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Agni Link

A software application for integrating CAD/PLM with ERP, MRP, BPM, and CRM systems.
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Agni Link CAD-ERP Data Integration System allows manufacturers with an ETO process to reduce engineering costs by up to 20%, while improving product quality and lead time.

The outstanding companion product to your CAD/PDM/PLM application that brings a live, bidirectional link between your CAD/PDM/PLM system and your MRP/ERP system. By virtually eliminating redundant multiple data entry, it typically pays for itself in 60-90 days. Agni Link can process not only parts and components data, but also bills of materials and routing schedules.

The Elmo offering is the brainchild of the Elmo Solutions R+D team, strong of nearly 20 years experience in the development of CAD/PDM/PLM applications. Those quality-obsessed people have designed the entire series around a most important feature that is often left out in the PLM industry: the customer’s freedom of choice.

The Process

Agni Link is the most advanced CAD-ERP data integration system currently available. As an add-in to AutoCAD, SolidWorks or Autodesk Inventor that offers a unique, reliable and cost-effective way to integrate CAD/PLM applications with virtually any ERP, MRP, BPM, CRM or other system. Agni Link can process and synchronize a wide range of data from either side, including, but not limited to:

Product Data: Automatically updates and/or creates component, subassembly or assembly data in ERP system Bills Of Materials: Automatically updates BoM items quantities in ERP/MRP system Routing Instructions: Edits and automatically inserts routing data into a CAD document

Agni Link tackles the CAD-ERP data integration issue through this simple, yet powerful process:

  • Get existing CAD and ERP data from their respective databases
  • Automatically resolve discrepancies between CAD and ERP data
  • Allowing the CAD user to edit the data, always validating it in real time against the ERP data
  • Automatically creating the required CAD and ERP data objects, if required
  • Simultaneously updating CAD and ERP data

Agni Link currently ships in 2 languages (English and French). Other languages can be accommodated upon request.

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