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A full ERP system designed by DataModes.

About Datamodes TM/4 Solutions

DataModes offers an integrated data processing solution that includes 30 software modules for accounting, order processing, manufacturing, and equipment service. The software runs on most operating systems, including Windows NT, Novell, SCO Unix, AIX Unix, OS2. The systems have been truly multi-user since 1983, allowing hundreds of users to work interactively on the system.

  • Wholesale Distribution (mail order, all types of wholesalers)
  • Equipment Sales & Service (Copy machines, computer system, telephone systems, automotive repair)
  • Job Shop Manufacturing (Made-to-order)
  • Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Food (Lot tracking, hazardous materials, batch blending)

Accounts Payable

The DataModes ACCOUNTS PAYABLE module controls the disbursement of cash and the distribution of costs related to vendor invoices. When the Invoice is entered, postings are made directly to the General Ledger providing on-line accounting accuracy. The user has the ability to change the paydates according to the availability of funds and existing time constraints. The processing flexibility of this module makes it a tremendous asset to any business as a cash flow management tool.

Accounts Receivable

The DataModes ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE module posts and tracks transactions related to sales. Cash can be applied to a single open invoice, multiple invoices, or partially to an invoice. A report reflecting the aging of open invoices can facilitate effective collection procedures which can result in improved incoming cash flow management. Cash receipts entry is highly automated and designed to minimize erroneous postings.

Advanced Financial Accounting

The DataModes ACCOUNTING SYSTEM collects and summarizes data from all stores and consolidates data into a series of financial statements. Postings in general ledger and accounts payable can be made easily across all stores and corporate accounts. The system has the option of batch posting data submitted by each store, where each batch can be proofed prior to posting. Statements by store and the corporate consolidation can be printed anytime in standard formats are be customized with a report writer that is included in the system.

Bill of Materials Processor

The DataModes BILL OF MATERIALS PROCESSOR organizes the specifications of product assemblies and structures used in manufacturing and related industries. Product structures are created by entering the sub-assemblies and parts required to construct the item. Each structure and its cost can be listed by the components and the sub-assemblies which make up the final assembly. Details on all of the occurrences of component usage within structures can also be reported. The Bill of Materials Processor is integrated with and requires the Item Cost and Inventory Control modules.


The DataModes CONFIGURATOR works within Sales Order Processing and the Production and Inventory Control modules to allow the operator to define the components of special items/services sold. Through the use of operator designed menus, a custom list of items needed, steps to be taken, and labor to perform may be specified directly during the entry of a quotation or sales order. Each component, step, and type of labor is defined in a special Item Cost file to increase entry speed and efficiency. The ýkittingý of special assemblies can also be accomplished with the configurator.

Equipment Sales and Service

The DataModes EQUIPMENT SALES AND SERVICE system is customized to meet the specific requirements of a business engaged in the sales and service of serialized equipment and services. The key to processing information is a database which tracks inventory items by serial number. Items are received into inventory by serial number. Sales transactions are kept by customer, and subsequent repairs and maintenance contracts are tied back to the customer and serial number. The serialized inventory may also be tracked on a rental contract.

General Ledger

The DataModes GENERAL LEDGER module collects and summarizes accounting data for your organization. The module involves posting of General Ledger transactions, retrieval of information for subsidiary ledgers in other application modules and the printing of financial reports. Manual journal postings are made with audit trials, editing, and controls on data entry using double entry techniques. The bulk of the journal entries come through automatic postings from other modules such as Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, and the invoicing modules.

Inventory Control

The DataModes INVENTORY CONTROL module maintains and updates various information about products, services and labor. It can operate as an independent module to track different activities, or it can work with other DataModes modules to automatically track items from receipt to warehousing to invoicing. The inventory master records are versatile enough to work with the invoicing and manufacturing modules, Service Dispatch, and various other applications. Reporting capabilities provided give complete visibility of products or services sold.

Invoice Processing

The DataModes INVOICE PROCESSING module is designed as an automated billing and inventory control function. An invoice can be entered for a customer including information on manual sales orders, shipment instructions, rep, and account terms. Invoice Processing is integrated with other modules to provide automatic pricing, credit checking, and automatic updating of Inventory and Accounts Receivable. Invoices can be printed individually or in groups, on blank paper or preprinted forms. Other reports include an invoice register and a report which shows sales, cost of goods sold, and gross margin by invoice. To complete the information flow, all invoices can be automatically posted to the General Ledger, providing valuable data on cost of sales, inventory transactions, sales, and accounts receivable.

