equipment Checkout 24/7

  • Check out across multiple locations: CHEQROOM makes keeping track of all of your assets across multiple locations convenient. Stay on top of your equipment wherever you happen to be.
  • Scan asset barcode labels for fast check-out: With a simple scan of the barcode, you have checked out items in just a few minutes! Paperless and convenient.
  • Enable self-service check in: Let all your users create their accounts and login to make reservations and checkouts themselves. Save time and hassle!

Increase Accountability and Reduce Losses

  • Generate agreements from a template: With CHEQROOM, you can save time and increase accountability by automatically generating new, complete PDF agreements for your equipment every time there is a checkout with the software.
  • Keep track of who is using your equipment: You can keep track of everything from inside the CHEQROOM custody module. Make sure you never miss who has what or when it’s due back ever again!

Stay One Step Ahead by Sending Automated Notifications

  • Get an instant overview of what equipment is in or out: CHEQROOM’s equipment checkout software gives you an immediate overview of what equipment is on site. You will always know what is due and what is overdue.
  • Send alerts and reminders: With the Zapier integration for CHEQROOM, you can send automated emails and SMS notifications for reminders and overdue items. Fast and easy!

Keep Tabs on Your Bookings

Schedule and monitor your equipment online using our reliable booking app

  • View your bookings instantly: Which bookings will be checked out today? CHEQROOM has a clean, simple, intuitive interface that lets you review all your bookings instantly and effortlessly. No confusion!
  • Seamlessly integrate with your Calendar: CHEQROOM is integrated with all calendar applications, so your bookings show up automatically. Your equipment planning is always in your pocket.
  • Avoid double bookings: CHEQROOM warns you when there’s a conflict in a planned booking before it happens, so you never have the same equipment double booked again!

Stay on Top of Your Equipment

  • Review your bookings by week: CHEQROOM lets you sort your bookings by week, so you can plan ahead. Who will be checking out what and when? With CHEQROOM, you are always on top of it!
  • Integrate with iCal: CHEQROOM is integrated iCal, so all your bookings go to the same place, effortlessly.

Simplify Your Bookings

  • Enable better teamwork: As the admin, you can create and define user categories and responsibilities, tailored to what you need to ensure equipment accountability. CHEQROOM lets you work with your team in the way that’s best for you, so you can keep track of inventory changes in real-time!
  • Enjoy the benefits of the Self-Service Module: With the Self-Service Module. you can give your team the power to see and book equipment for themselves. Now you can book items for checkout yourself, or have your sales reps do it through the self-service module, whatever works best for you and your team!

Manage Availability Like a Pro

  • Get quick, simple overview of what’s available, and what’s not: CHEQROOM gives you clear, simple, up-to-date overview of what equipment is on site. You will always know what is due and what is overdue.
  • Send alerts and reminders: CHEQROOM now integrates with Zapier, so you can send automated emails and text messages for due and overdue items. Click and done!

Take Full Control of Your Maintenance Activities

Run all your equipment maintenance and achieve improved reliability with CHEQROOM!

  • Keep your equipment in working order: Bad maintenance practices means your equipment degrades. It breaks down more quickly, leading to expensive replacements and repairs. CHEQROOMs equipment helps you make sure your equipment stays in top shape!
  • Stay on top of items in maintenance: When you can’t keep your equipment maintained, it breaks down and stops working prematurely. It’s always cheaper in the long run to take care of your equipment. CHEQROOM helps you manage and oversee your equipment maintenance!
  • Keep track of equipment under maintenance: Need to know which items are being maintained or repaired, and when they’ll be done? Use CHEQROOM’s equipment maintenance software to keep track of all of it!

Plan Equipment Maintenance Like a Pro

  • Schedule maintenance and repairs: You need your equipment to be available on your schedule. With CHEQROOM, you can make sure your equipmaintenance is arranged and scheduled in advance.
  • Reduce downtime, improve availability!: With CHEQROOM, you can stay on top of the individual schedules for your equipment maintenance items. Eliminate redundancies and maximize uptime!

Report Equipment Problems

  • Identify recurring problems: As a CHEQROOM admin, you can define user categories, with roles and access tailored to what you need. Work with your team your way, and keep track of inventory changes in real-time!
  • Flag equipment, get alerts: Is a piece of equipment malfunctioning? You can flag it on the go with the CHEQROOM app and get notifications for them sent directly to you so you can act.

