PowerShop ERP

A full ERP system designed by MSI International.

About PowerShop ERP

The new standard in Real-Time, On-Line Manufacturing Solutions

PowerShop is a fully-integrated manufacturing solution offering complete financial, distribution and manufacturing system software.

Designed to satisfy ISO 9000 and QS 9000 compliance in the areas of inventory control, document control, quality control, ECN control and continuous improvement, PowerShop" offers the right recipe of functionality, technology and knowledge-based client services. MSI International was founded to provide integrated manufacturing system software and knowledge-based client services designed to achieve the desired result for each client. The owners, partners, and associates of MSI represent years of experience in the design, development, and implementation of integrated manufacturing systems for hundreds of clients throughout the U.S. and Canada

Accounts Payable

The PowerShop ERP" Accounts Payable system is designed to provide all vendor, open accounts payable, voucher and vendor invoice information to better manage vendor activity for materials and services.

Features Include:

  • Cashing Requirements Analysis
  • Pre Check Register
  • Check Register
  • Aged Payable Analysis
  • Check Reconciliation
  • 1099 Processing
  • A/P Batch Journal
  • A/P Edit Report

Accounts Receivable

The PowerShop ERP" Accounts Receivable System offers multi company processing for all customer billing and on-line customer history.

Features Include:

  • Multi company
  • User Defined Aging Periods
  • Direct Invoice Processing
  • On-Line Credit Check
  • Unlimited Line Items Per Invoice
  • User defined Invoice Processing

APS Master Production

The PowerShop ERP" APS Master Production Scheduling System considers all significant demands and replenishments that are identified for production, and translates those demands into a supply demand schedule for manufacturing.

Features Include:

  • Work Cell and Machine Level Production Scheduling
  • Finite and Infinite Loading
  • Optimization and Overlap Capabilities
  • Visual Scheduling Technology
  • Drag and Drop Scheduling Changes
  • Outside Processing Scheduling and Tracking
  • Windows Based Client/Server Technology
  • Mixed Mode Repetitive and Discrete Scheduling by Part Number or Work Order

Customer Service & Sales Order Processing

The PowerShop ERP" Customer Service module is specially designed to satisfy the enterprise processing requirements for sales order processing, customer relationship management (CRM), physical distribution, invoicing, and other related customer activities.

Features Include:

  • Process Blanket & Regular Customer Orders
  • Process Customer Forecasts
  • EDI & Internet Processing
  • Accum & Net Change Processing
  • Configurable Inquiry and Search Capability
  • Quick Order Processing

General Ledger

The PowerShop ERP" General Ledger System is specifically designed to satisfy the most complex financial reporting requirements of both the single company or multi-company environment.

Features Include:

  • Single or Multi-Company Environment
  • User-Defined Accounting Periods
  • User-Defined Budgets
  • Alphanumeric General Ledger Account Numbering
  • Sub-Accounts
  • Multi-Currency


PowerShop ERP" offers the most revolutionary ýobject orientedý inventory control architecture in the industry today.

Manufacturing Execution

The PowerShop ERP" Manufacturing Execution system is the catalyst to manage the flow of information to and from the shop floor.

Features Include:

  • Direct Connect Machine Controls and Machine Monitoring with or without PLC Connections
  • Real-time unattended Reporting of Cycle Times, Part Production, Run Time, Down Time, Labor, Utilization, Efficiencies and more
  • Integrated with the PowerShop ERP" APS Scheduling Module
  • Touch Screen Data Collection
  • RF (Radio Frequency) Scanning Solutions
  • Digital Scale Interfacing
  • Bar Code Labeling and Scanning

Shop Floor Control

The PowerShop ERP" Shop Floor Control is a mixed mode (repetitive & discrete) manufacturing solution. As a result, this offers the unique ability to schedule and report production by part number with or without the use of work order and intermix these technologies as desired.

Features Include:

  • Visual & Standard Bill of Materials
  • Alternate & Engineering Bill of Materials
  • Maintains Work Centers & Machines
  • Production and Alternate Routings
  • Routing Cost Rollup
  • Finite and Infinite Shop Loading
  • Visual Drag & Drop Scheduling Technology
  • Advanced Planning Scheduling (APS)
  • Machine Level Capacity Planning Calendars

Shop Floor Data

The PowerShop ERP" Shop Floor Data Collection system also offers a forced processing discipline with embedded supervisory control at the operator level with complete visibility of completed operations, current status, and all operations which need to be completed.

Features Include:

  • Print an on-demand bar code label
  • Update the inventory control module for quantities and valuation
  • Update costing
  • Recalculate the balance of run time
  • Automatically update the master production scheduling module

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