Seradex ERP Software

An ERP system designed by Seradex for manufacturing companies.

About Seradex ERP Software

In 1992, Seradex became the first company to release a 100% Microsoft based ERP software package. Seradex software is designed from the ground up to use industry standard development tools and to integrate with industry standard applications.

Seradex ERP completely integrates their manufacturing solution with major Accounting Software product such as MBS Dynamics GP and Sage ACCPAC.

Seradex works well in both make-to-order and make-to-stock operations but is best suited for companies requiring a product configurator.

Seradex ERP includes the following modules:

ERP for the Front Office

  • CRM
  • Customer Service
  • Field Service
  • Help Desk
  • Web Configurator

Core Modules

  • System Manager
  • Bill of Materials

E-Business Modules

  • Customer Account Status
  • EDI Electronic Data Intercahnge

Management Modules

  • Balanced Scorecard
  • Customer Rebate Management
  • Job Costing
  • Vendor Rebate Management

Manufacturing Modules

  • CAD Viewer
  • Coil Tracking Software
  • Engineering Change Notice
  • Field Service Management
  • Inventory Barcode Software
  • Inventory Control
  • Help Desk
  • Inventory Physical/Cycle Count
  • Lean ERP Module
  • Lot/Serial Traceability
  • Production Scheduling
  • Purchase Order
  • Quality Control Manager
  • Roll Tracking
  • Shop Floor Tracker - Manual
  • Six Sigma Software Module
  • Shop Floor Tracker - Barcode
  • Slitting Manager
  • SubContract Manufacturing
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Work Order

Bill of Material

The Bill of Material ERP Module is designed to ensure your organization has complete control over product structure. This module ensures that engineering, production, purchasing and order processing are using the same information.

The Bill of Material is the fundamental building block for scheduling, costing and inventory control. If you are have instituted lean manufacturing programs you need to make sure your software can support you. Seradex Bill of Material module was developed from the ground up to incorporate the principles and methodologies of lean. Seradex offers utilities to flatten multi-level bills-of-material. The bills of material architecture supports just in time purchasing, kanban controlled items and vendor managed inventory.

Seradex offers many features for company’s that deal in projects involving complex sales, engineering, purchasing and production requirements. For project-oriented Engineer to Order (ETO) companies effectively managing the list of all components needed to make a final product is crucial. Often, many multi-disciplinary teams (mechanical, electrical) are involved. The BOM is different for each individual customer. The Bill of Material Module allows you to accommodate an ever-changing bill of material, enforce standards, collaborate with other departments, customers and suppliers as well as integrate with existing CAD systems. This results in improved margins, increased efficiencies and competitiveness, while meeting stringent customer demands.

Your Design Challenges

  • Maintain complete product structure information including materials, labor and sub contracting
  • Copy bills of material to estimating and work orders and then edit if necessary
  • Allow drill downs through each level
  • Roll of costs by cost type i.e. material, labor etc.
  • Allow unlimited items on each level

Seradex Bill of Material Features:

  • Effectivity Dates controlled by ECN
  • Unlimited revisions and alternate routings
  • Process parametric components using the Product Configurator Module for sizes, colors and options
  • Copy Bill of Materials
  • Qty per - no limit on decimal places
  • 16 or more levels
  • Roll up standard and most recent costs
  • Update standard costs with most recent costs
  • Allows mass change or delete
  • Planned Scrap by component
  • Maintain yields for each component
  • Checks for recursive items
  • Records Engineering changes
  • Can be integrated to AutoCAD
  • Can drive parametric bills of material
  • Routings can include set up, run, work center, tools, operator classifications and be linked to work instructions
  • Analyze the effect of labor and overhead rate changes

Management Reports

  • Costed Bill - Costed at Most recent and at Standard
  • Indented Bill of Material (Parts only)
  • Indented Product Structure (Parts and Routings) Assembly pick list
  • Summarized Bill (All parts are listed with a total for each part summarized - each part is shown only once)
  • Routing Report (Routings Only)

Customer Rebate Management

To eliminate headaches in calculating and tracking customer rebates, use the Customer Rebate Manager software provided by Seradex ERP. It is an add-on module that integrates with Seradex ERP at Sales Order and Invoice processing. Seradex simplifies the often-tedious task of handling customer rebates by completely automating the process. Each step, from negotiation to invoice and beyond is recorded, in real-time, and reflected in your General Ledger and price schedules. This way, you never lose track of any customer rebate status. Invoice and pricing errors can generate a excessive credit notes resulting in hours of rework and a significant impact to your customer relationship. Seradex provides customers with an efficient, paperless solution for price management. As rebate programs and contracts vary significantly from one firm to the next, and even from contract to contract, Seradex provides support for complex processes and can quickly accommodate updates and new information.