Manage Inspection and Repairs

  • Store inspection and repair data: Keep your records of maintenance and repairs centralized in the CHEQROOM app. You can also add pictures, invoices, or anything else you might need.
  • Your equipment maintenance log: Inspect and review all the maintenance records for any particular piece of equipment.

Easy Equipment Management

Track and manage your assets in one centralized environment using our intuitive desktop or mobile app.

  • Safely store your equipment in one place: Access your equipment from any device, at any time. All of your inventory data is safely stored online, no matter what.
  • Monitor equipment information in real-time: Rest assured that CHEQROOM keeps your equipment info up-to-date and in the right location. It allows all stakeholders to access asset information in real-time and from any device.
  • Enable fast and accurate decisions: CHEQROOM speeds up the asset management process. Make swift and accurate decisions, thanks to your increased work efficiency and overall data transparency.

Monitor Everything in One Single Equipment Management Software

  • Access your assets any way you like: CHEQROOM provides a clear overview of your equipment inventory in the cloud. Thanks to our intuitive mobile app, you can keep tabs on your assets wherever you are.
  • Import and export data with ease: Manual spreadsheets aren’t foolproof and require a lot of manpower. Import your equipment inventory data into CHEQROOM for a clean and transparent overview in real-time. Need to export data for a document? With CHEQROOMs equipment management software, it becomes child’s play.
  • Keep all equipment inventory information centralized: Add invoices, agreements, confidential files: CHEQROOM does it all! The days of trying to track your documents through several data silos are over.

Maintain a Single View of Your Data

  • Arrange equipment into categories: Organize your equipment inventory into different categories for better equipment tracking. These categories will make life easier by providing a clear overview of all of your assets.
  • View all upcoming bookings: Take charge of your upcoming bookings with CHEQROOM. Get detailed information on all of your bookings and keep track of who’s responsible for each of your items.
  • Create a comprehensive audit trail: CHEQROOM provides real-time equipment monitoring for each and every asset in your database. Manage all of your assets 24/7 and create a complete audit trail of any transactions, activities and modifications to keep control of your assets.

Get Clear Equipment Insights

  • Run asset reports: Keep track of who checked out your assets and where. CHEQROOM provides you with all necessary insights and statistics in an easy-to-use dashboard and asset management tool!
  • Get weekly and monthly updates: You no longer need to check for open reservations or checkouts. CHEQROOMs equipment management tool will send you automated reports every week or month!

Stop Losing Sight of Your Assets

Manage and maintain your inventory more efficiently with CHEQROOM asset tracking software.

  • Scan equipment wherever you are: Review or check out items more easily with a quick scan of each item’s barcode, whether you are at work or on the road. Eliminate paper without losing control over your inventory.
  • Keep track of equipment locations: Stop losing assets. No matter the size of your inventory, CHEQROOM’s asset tracking app allows you to keep meticulous records of all of your equipment locations and access them with the click of a button.
  • Create and control audit trails: Keep an overview of your assets and improve accountability among your employees. Create and control digital audit trails that are easily accessible from anywhere, at any time.

Scan Equipment QR Codes and Barcodes

  • Perform check-outs and bookings on the fly: Don’t waste time on complicated check-out processes. With CHEQROOM, you can scan and check out any item on the go within seconds.
  • Reduce the amount of errors in your database: Take human error out of the equation. Our easy scanning process is virtually fail-safe and significantly reduces the amount of errors in your administration.
  • Flag equipment for repair: Something not working as it should? Flag your equipment for repair or schedule regular maintenance to improve equipment lifetimes and equipment tracking in general. Add photos for clear referencing.

Use GPS and Geo Locations

  • Keep track of where items were last scanned: Pull up a list of your items’ scan history within seconds. That way, you can see where anything was last scanned, making it easier to retrieve.
  • Identify missing or misplaced equipment: Recover lost or misplaced assets with ease thanks to CHEQROOM’s GPS and geo location equipment tracking and where the equipment was last scanned.
  • Increase asset accountability: Reduce theft and disputes by increasing your asset accountability. With CHEQROOM, you can locate all of your assets in real-time.

Meet Audit Requirements

  • Monitor your valuable equipment: Create and maintain an undisputable digital trail of all assets for monitoring purposes and swift auditing.
  • Plan recurring inspections, calibrations and maintenance: Avoid asset downtime with planned inspections, calibrations and maintenance. In case of any technical problems, equipment can be flagged on the spot and repaired much more efficiently.
  • Stay on top of custodians: Encourage ownership of all assets. CHEQROOM makes it easy to assign custody for every item or even generate PDF check-out agreements on the spot.
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