Job Costing

The DataModes JOB COSTING module tracks projects through to completion and allows for the charging of labor, materials, and other costs to a series of work orders which make up the projects. Work orders are billed to customers based on markups of purchased items, standard pricing on inventory items, and standard labor rates. Labor is collected by employee to facilitate the analysis of labor input to jobs. Actual results are compared to budget figures to show performance. The module relies on other modules to provide a complete system for the management of inventory, control of billing and receivables, and payroll/labor distribution.

Maintenance Contracts

The DataModes MAINTENANCE CONTRACTS module performs the tedious task of billing maintenance contracts on a periodic basis. A master record for each piece of equipment under maintenance is established with various parameters. Billing can be done monthly, quarterly, or annually either in advance or in arrears. The system creates invoices based on these parameters without operator intervention. Dates are kept on warranty expiration, terms of the contract, service inspection, and last billing. The system is tied into a serialized inventory which shows who owns the equipment and who is responsible for servicing.

Parts Requirement Planning

The DataModes PARTS REQUIREMENTS PLANNING module is a simplified version of Material Requirement Planning that reports on the current and future status of inventory by comparing open shop orders, proposed shop orders, sales orders, and purchase orders. By knowing the need of inventory, the operator can then better plan inventory reorders and schedule productions more efficiently.


The DataModes PAYROLL module meets most of the requirements even large companies need in a payroll system. The payroll module is transaction oriented which allows flexibility in entering time and calculating deductions. For each division, the system will allocate expenses by department in multiple states (single state per employee). If desired, it will automatically post expenses to the DataModes General Ledger module. A trial register can be printed to verify values before posting to the employee statistics and to the General Ledger. All information needed for most government reporting is easily accessed, including W-2’s and Federal Magnetic Media W-2’s. Direct deposit slips can be printed instead of checks, if desired. Manual checks and additional checks can be entered separately.

Physical Inventory

The DataModes PHYSICAL INVENTORY module is an add-on module for improving the accuracy and reducing the burden of doing a count of goods on hand. This process is done monthly or annually in most businesses to verify the accuracy of the perpetual inventory maintained by the computerized inventory control system. The computer inventory is being continuously updated by receipts and shipments to meet customer orders. The physical inventory verifies this system by an actual count which is often tedious. The work is usually done off hours or on the weekend. Employees are recruited to work extra hours often during holidays. Motivation is low an the accuracy of the count is often in question. Recounting by supervisors is common. Two versions are offered: one which uses manual methods including inventory tags and one which uses bar code readers and data collection devices. The second method requires a small hardware investment in Videx or Telxion style portable collection devices.

Point of Sale

The DataModes POINT OF SALE module is designed to handle the particular needs of the retail environment. The module enables the computer to function as a cash register, allowing a cash drawer and a ticket printer to be used. A variety of sales transactions can be handled through user defined transaction codes including cash, charge, and credit card sales. A daily register close out report can be printed to balance the cash drawer and report daily sales. Integrates with the Accounts Receivable, Inventory Control, Invoice Processing, and General Ledger modules.

Production and Inventory Control

The DataModes PRODUCTION AND INVENTORY CONTROL system includes modules to automate the reoccurring assembly of a finished product as in a manufacturing facility. Orders are processed through order processing, production, Into shipping, Invoicing, and collections. Work orders are created for stock or Individual order. Structured finished Items and subassemblies are released and completed based on a defined bill of materials. Work in process Inventory is updated creating transaction and usage Information. Finished goods Inventory is updated upon completion. Complete flow through of inventory accounting Information Is provided. Shop orders can be prepared to track production and update Inventory levels of work-in-process and finished goods.


The DataModes PURCHASING/RECEIVING module tracks purchases from initial entry through receipt of goods. Requisitions and purchase orders are loaded on a common entry screen using data from both the Teledex name and address and the Inventory Master files. Purchase orders can be printed and mailed to vendors. Purchasing management reports show open requisitions open purchase orders by vendor and by part number.