Seradex can streamline and automate the discount management process, enabling you to manage and track the individual promotional programs and assure that rebates are accurate, The system can be used in conjunction with the Event Alert Module to remind both you and your customers when rebate deadlines are nearing. Many large retailing chains insist on sales contracts that involve customer rebates. Organizations like Wal-Mart and Home Depot as well as others use this as standard practice.

Administering and tracking these programs by customer is time consuming and error prone.

  • Enables rebate calculation by Customer, Invoiced amount, Item, Product Line or Date range
  • Handle national accounts with multiple Ship To locations.
  • Define rebates for individual customers or groupings of multiple site customers
  • Adjust rebates “across the board” to eliminate redundant adjustments.
  • Use custom formulas to create rebates based on any combination of customer ship to locations, product types, monthly specials


Electronic Data Interchange or EDI is the computer to computer exchange of business information using a internationally-recognized electronic document standards. Walmart, large retailers and the automotive industry are all large EDI users. EDI messages adhere to a set of rules and regulations governing the flow of electronic data, known as EDI protocols. The use of standardized data formats allows computers to exchange various business documents without companies needing to customize their hardware or software system. Seradex offers an exceptional software solution for companies either entering the world of EDI or seeking a more simplified way of conducting their in-house EDI transactions.

The Seradex EDI / ERP Module automates two critical supply chain functions. It translates an electronic transaction from a customer or vendor directly into the Seradex ERP System. It also creates an electronic transaction to send to a customer or a vendor. The EDI Module automates the rapid, electronic transmittal of documents between trading partners to save time and eliminate errors. Seradex also supports XML transaction sets for EDI in you are using ACCPAC, BusinessVision, Great Plains or Quickbooks.

EDI - Your Business Challenges

  • Rapidly exchange large batches of business transactions automatically and electronically in the traditional standardized formats between trading partners
  • Support just-in-time (JIT) ordering challenges in manufacturing operations.

Seradex EDI Module

  • Rapid transmission of documents for a swift flow of information where necessary
  • Hastens the sales order, shipping and invoice cycles to provide faster turnaround
  • Promotes better customer service through increased responsiveness
  • Eliminates errors often caused by manual entry

Employee Task Manager

The Execution Manager module in Seradex ERP is designed to assign and track prioritized goals to every department in your manufacturing company including: Accounting, Customer Service, Marketing, Sales, Purchasing, Engineering, Research or Information Systems.

As a company leader, being informed, being organized, being able to respond quickly and track other people’s follow through is critical to your ongoing success. Is everyone in the company working towards strategic goals like responding to customer issues quickly enough?

Many organizations spend a large amount of time on collaboration issues like communicating, coordinating, scheduling, tracking and managing who is doing what and by when. Studies show (and Dilbert illustrates) that the time spent planning and controlling can easily exceed the time spent on execution. Managers are drowning in the details.

Organizations have tried many software packages to help manage their companies. These typically include email, project management software or spreadsheets.


  • Easy to learn and use
  • Control deadlines and priorities
  • Quick identification of issues that need immediate attention
  • Map strategic goals into employee To-Do lists
  • Solid accountability is enforced on each employee
  • Manage more people with fewer resources
  • Easily switch tasks between employees to improve utilization
  • Improve teamwork and increase productivity
  • Save managers time by consolidating team tasks, progress and reports automatically in one place and with one tool
  • Ensure employee goals match company and department strategic goals
  • Ensure goals are completed by their target dates
  • Facilitates rapid and accurate communication between all employees
  • Look at all open or completed issues by deadline date, department, customer, employee or other user defined category


  • Easy to learn and use
  • Prioritized To-Do List
  • Eliminates over allocation
  • Limits managers from assigning more tasks than can be completed in a given time period
  • Communicates complete task description to eliminate confusion
  • Facilitate rapid communication between all employees


  • Enter and track RMAs by Web for Warranty, Non-Warranty, Refund, Exchange, Over Shipment, Refused and Unresolved claims
  • Enter product improvement suggestions


