A multi-module management system designed by INDUSTRIOS Software.


An operations software solution that is user-friendly,fully functional, and designed with applications that are focused on managing business processes. These applications include customer and vendor management, order fulfillment, procurement, production control and scheduling, and inventory control. The integration of these modules will simplify the processing of your daily transactions, operational analysis, and management reporting, enabling you to make better-informed decisions. As many others have discovered, we provide you with the solutions you can depend on.

Advanced Scheduling Module

To remain competitive, it is essential to ship products on time, according to specifications, and within cost estimates. To meet these challenges, the production planning and scheduling functions within your organization need to make the best use of available resources. This means the planning team needs tools to balance your material, labor, and equipment investment to meet market demands.

The INDUSTRIOS Scheduling module is designed with complete integration to Manufacturing Master files, Inventory, Sales Order, Production Order Control, Materials Requirements Planning and Data Collection modules. Through this integration, information about capacity exceptions, production schedules, and dispatch lists is generated automatically and used to manage customer or inventory stocking requirements.

Customer Collections Module

Do your unpaid invoices go unnoticed until they are far overdue? Do you know the credit history of your customers at a glance? Are your employees scanning through printed AR reports to direct collections?

The INDUSTRIOS Customer Collections module solves these problems by turning collections into a rules-driven business process. Every aspect of collections is completely automated.

With INDUSTRIOS, you can collect more money and collect it sooner, so you can spend less time on collections and more time growing your business.

Customer Relationship Management Module

With today’s increased competition, finding new customers and effectively managing their expectations through the sales cycle is not only necessary to grow your business - it is required to survive. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is designed to help you face these challenges by improving marketing results, maximizing every sales opportunity, and improving customer satisfaction.

INDUSTRIOS CRM provides you with a total business solution that offers all the key components of sales management and integrates with all the INDUSTRIOS operations modules. Managing customer information from a single source means there is no switching between applications to view inventory levels, production status, create quotes or sales orders, and manage customer balances.

Customer Service Management Module

Now that you’ve secured your customer’s business, you have the day to day challenge of fulfilling their needs for service and repair while managing their warranty and service plans. Keeping the focus on your customer is critical to ensuring they get timely attention. Being able to easily locate plan coverage ensures your customers are not billed for services covered under those plans, and you’ll also be able to efficiently capture the costs for material and labor that’s not covered.

The Customer Service Management module has been designed to help you easily and efficiently manage your customer repair, service and warranty needs. Track your customer issues through to resolution, process invoices for billable work related to services provided, manage service and warranty plans and renewals.


Probably the most dynamic and intricate part of managing the sales process, EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) is the electronic exchange of information between business partners in a structured format.

The INDUSTRIOS EDI functionality provides the capabilities to exchange a variety of information critical to the planning cycle including streamlining order management, shipment tracking, and payment processing.

  • Easily control how data is transferred through translation tables already built into INDUSTRIOS.
  • Define your trading partners in INDUSTRIOS, and have the benefit of seamless EDI automation for Sales Orders, Advance Ship Notices, Invoices, and MRP Forecasts.
  • Post a shipment that will automatically check if the customer requires an advanced ship notice, and stage the transmission accordingly. Post an invoice that will automatically perform the same system check.
  • Ensure accuracy and timely data exchange since staff no longer needs to manually record these requests for specific customers.
  • Send and receive business documents using the traditional ANSI-X.12 and UN-EDIFACT standards, Comma delimited text files, or use the emerging XML document standards.

Inventory Control Module

The INDUSTRIOS Inventory module provides you with the tools you need to manage your inventory investment. Integration of the inventory master files with operations modules such as bills of materials, production, purchasing, sales orders, and shipping, ensures the entire company is making decisions based on the same information. Through the use of user-defined tables, inventory can be classified into groupings that make it easy to analyze and verify transactions.

The proper costing of materials enables you to determine the actual cost of your product and how to price it accurately. INDUSTRIOS allows you to decide on a unique cost method for each item, and define it as standard, FIFO, LIFO, and weighted average. The integration with production orders and process plans provides visibility to material costs for raw materials, components, and subassemblies. These costs form the basis for the budgets that are monitored during production.