Qualified Vendor

The DataModes QUALIFIED VENDOR module is a database of cross-references between purchased parts and vendors. It can list all qualified vendors for any given part. Information such as manufacturer, quality levels, codes, pricing, last quote, and delivery performance is kept on each item in the Inventory file for a multiple number of vendors. Once the vendor has a record established for an item, multiple reports can then be run to report the vendor/item records. The module facilitates keeping track of which vendors have given the best service for items purchased.

Sales Analysis

The DataModes SALES ANALYSIS module extracts sales information from the invoices and organizes the data into a series of management reports. The information retrieval capabilities of this module gives the operator access to valuable information such as sales activity and profitability analyzed in many ways (i.e., by customer, product, or sales representative). Also available is a cost of sales report which lists by product line and part lumber, all sales transactions showing the sales price, the cost, and the net margin in both dollars and percent. A variety of selection criteria enhances the ways in which the data can be analyzed, giving the operator control over records retrieved and report formats. The Sales Analysis module used either Point of Sale invoicing, Sales Order invoicing, or Invoice Processing.

Sales Order Processing

The DataModes SALES ORDER PROCESSING module monitors all customer orders from entry to shipment. The entry and updating of orders is done through a single, on-line transaction designed for the rapid response required by a telemarketing environment. The order entry process is optimized by using existing data which has been previously stored on the customer and the items being sold. For planning purposes, open orders provide status reports on order backlogs which can be printed or viewed in a variety of ways. The resulting information improves accountability in other modules such as invoicing, Accounts Receivable, and Inventory Control.

Serialized Inventory

The DataModes SERIALIZED INVENTORY module is used, in conjunction with the standard inventory control system, to track individual parts by serial number. The serialized items are received into inventory through an inventory control receiving screen, which also logs the individual items by serial number in a special serialized inventory master file. From the time the equipment is shipped, the installation master file tracks the customer, the invoice number, the invoice date, and amount of the invoice along with the corresponding serial number and part number of the piece of equipment. The installation records are useful for tracking where the equipment is installed, and aids in marketing services to the installed base of equipment. Serialized Inventory can also be used with the Service Dispatch and Maintenance Contract modules.

Service Dispatch

The DataModes SERVICE DISPATCH module is a special adaptation of job costing and invoice operations for businesses primarily involved in providing labor and materials to perform services. The service dispatch entry logs dates and times a service call is received, when the call is dispatched, and when it is completed. After the call has been completed and the service performed, the call is cleared through a special function which may either close the call out as complete or bill the customer for the labor and material involved in completing the call. The billing interfaces with the invoice processing and accounting modules so that it is consistent with the rest of the billings to customers. Service Dispatch also integrates with the Serialized Inventory and Maintenance Contracts modules.

Shop Floor Control

The DataModes SHOP FLOOR CONTROL module facilitates the loading of a master production schedule and tracks shop orders through to completion. The release of a shop order by the production planning staff produces a picking list for the stock room, deducts all the parts from inventory that are required to manufacture the shop order, and moves them to work in progress. The completion of the shop order automatically updates the finished goods inventory. The Bill of Materials, Item Cost, and Inventory Control modules are required for this system.


The DataModes TELEDEX module is a name and address directory with enhancements that give it a wide range of uses in the DataModes Application Modules. Following database concepts, commonly used information on customers and vendors (such as Accounts Payable balance, payment terms, shipping methods, etc.) is stored in a central file and integrated fully with other Application Modules. Teledex provides flexible and extensive information retrieval, follow-up reminders by date and special note, and label lists based on numerous selection criteria.


The Telemarketing module is designed to record and view information on both telephone and personal contacts with prospects and customers.

Wholesale Distribution

The DataModes WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTION system provides an integrated system for order processing, inventory control, and accounting for a wide range of businesses. Customer orders are entered, tracked, shipped, and invoiced with an online order processing system. Order entry automatically updates invoicing, accounts receivable, inventory control, and profit reporting. Open orders provide for a status report on order backlogs. Customer orders can be entered by line item referencing standard prices and customer discounts. Verifies on-hand availability of items at order entry time and simultaneously deducts from inventory. Notifies operator on orders which exceed the credit limit. Prints packing slips, invoices, and credit memos.

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