  • Allows multimedia files such as text files or screenshots to be attached to tasks for more detailed identification and faster resolution
  • Define priorities and statuses for each tasks
  • Email notification when tasks are added or updated
  • Record the estimated number of hours, percentage of completion and actual hours
  • Track tasks on multiple projects
  • Assign tasks to specific employees
  • Control workflow
  • Every task is tracked until it is resolved
  • Root Cause assignment
  • User definable classification and reporting


The Inventory Control Module is the tool for controlling all inventory-related transactions. Proper inventory management is an essential key to running a successful business. While inventory control is not the most exciting part of running a business, it is commonly the one thing that ties up significant money and resources. Seradex Inventory Control Software is easy to use, flexible, and powerful. With its advanced features this module is a perfect tool to track and control your inventory.

No matter how big or small your company is, you need to properly track inventory to maximize your profitability. Inventory can tie up a large amount of your money, time and resources and provide a significant opportunity for cost savings. A dependable inventory management system is essential to running a successful business. Seradex Inventory Control will help you take charge and effectively manage your inventory.

Inventory Control - Your Business Challenges

  • Accurate tracking of quantities and costs by product
  • Maintain full compliance with GAAP Inventory requirements
  • Accurate tracking of committed inventory and products on order for specific jobs
  • Identify slow moving, overstock and obsolete items
  • Multiple inventory locations by product
  • Support standard and actual costing
  • Maintain unlimited number of inventory items
  • Shipments, returns and receiving transactions will result in on-line updates to stock levels and costs
  • Rapidly perform physical inventories and facilitate cycle counting
  • Ability to handle fractional quantities and unit of measure conversions

Seradex Inventory Control

  • Quantity on hand
  • Quantity on order with vendor
  • Quantity allocated to orders
  • Quantity backordered
  • Identification of slow-moving items
  • Primary and unlimited alternate vendors
  • Vendor lead times, costs and part numbers
  • Inventory type (manufactured, purchased, resale)
  • Inventory location
  • Quantity used this month
  • Quantity used YTD
  • Lot and Serial tracking
  • Lead time to purchase
  • Standard material and labor costs
  • Ability to enter year-end physical counts
  • Ability to quarantine work-in-process, raw materials and finished

Inventory Control - Reports

  • Stock status on-hand balances, on order, backordered and allocated
  • Quantity shipped by month, by product by product group
  • Produce cycle count listings and schedules
  • Produce inventory transaction audit and history trails
  • Physical inventory worksheet
  • Item Status and Valuation
  • Overstocked Items and Slow Moving Items
  • Reorder Report

Bar Coding

  • Print Bar coded receiving Labels to track all incoming materials
  • Print Bar coded pick Lists to track materials picked for shop orders or sales orders
  • Print bar coded Shipping Labels to apply to packaged finished goods
  • Print AIAG Approved Shipping Labels
  • Print Bar coded Serial number labels to apply to finished product
  • To use labels to wand in physical count into physical Inventory Module

Seradex supports a wide variety of Barcode scanners and readers. Seradex supports Wireless , Serial and Keyboard-Wedge type Bar code Readers. There are several good manufacturers of reliable and versatile scanners. There is an excellent selection of scanners that are ergonomically designed for power, performance and durability.

Job Costing

Job Costing is a complete project management, costing, revenue recognition and control system. This software module gives you complete control over commitment and change order management. Enter subcontracts and purchase orders directly into Job Cost. Then track them against invoices for total control of committed costs. Manage every step of the change order process, from pending through approval, to ensure change order profitability. Your project information is always up to date and real time. Easily view information such as potential cost overruns, percent complete, and production units in place. Customizable Crystal Reports let you calculate and print information forth analysis.

Job Cost Features

  • Each cost is allocated to a job including inventory transfers, accounts payable invoices, product receipts and labour hours
  • Actual production cost information is captured
  • Actual cost summarized by cost group and compared to estimated costs
  • Exception reporting and cost overrun reporting
  • Ability to flag potential problem jobs during production
  • Inquiry options for customer and job information
  • Revenue Recognition and WIP Schedule Worksheet
  • Integrated Production Scheduling and Data collection
  • Unlimited Job Costing Categories
  • Job Change order management system
  • Estimates, purchase orders, work orders and invoicing by Job

Lot/Serial Traceability

The Lot and Serial Traceability module in Seradex ERP was designed for manufacturers who require stringent control over product tracking and traceability.