Material Planning Module

Having too much inventory can result in obsolescence and increased costs. Not having enough can result in lost sales, delayed deliveries and overtime premiums. The challenge is to increase sales and preserve on-time deliveries while working to lower costs, reduce inventory levels and manage supplier relationships. Companies that can master this balancing act enjoy on-time customer deliveries without over investing working capital in inventory.

The INDUSTRIOS Material Planning module provides you with complete online material requirements analysis so you can create your purchasing plans, deal more effectively with scheduling conflicts, and ensure that materials and services are delivered on-time for the production schedule and according to specifications and cost estimates.

On Line Reporting Stations Module

The INDUSTRIOS On Line Reporting stations provide the ability to capture time and material transactions on the shop floor using workstations or hand held computers. With integration to inventory and production, inventory onhands can be updated in real time and job activity is visible to the production team without even visiting the shop floor.

Physical Inventory Module

Physical counts are necessary to verify that the quantities reported by the system agree to the physical quantities in the warehouse. However, with the INDUSTRIOS Physical Inventory Module, the excessive administration to prepare, record and analyze the count is not necessary.

Consider: No more spreadsheets to accumulate count information for data entry, eliminating the manual tracking of count tags, the ability to review and focus on significant variances before adjustments to inventory are generated, and using hand held PC’s to record the physical count.

Just think of the reduction in time required to take a physical inventory and the improved level of accuracy you are going to gain!

Process Planning

In today’s fast-paced manufacturing environment, keeping bills of materials, routings, drawings, and manufacturing instructions up-to-date and accurate can be a challenge. Whether you make or assemble products to customer specifications or standard configurations, you need the right tools to accurately specify the materials and processes and communicate them to the entire manufacturing team.

INDUSTRIOS Process Plans provide the building blocks to create bills of material, and manufacturing or assembly routings. The routing defines the steps that need to be followed to produce or assemble an item. It can be expanded to include reference to direct purchases, subcontract services, drawings, phantoms, tests, and tools at each operational sequence. When changes to the routing or bill of material happen, INDUSTRIOS has the tools that not only allow you to make the changes easily, but also understand and manage the impact on costs.

Procurement Module

The INDUSTRIOS Procurement suite represents a group of modules dedicated to managing the procurement process from purchasing to processing supplier invoices. This comprehensive collection of tightly integrated modules ensures a seamless flow of information among departments. The features will enable your material planning and purchasing teams to quickly and easily identify inventory shortfalls, create realistic material requirement plans, and manage supplier relationships while lowering costs.

Processing supplier invoices within INDUSTRIOS is designed with integration from purchase order through to receiving and accounts payable. This provides the group responsible for posting expense transactions with a clear view of what has been received and what is awaiting disposition in receiving inspection. It also gives them an opportunity to confirm quantities, prices, and miscellaneous charges before posting the supplier invoice.

Product Configuration Option

Does your product offering include choices of features or options? Does your sales team currently have to refer to manual charts or spreadsheets to develop pricing? How much time does your production staff spend deciphering the requirements to formulate a bill of materials for an order? Does you customer get tired of waiting for a quote? If you can answer Yes, Yes, Lots and Lots – then the Product Configurator is exactly what you need.

Product Configurator is an option fully integrated within the Quoting Workbench that asks simple questions needed to configure your customer’s product. It is rules-based so it only presents you with the available options for the product that are compatible with options already selected. Simple and highly complex rules are used behind the scene to eliminate the situation where you could order a door that is too narrow or select the wrong type of finish for a component. In the end, the check and balance on available options saves you time in doing the order right the first time and increases your customer’s satisfaction with prompt pricing. Once the quote is won, your sales order and production order are ready to go! It’s just that Simple.

Production Control Module

Efficient execution of your production plan happens when all involved share the same information. Access to material, labor, and work center information helps the production team know who and what needs to be available to meet the customer’s delivery requirements.

