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About Careerleaf

Careerleaf builds scalable, easy to use and integration rich job board software for associations, publishers, job board businesses and more. The different solutions are

  • Careerleaf Publisher: Diversify your revenue with Careerleaf Publisher, an easy to use platform for job, search and display pay per click advertising.
  • Careerleaf Classic: A no frills job board and sales platform that will scale with your business.
  • Careerleaf Community: A comprehensive portal to host job content from your partners.
  • Careerleaf Corporate: A full featured job board sales platform.
  • Careerleaf Lab

All Careerleaf products are flexible, scalable SaaS solutions for established and growing organizations. Data security, branding and usability are at the core of this software. Own your data, own your brand, and deliver great experiences for partners, employers and candidates.


  • Sell jobs, advertising, services, packages and subscriptions.
  • Create promotions and coupons.
  • Approvals dashboard for jobs, invoices and employers.
  • Process payments using Stripe, and PayPal integrations.
  • Package and track sales for your largest customers with invoices.
  • Collect payment within the Careerleaf owner portal.
  • Use thesophisticated order and invoice management system including adjustments, voids and refunds.
  • Create custom exports for your accounting system.
  • Every Careerleaf board is a separate instance so there is no chance of data bleed between customer sites.
  • Careerleaf doesn’t use or sell your data. You own it and you control it.
  • Compliant with GDPR, CASTL and CANSPAM.
  • All Careerleaf boards have HTTPS with options for ReCaptcha 3, bot throttling and more.
  • Established job boards moving to Careerleaf get a custom migration plan.
  • Track all the activity on your board including job ad and brand engagement applications, traffic and more.
  • Customize reports to understand the activity of your users and identify top customers.
  • Integrate Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager for advanced SEO and behavioral reporting.
  • Control colors, logos, menus and copy.
  • Enhance your brand with configurable homepage templates, custom pages and widgets.
  • Expand your offerings with employer page templates and branding options.
  • Increase your reach with off-site Jobs Widget implementations on partner websites.
  • Careerleaf is a mobile responsive, SEO friendly product. Deploy social widgets, optimize pages and posts.
  • Manage all of your email marketing subscriptions from right inside Careerleaf. Employers and job seekers can opt in and out of any newsletter you make available to them.
  • Use WordPress integration to manage all your content marketing in one place.
  • Deploy advertising integrations, header/body codes, calendar and form integrations.

Candidate Tools

  • Advanced search
  • Easy signup
  • Enhanced profile
  • Custom job alerts


Careerleaf has multiple plans, and the cost depends on on which you select. Each plan has a one-time fee in addition to monthly payments:

  • Careerleaf Publisher: $300 per month and $750 fee
  • Careerleaf Classic: $349 per month and $850 fee
  • Careerleaf Community: $549 per month and $5,000 fee

Request a custom quote for Careerleaf Corporate.

Product Overview

User Reviews of Careerleaf

Submitted on March 24th, 2022 by a Careerleaf user from Blackriver Partners

It was time someone came up with some streamlined ATS functionalities and lean, user engaging visuals assuring fast user adoption… on both sides of the job board!

Submitted on March 24th, 2022 by Rick C.

Working with Careerleaf has made running our job board seamless and helped us significantly increase our job board revenue.