Lot and Serial Tracking provides this traceability by creating a lot number, serial number, or other grouping of a part and automatically tracking each part as it flows from receiving through production and is shipped to your customer. You can assign additional information including a description, expiration date, and other user-definable fields.

For manufacturing industries as diverse as pharmaceutical, military, aircraft, automotive, electronic, scientific equipment and food or chemical processing it is critical that raw materials and finished goods are tracked.

Quality control specifications like ISO9000, QS9000, FDA, HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point ) and most military specs insist or suggest material traceability.


  • Tracks the part from of materials, into production and through to product delivery &bury inventory transaction records lot/serial information
  • As jobs move through the plant, operators are prompted for additional information when re and issuing material or shipping finished goods
  • Inquiry capabilities allow you to review the flow of material lots and serialized as parts move through the manufacturing process.
  • Customize part trace ability requirements and specify Traceability requirements by part.
  • Users can view and edit multiple tables in the system (employees, customers, vendors etc)
  • Use the description, expiration date, and ten user-defined fields to expiration for each lot.
  • Track warranty validation dates of both finished and purchased products

Physical Inventory/Cycle Counting

With the Physical Inventory and Cycle Count software module in Seradex ERP you will be in full control of the Physical Inventory process from start to finish. For most manufacturing companies, a complete physical inventory can be a costly, complex job that involves numerous people and many departments.

Whether you use cycle counting or annual physical inventories, Seradex provides the tools to collect, reconcile and post inventory counts and general ledger transactions. Cycle counting allows you to set up frequency rules for your A, B and C items. You can then print daily or weekly count worksheets for easy counts and data entry.

Despite the well-documented problems associated with annual physical inventories, manufacturing operations continue to conduct them year after year. To conduct a successful physical inventory you need bullet proof preparation ,processes and automation. The Seradex ERP Inventory Software will help you introduce highly effective alternative methods.

Whether you keep your inventory accurate through cycle counting or through annual physical inventories, Seradex ERP gives you the tools that make it easy to collect, reconcile and post count quantities against on-hand inventory balances and in turn generate general ledger transactions. Cycle counting allows you to set up pre-established rules for the frequency of and method for counting items. You can then print pre-populated cycle count worksheets for simple count collections and for easy count data entry. Inventory Movement reports are available to monitor transactions performed during the cycle count to ensure accurate reconciliation.

Now, you can access real time material status, location and availability. Monitor and track items at the lot and/or serial number level as well as warehouse location.

  • Tag printing with and without Item Numbers and blind counts to support formal audits and meet generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP)
  • Inventory can be optionally frozen during the process
  • Uses a high speed data entry screen for manual entry
  • Updates Item Master information
  • Discrepancy, variance and recount processing and reporting
  • Automatically creates the required adjustments, GL transactions and audit trails
  • Inventory valuation is calculated
  • Support for lot, serial, rack, bin and location information
  • Supports cycle counting where only portions of the inventory are counted and reconciled during normal business operations.

Product Configurator

A Product Configurator simplifies the process of creating and tracking made-to-order products in your ERP system. It allows employees to identify unique product configurations to better serve customers. In addition, you can support complex products and services with a guided selling tool to determine which products best fit your customers’ needs. Do you have thousands of product options? How about front line employees that have varying levels of product knowledge? This can lead to order entry errors, costly credit notes and unhappy customers. Are pricing rules inconsistently applied? Does engineering have to get involved in routine sales? If so, we can help you.

The Seradex Product Configurator lets customers, engineers, salespeople, customers, and dealers recommend solutions, configure complex products and automate pricing, costing and commission calculations. You can produce detailed quotations and instantly create bills of material and routings for each order.

Product Configurator Overview

Do you sell products that have dimensions (Doors, Windows, Furniture, Glass, Mirrors, Lumber etc.)? Do your products have multiple options, dimensions, colors, accessories or materials? In your “Make to Order” business, mistakes in order entry can be costly customers get annoyed and scrap and rework is generated. How often does an order get “ping ponged” between the customer, dealer, order entry and manufacturing? Are you creating thousands or part numbers and bills of material?

If this sounds familiar its time to re engineer order processing with the Seradex Product Configurator. This product works with the Sales Order and Estimating Modules. It is also available on the Web. Every information system should start with the most important part of your business - your customer. What impacts customer service more than order processing?

