ManuDyn Cloud 9

A web-based multi-module management system designed by ManuDynUSA for manufacturing companies.

About ManuDyn Cloud 9

ManuDyn Cloud9 Is a Web-Based, MRP2 Solution Specifically Designed for Job Shop Manufacturers.

From its beginnings in 1987, the ManuDyn family of manufacturing solutions has encompassed all of the necessary management, administrative & process tools needed to maximize profitability in an intuitive and easy-to-use package that has an immediate impact on reducing overhead and production costs.

It provides full visibility of the manufacturing business process: from Quoting & Ordering to Production & Invoicing to Accounts Receivable.

As a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, there are no costly expenditures associated with hardware, an internal IT staff or routine software upgrades to maintain. ManuDyn Cloud 9 also encompasses the latest in mobile technology ý like the Apple iPadTM 2 ý so your full business operation is accessible anywhere an Internet, 3G or 4G connection exists.

Unlike many other products, the ManuDyn Cloud 9 solution takes days not weeks for implementation and training. With no long-term contracts and a modest monthly fee, it delivers real benefits in days and weeks, not months or years.

ManuDyn Cloud 9 - From around the corner or around the world, your manufacturing business is always accessible and easy to manage.

The accounting link facility allows for the export of transactions to an external accounting system.

Bill of Materials

Define unlimited raw material items and subassembly parts. Set individual material mark-up percentages. Define the quantity required per unit of the manufactured item or per sheet if manufacturing items by the sheet rather than by unit.

Company Database

Store critical business information for all the companies you deal with. Define your relationship with them, set trading terms and account limits, create multiple shipping and invoicing addresses, create multiple notes and more.

Creditor Accounting

Provides a supplier invoicing and creditor control function with payment and credit facilities, reconciliation to purchase transactions and Aged balance document generation.

Debtor Accounting

Provides an invoicing and debtor control function with payment and credit facilities, Statement and Aged balance document generation.

Factory Menu

This turns the ýJob Shopý schedule into a dynamic scheduling facility via the use of touch enabled tablets, which is quick, effective and easy to use.

Job Tickets

The job ticket provides a listing of materials required and the process routing to be performed to create the manufactured item.

Machine Loading Profile

Details the percentage of available capacity utilized based on the due date for each job, the work center capacity and the estimated process time.

Manufactured and Raw Material Definition

Set Reorder points and reorder quantities, enter stock holding information across multiple stores, define multiple suppliers, conversion factors from purchasing to stock holding units of measure, supplier lead times, Store multiple selling prices, Define critical size information. Specify an alternate code to be used from a certain date. Store drawing information. View complete item explosion, indented Bill of Material, and routing sheet printouts.

Order Processing

View the quantity in stock, quantity on order, quantity committed, and the required quantity for each item in the system. Commitments are shown in total and in detail to identify when orders need to be raised.

Process Routing

Define unlimited processes against an item, with separate setup and process time definition. Record the tools required, provide drawing references, and detailed process instructions.

Purchase Orders

Raise purchase orders based on material requirements and product lead times. Track outstanding orders.

Quoting & Estimating

Create quotes with multiple quantity breaks. Apply different mark-ups for Material, Profit, Indirect, Selling, and Administration costs. Define unit price extra charges, show separate charges on the quote advice for Freight and other expenses. Provide dual currency quote advices for your international customers. Print or save quotes in PDF format.

Sales Order Management

The sales order book provides the facility to store customer and make to stock orders. Customer orders may either be fulfilled from existing stock, or processed as a manufacturing or purchase order. View order on hand information and the value of work in progress.


Produces a detailed production schedule with a start and finish date for each operation of each job, based on machine capacity and a backward schedule from the job due date.

Stock Audit Trail

Provides an audit trail for the movement of all stock records over a specified period of time.

Product Overview

Market Focus

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Industry Focus

ManuDyn Cloud 9 is designed primarily for use in the manufacturing industry.

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