FlexMFG Job Shop

A Manufacturing Software for Job Shops and Engineer-to-Order Operations

About FlexMFG Job Shop

The FlexMFG Job Shop is designed for job shops and engineer to order operations of all sizes. It seamlessly operates with Acumatica ERP and comprehensively supports the dynamic bid-to- manufacture-to-collection workflows associated with this industry-utilizing the most modern, internet savvy, software, and dashboard technologies available.

Features include a dynamic bill of material which may be of unlimited indentures, serialized at all levels/components, and created/modified at any time during the bidding, planning OR production cycles. The MRP logic aggregates all demand consolidating vendor PO’s. Actual labor maybe recorded and billed prior to work order completion; partials are supported. Also, specs, drawings, videos and email correspondence may be appended to bids, jobs and change orders.

FlexMFG supports bids & quotes, work orders, travelers, labeling for production, serialization & lot control, scanned labor collection, MRP, routers, job costing and robust reporting. May hard allocate BOM to a sales order or build to stock. MRP interoperates with replenishment logic regarding seasonality, safety stock and EOQ.

Incorporates Graphical Schedule Board and KPI Dashboards. The scheduling tool instantaneously determines whether labor is available when planning jobs for a given day, week, month, etc. – for all operations or per department. The scanning function with lets workers enter time without consuming a named user license. Key Performance Indicators monitor key commitments like ship dates and vendor deliveries.

Dynamically Build BOM (and BOMs within BOMs)/Work Orders Dynamically Creates BOMs for Production. Perfect for “same as except” production, a staple of Job Shop operations. Organizes BOM with work order/assembly documentation necessary for production. Build to forecast or hard allocate to Sales Order. Supports “Partial” completions.

Supports Serialized Items. Logic augments Acumatica functionality regarding Lot and Serial control including BOMs (and BOMs within BOMs) Finished Goods and Raw Materials. Also, fully supports Acumatica’s Allocations logic associated with serialization.

Dynamically Create BOM’s “On the Fly,” or Reuse Templates

BOM’s may include stock and non-stock (labor) items. The FM module organizes material items into version controlled BOM and supports cost roll-up adding material and labor costs to establish cost of goods sold for finished good. Supports BOM Explosion for Auto-Replenishment. The FM module queries Acumatica inventory balances and automatically creates purchase orders where required to fulfill material requirements for BOM assembly. Supports backflush.

Supports Assembly Operations Without Complex Work Center Maintenance

BOM Structure Supports Production Steps. Capture labor at each phase of production process. The module automatically places the assembled item(s) into finished good stock. Acumatica will then automatically create pick tickets for order fulfillment.

Creates All Required Documentation. Automatically generates scannable routers and kit labels. The module automatically places the assembled item(s) into finished good stock. Acumatica will then automatically create pick tickets for order fulfillment.


  • Manage Manufacturing with Low Cost Module
  • Compatable Warranty and Asset Tracking Module
  • Replace Excel Spread Sheets
  • Reduce Errors and Increase Productivity with Auto Replenish Feature
Starting Price
$5,000 /year

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