ShopWorX ERP

A full ERP system designed by InterNetworX Systems.

About ShopWorX ERP

Effective management of your manufacturing operations is a process, involving the front office to the shop floor and every department in between. Viewing these operations as a whole, not as separate entities, leads to successful control of your business. That’s what sets ShopWorX ERP software apart from the rest. The rich functionality and innovative architecture of ShopWorX ERP provides the software tool to integrate all your business functions. Information, available from all departments, streamlines the internal process resulting in improved on-time deliveries to your customers.

Designed specifically for manufactures that build products based on customer-supplied specifications, ShopWorX ERP allows you to:

  • Give timely and accurate quotes based on standard and historical information
  • Schedule accurately and follow project status to avoid production bottlenecks and delays
  • Automate the collection of data from the shop floor and other critical areas for accurate and timely information
  • Evaluate the performance of Sales, Engineering, Manufacturing, Purchasing, Receiving, Inspection, Shipping, Accounting, Work Centers, Employees, and Suppliers
  • Plan instead of react to changing customer requirements by eliminating costly guesswork
  • Eliminate redundant entries and reduce the chances for errors with the tight integration of all ShopWorX ERP modules

Accounts Payable

The Accounts Payable module gives you the information you need to control cash flow and makes it easier and quicker to process accounts payable. The cash requirements feature helps you project cash needs. The payment processing options give you flexibility in writing checks, allowing you to choose which invoices to pay, when to pay them, and whether to generate checks manually or through the computer. Vendor information and Accounts Payable History is available at the press of a key.


  • Linked with Purchasing
  • Recurring Vouchers
  • Cash Requirements
  • Payment Selection
  • Check Printing
  • Post Expenses to Shop Orders and General Ledger
  • Accounts Payable History
  • Check Reversal
  • 1099s
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Separate Buy-From and Remit-To Addresses
  • Vendor Information Tracking

Accounts Receivable

The Accounts Receivable module saves you time and effort in controlling all transactions that affect customer accounts. You have easy access to information on sales history, payment history, open invoices, paid invoices, follow-up notes, and all customer information. It provides an effective method of analyzing customer accounts and processing all types of cash receipts.


  • Easy Access To Customer Information
  • Master Accounts
  • Flexible Cash Application
  • Follow-up Notes
  • Aging Reports
  • History
  • Customer Statements
  • Service Charges
  • Bank Reconciliation

Bills of Material

With the Bills of Material module, you can easily create and maintain bills of material. You can define parent-component relationships by copying an existing bill, or by starting from scratch. You can search for items by part number, key words, alternate part number, vendor part number, customer part number, or description. You can effectively and simply keep track of product revision levels including: dates, processes, drawing numbers, and CAD references. You can also assign effective dates, which allows you to enter bills prior to releasing them, as well as search historical and future bills.


  • Same-As-Except-For Bill of Material Creation
  • Unlimited Text
  • Where-Used Capability
  • Audit Trail
  • Multiple Views
  • Dimensional Data
  • Effectivity Dating
  • ECN Tracking
  • Revision Level Tracking


The Configurator module gives you the tool to streamline your order entry and manufacturing processes. By working with pre-defined features and options, your sales department can develop a properly priced and engineered product during order entry.


  • Unlimited Number of Levels
  • Flexible Print Formatting
  • Optional and Required Groups
  • Special Instructions
  • Minimums and Maximums


The Costing module gives you the ability to monitor and control costs at several levels. Extremely flexible, it easily adapts to your business requirements without requiring custom programming.


  • Standard Costing, Average, or Actual Costing
  • User-Defined Cost Codes
  • Cost at Multiple Levels
  • Shop Order Report Definition
  • Standard Cost Variance Reporting
  • Flexible Assignment of Overhead

Data Collection

The Data Collection module adds value to the Shop Order, Costing, Scheduling, Panorama, and Payroll modules by providing more timely and accurate information. By utilizing bar coded employee badges, supervisor badges, shop orders, labor tickets, scrap codes, and indirect labor codes, more accurate and timely reporting is done directly from the shop floor.


  • Completely Integrated Solution
  • Parameter-Driven Collection
  • Data Verification
  • Knowledge is Power


The Enterprise Resource Planning module gives you a tool for planning the effective use of all of your company’s resources. With tighter control of these resources, you’ll realize reductions in inventory, lead times and operating costs, and improvements in delivery performance and profits. Above all, InterNetworX’s Enterprise Resource Planning will help you remain competitive.


  • Master Scheduling
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Action Report
  • Planned Order Report
  • Work Center Load Analysis
  • Rough Cut Planning

General Ledger

The General Ledger module will allow you to easily, quickly, and accurately track the dollars and cents of your business. It gives you the facts you need to evaluate financial results and product line profitability. It includes fixed journal entries, standard journal entries, manual journal entries, accrual/reversing entries, allocation entries, budgets, asset accounting and an interface to map your chart of accounts to the ShopWorX software. All system transactions are maintained to provide an audit trail with date, amount, account and login name. General Ledger gives you complete control of your financial information, which can be used to make decisions that improve your company’s productivity and profitability.