The INDUSTRIOS Production Order Control module provides information to production staff that allows them to react quickly to changes in material availability, work centers, and customer delivery dates. The online query capabilities combined with those for advanced shop floor data collection, fully connect the production team to the events on the shop floor. The Production Order Control module is designed with complete integration to the Sales Order, Process Plans, Materials Planning, Shop Floor Data Collection, Quoting, and Scheduling Workbenches. Through this integration, production orders can be generated automatically, costs can be collected and reviewed, schedule status can be verified, and delivery dates to customers can be promised and monitored.

Quoting & Estimating Module

Do you offer your customers choices of various features and options when ordering products? Can you manufacture totally unique items for your customers? Do you receive requests for quotes from both prospects and customers for standard inventory items? The INDUSTRIOS Quoting & Estimating module is just what you need!

The Quoting & Estimating module allows for the quick preparation of quotations for standard, configured or custom items. The integration to the operations and customer relationship management (CRM) modules provides the estimating staff with the information they need to move quotes to customer orders quickly.

Start producing cost estimates for your customers that are competitive, possible, profitable, and timely.

Imagine… Your customer calls you to inform you that you’ve won their business…then at the click of a mouse the customer’s sales order and the production job are created before you even hang up the phone.

Receiving Inspection Module

Incoming inspection and test procedures are a standard part of the process to ensure that product and services conform to specified requirements. The quality team is responsible for developing the quality plans to support inspection and test procedures for incoming inspection. To support these procedures, the inspectors need tools that will allow them to easily identify product and services that need inspection, document inspection results, and segregate nonconforming product.

The INDUSTRIOS Receiving Inspection module provides the quality team a simple yet dynamic workbench where goods subject to inspection can be reviewed before being reported to inventory, or charged against production orders. The integration with the Receiving module ensures that goods and services subject to inspection cannot be released to inventory or production until they have been verified against the inspection criteria. Immediate access to the goods pending inspection provides the planners, production team, and accounts payable with the inventory status needed to manage material, production plans, and supplier invoices efficiently.

Return Material Authorization Module

Managing returns from customers can be an overwhelming task at times because a return can require one of many different decisions: Do we require parts to be returned? Are the parts going to require inspection when received? Will we ship replacement parts? Are there charges that will require invoicing? The Return Material Authorization (RMA) module has been designed with these questions in mind.

RMA integrates with credit memo, sales order, purchasing, and work order to allow a seamless and effortless decision-making process for categorizing and documenting a customer return in accordance with your company’s policies to ensure that your customers receive goods that meet their expectations with minimal delay.

In order to provide this degree of customer service, the team responsible for processing credits and returns will need tools to be able to verify the original purchase, identify and communicate the available options for return, document information that will help determine the appropriate disposition, and initiate replacement orders.

Sales Order Fulfillment Module

The INDUSTRIOS Sales Order module is designed to assist you in managing the orders you receive from your customers by improving how you are able to classify the orders, review shipping and invoice transactions, as well as monitor and manage communications about the order. At the end of the day, you want to ensure your customer service and sales staff are able to maximize every sales opportunity and improve customer satisfaction.

Features included in Sales Order Entry:

  • Blanket Orders.
  • Consignment Orders.
  • Late Orders, Back Order and Delivery Performance Reports.
  • Selling Units of Measure.
  • Integration to Warranty and Service Plans with Customer Service Management registered.

Vendor Relationship Management Module

The INDUSTRIOS VRM module is designed to assist you in managing relationships with your vendors by improving how you are able to classify vendors, review transactions, as well as monitor and manage communications. At the end of the day, you want to ensure your vendors are meeting their commitments and delivering high-quality products and services at the lowest possible cost.


  • Maintaining a complete list of contacts for each vendor.
  • Having a centralized point for all your vendor communications.
  • Producing a vendor profile report that provides a backlog analysis of your vendors’ performance.
  • Using vendor status to control the types of transactions you are allowed to process for each vendor.
  • Recording action items for product issues discovered during receiving.

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