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A multi-module management system designed by Manufacturer & Distribution Systems for manufacturing companies.

About MyteMyke Manufacturing

Plan and control production through a complete product structure, which contains a bill of material and routing. When all departments share the same data, the results are accuracy, efficiency and sound production information.

Manpower Planning

Manage production personnel and machines, using scheduling and work-in-process information. Know what operations must be performed each day, and the total labor required in each work center to meet the current schedule. Anticipate bottlenecks far enough in advance to be able to take action.

  • Work Center loading reports in quantities and dollars
  • Work Center utilization display, showing percent of capacity
  • Detail display of hours per operation, per job and per day

Manufacturing and Resource Planning

Know what raw materials and subassemblies will be needed to meet the current schedule. Pin down when each material is needed in the production cycle so that it can be delivered ‘Just-in-Time.’ Anticipate shortages far enough in advance to be able to take action. Cut your inventory by reducing waste, obsolescence and high cost of maintaining large inventories.

  • Printed reports and on-screen displays
  • Requisition list by date, based on material lead times
  • Dollar and quantity requirements, for cash flow analysis

Production Costing

The Production Control Module closes the loop of manufacturing and accounting. It posts production costs to the General Ledger for inclusion on financial statements. Manufacturing variances are calculated for material, labor and overhead. The result is a top-level overview of production efficiency.

  • Back Flush and Phase reporting to update parts inventory
  • Pinpoint production problems by product class or work center
  • See inventory and work-in-progress values at any time

Production Order Processing

The Production Control Module tracks single or multi-level production orders, from start to finish. Peg materials needed and report usage based on the standard quantities in the bill of material or use Shop Floor control to report actual usage. Update finished goods inventory by the quantity produced.

  • Planned and Released production orders
  • Picking List and Make Sheets with shop floor instructions
  • On screen order inquiry or printed progress reports
  • Automatic reduction of component inventory at standard

Production Schedule

This Production Planning module provides backward scheduling of production orders from promise date to recommended start date. It looks at your customer or backlog and\or forecasts and compares them to on-hand inventory and work-in-progress. Then it tell you how much of each finished good (and subassembly) must be produced and when to start.

  • Print Master Schedules, Forecasts and on screen displays
  • 15 schedule periods-any\day\week\month combination
  • Forecasted cost and revenue analysis

Shop Floor Control

The Production Control Module offers actual reporting of materials used and time spent on a production order. Have real job cost and inventory control, rather than relying on product structure standards. Variances between standards and actual, help you evaluate performance in each department.

  • Report exceptions only or total actual usage
  • Report Lot\Serial numbers of material consumed on each job
  • Report substitutions or engineering changes
  • Can be integrated with Bar Code data collection module

Standard Cost / BOM

Myte Myke MRP II software strictly adheres to the principle of Standard Cost. This module is the base of the manufacturing system, maintaining bills of material (BOM) and operation routings for all departments. All cost elements are considered…batch size and yield, material, set up, overhead, make rate, packaging and scrap.

  • Standard Cost roll ups
  • What if projections and same-as-except
  • Where Used List

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