  • 12 or 13 Period Accounting Cycle
  • Multiple Open Periods
  • Fixed Asset Tracking and Depreciation
  • Journal Entry Options
  • Account Reallocation
  • Trial Balance Options
  • Flexible Account Numbering Structure
  • Budgeting


The Inventory module enhances tracking capabilities, and gives you the information you need to improve efficiencies in production cycles, material usage, and purchasing activities.


  • Multiple Warehousing
  • Lot Tracking
  • Inventory Valuation
  • ABC Analysis
  • Cycle Counting
  • Physical Inventory
  • Transaction History


The Panorama module gives you a single point of access to answer practically any question needed to make a business decision. From this one access point, you have the ability to query information available from sales, inventory, engineering, purchasing, manufacturing, scheduling, shipping, receiving, inspection, and accounting.


  • Multiple Access Methods
  • Time-Phased Availability
  • Historical Information
  • Drill Down to Detail
  • Multiple Views of Information
  • Cross-Referencing Information

Process Sheets

You define the steps necessary to manufacture an item using this tool. You can have any number of process sheets per item, and multiple items can share a common process sheet. You can create a process sheet by copying from an existing process sheet, shop order, or quote. Unlimited text gives you the ability to document procedures in detail. Links to the Engineering Management module provide the ability to associate labor operations with required material to facilitate just-in-time deliveries.


  • Same-As-Except-For Creation
  • Unlimited Text
  • Where-Used Capability
  • Multiple Views
  • Common Process Sheets
  • Options and Alternates


The Purchasing module gives you complete control of the purchasing function. You can create blanket orders from which you can then generate releases. Purchase Order changes can be tracked through the use of change numbers, which gives you a history of each order. Items can be ordered for stock, or to a specific customer or shop order. Supply items can also be ordered, and the proper general ledger account referenced. Individual items can be flagged for inspection, and unlimited text can be attached to the order and each line.


  • Blanket Orders
  • Purchase Order Entry
  • Cross-Referenced Items
  • Multiple Ship-To Locations
  • Purchase Order Printing
  • Open Order Reports
  • Inspection
  • Vendor Performance


Flexibility is the key to the Quoting module. You can prepare simple price quotes, or generate single level or multiple level, detailed cost build-ups. You’ll be able to choose from a variety of costs, apply separate margin percentages to each cost element, and spread one-time costs, such as setups and tooling over a number of quantities. Quotes can be created from scratch, from another quote, an open or closed order, process sheets, bills of materials, or templates that you design. You can link multiple estimates for quoting of tooling and piece parts, or for building up costs of multiple-level subassemblies into a final product.


  • Tight Integration
  • Quickly Generate Quotes
  • Unlimited Text
  • Quote Reports
  • Quote Status Reporting

Report Writer

The Report Writer module is a powerful, flexible, information retrieval and analysis tool. This sophisticated product combines a powerful database that has relational capabilities with an easy-to-use custom report writer. Users determine what data they want and how it’s to be conditioned, sorted, and totaled. Information can be printed, displayed, passed directly to Microsoft Excel, or exported to a variety of spreadsheet and database products using flat ASCII files. Once established, reports can be saved for reuse and shared among users within a department or company.


  • Complete Integrated Solution
  • Combine Power with Ease of Use
  • Unlimited Custom Reports
  • Multiple Database Views
  • Ensures Data Integrity
  • Flexible Presentation of Information
  • ýIf-Thený Conditioning
  • Automatic Formatting
  • Export Capabilities

Sales Analysis

Sales analysis provides summary statistical information, including quantities, sales and costs to help you spot trends as they are developing. This information is available by Company, Customer Category, Customer, Ship-To, Sales Rep., Product Code, Part Number, and Warehouse to help focus your sales and marketing efforts.


  • Reports
  • Customer
  • Product
  • Sales Code
  • Twelve Month Sales Code
  • Charts
  • Commissions
  • Sales Taxes


The Scheduling module is an extremely powerful tool that uses shop orders and process sheet operations to schedule actual and planned shop orders. By defining the available resources (work centers, machines, employees, and shifts) in the plant, scheduling will compare requirements with resources to identify bottlenecks, create dispatch lists, and calculate release or scheduled completion dates. As actual time is reported to existing shop orders, the system will continue to reschedule, alerting you to potential problems through a number of exception reports. Finite, infinite loading, and forward, backward, or manual scheduling are all available.


  • Detailed Shop Calendar
  • Finite and Infinite Loading
  • Forward or Backward Scheduling
  • Exception Reporting
  • Graphical Displays
  • Dispatch Lists


With the Shipping Module you can generate packing slips and shipping labels, either in advance or at the time of shipment. Shipping data will be used to generate invoices, and you can review shipments pending invoices.


  • Pre-Shipping
  • Shipping
  • Interface to Accounting

Shop Orders

The Shop Order modules consist of Shop Orders, Scheduling, and Time Reporting. These modules give you the means to effectively plan and control shop floor activity.


  • Shop Orders
  • Time Reporting
  • Progress Reporting

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