Ability 585

An ERP system designed by Ability LLC.

About Ability 585

Ability 585 is a fully functional ERP serving small and mid-sized manufacturing and distribution companies. Our unique approach to market requires no capital investment resulting in a significantly lower total cost of ownership. Developed initially for the defense and aerospace market producing precision machined and fabricated parts and complex assemblies with critical specifications requiring traceability and quick, reliable information recall is paramount to meeting customer demand.

Accounting (AR, AP, GL, Sub-Account Structure, Financial Planning, Financial Analysis, Cash Flow)

Tracks financial issues from simple to complex. From bank statements reconciliation to financial analysis, a full array of reports and tools coordinate the general ledger, chart of accounts, and more.


Notifies users of important events and potential challenges in the planning and job cycle, assigning accountability for taking corrective action before it becomes a problem.


Module adds the capability of linking information from 3rd party applications to various elements of the 585 database. Specific historical and reference information can be preserved and shared for 585 data elements such as Nomenclatures, Employees, Orders and many more.

Bill of Materials

Coordinates the job planning and realization processes. Bill of Materials (BOM) tree view gives users insight into JMRP, item availability to produce the order, job status, the jobýs shop location in the process, product history and approval status, as well as a wide array of other details.

Contact Management

Unifies your vendors, customers and potential clients into one integrated system so you have more than just an address bookýit is a tool that connects your company to its vital contact base via integrated email and web functions.

Data Analysis

A report generator that allows individuals to select from a set of pre-programmed reports. Each report has a custom filter interface that is used to set parameters which selects records for the report. Common features in all Data Analysis include sorting, filtering, refreshing, exporting and printing

Employee Management

Contains a list of current, former and potential employees with detailed relevant information on each.

Global Time

Used for payroll and job-costing purposes. Corrections can be made for data entry errors, time clock errors and project time mistakes. Corrections are recorded, so an audit trail is available, as well.

Interactive Scheduling

Instantly reveals the production status of every job in real time providing elaborate grids, views, and color codes giving the user tailored views of job details.


Controls inventory levels and tracks locations, even in multiple warehouses, to ensure efficiency. Keeps inventory supply levels balanced with demandýending costly over stock and out-of-stock situations. Material traceability is a specialty of 585.

Job Costing

Creates cost models, jobs, audit trails, and allocates inventory items to jobsýall while simultaneously updating the job cost.

MRP - Shortages

Identifies all shortages for a particular job and aides in managing the fulfillment process.

Orders (RFQ, PO, SQ, SO, PS)

Creates purchase orders, sales orders, packing slips and quotes. Historical and current data may be viewed here, as well as ýproblem ordersý which are indicated as coming due or past due.


Tailors 585 to allow multiple access levels to data for company officers, managers, and other users including new hires and contractors.

Project Planning

Communicates the status of Sales Order progress and can also be used as an interdepartmental and intradepartmental tool managing cross-functional and individual task lists.

Shop Floor Control

Instantly reveals the production status of every job in real time providing elaborate grids, views, and color codes giving the user tailored views of job details.

Time Clock

Tracks time utilization for each employee right down to the job level. Automatically updates job costs and alerts to standard labor variances instantly using tolerances that you set.

Product Overview

Market Focus

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Industry Focus

Ability 585 is designed primarily for use in the manufacturing industry.

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