The Seradex Product Configurator Provides

  • Quick and accurate order entry for complex products with choices, options, dimensions
  • Powerful Rules Based configuration capabilities
  • Can configure parametric products like doors and windows.
  • Instant pricing of product by customer including applicable discounts
  • Automatically configure a parametric bill of material and routing
  • “One Button” Quote to Order transfers
  • Eliminate “non-buildable” orders
  • Reduce returns and credit notes
  • Links to Microsoft Office products: Excel, Word, E-Mail
  • Integrates with Scheduling, Inventory, Purchasing
  • Warns when customer credit limit is exceeded
  • Supports multiple invoices per order
  • Price lists can handle multi-currency and customer discounts
  • Handles multiple Ship-To Addresses, Salespersons and commissions
  • Prints order confirmations, invoices, credit notes
  • Report formats can be customized
  • Automatically computes sales taxes for the invoice total
  • Generate dimensioned drawings automatically from AutoCad
  • Prevents incomplete orders from being released to production
  • Store images of products and options
  • Create parametric rule based configured and costed bills of material

The configurator integrates to all of our supported accounting partners including ACCPAC, Great Plains, BusinessVision and QuickBooks. You can easily set up configurator rules. Unlike most competing products, complex rules can be defined for product options without any software programming. This software can support an unlimited number of interrelated options, rules and constraints. Quotes and Orders can easily be customized to include customer defaults, CAD Drawings, pricing discounts as well as terms and conditions. Quotes can be immediately e-mailed for fast approval.

For complex products, a configurator must be able to support thousands of options, rules and constraints. The ability to easily setup and manage your configuration rules is one of our products strengths. Seradex Xpress makes setting configurator constraints as easy as point and click. If/Then relationships can be defined for product options.

Production Scheduling

Seradex Finite Scheduling software module is a powerful advanced planning and scheduling (APS) system that enables you to quote, measure and attain accurate delivery dates. The Production Scheduling module makes just-in-time (JIT) and Lean scheduling possible for all companies. Whether you have products that are make to order or make to stock or both Seradex can manage your delivery promises.

How long will the schedule last before a rush order appears, re-work is required, operators report sick, a machine breaks down, or demand does not match the forecast? We know your scheduler spends endless hours re-assigning work, changing priorities to meet promised delivery dates.

The Production Scheduling Module is an easy-to-use, finite capacity scheduler. It has the capability and the advanced technology to generate highly optimized and feasible schedules for your manufacturing process. You can easily determine the most optimal solution by quickly running “what-if” scenarios.

Seradex will only schedule production when resources are available. Materials are ordered only when they are needed. Inventory levels fall and bottleneck resources are not overloaded. Work in progress remains at a relatively constant level, lead times are more predictable and delivery dates are more reliable. Management spends less time fire fighting and can balance fluctuating demand, with available capacity.

Production Scheduling Features

  • Finite Scheduling
  • Schedules both Forward and Backward
  • Priority Levels from 1 - 9
  • Schedule departments, cells, equipment, tools and labor
  • Handles Setup and Run Times
  • Integrated to Electronic Kanban for Pull Scheduling
  • Alternate work center and routing features
  • Powerful operation pre-requisite and overlap selections
  • Identify and Manage Bottlenecks
  • Schedules around constraints of material on hand, material on PO as well as labor
  • Supports Drum-Buffer-Rope and Theory of Constraints (TOC)
  • Schedules Shop Floor to the minute
  • On completion of scheduling alogrithym the shop schedule is exported to Microsoft Project
  • Factory and Work Center Calendars
  • Real time on line job status with color coded Schedule Viewer
  • Powerful “What if” Simulation. Adjust overtime or sub-contract and see late jobs come in on-time.

Purchase Order

The ERP Purchasing Software Module provides complete purchasing control to generate and track purchase orders from PO issue to receipts. The Purchasing module provides controls for the complete procurement process, from vendor quoting through receiving, inspection, cost accrual and vendor payment.

Vendor quotes are collected against items with multiple vendor price comparisons used by the system to recommend vendor selection for each purchase order. Requisitions can be generated automatically from M.R.P. or can be entered by users. Once approved, requisitions can be automatically converted to Purchase Orders. An item may be received directly to a line stocking location, to a specific job, or simply to its primary stocking location.

Purchase Order Features

  • Due dates by line item
  • On line Material Requisitions
  • Maintains a purchase history file by product and by vendor
  • Ability to handle blanket orders
  • Allocate inventory to specific job and job cost category
  • Capable of autofaxing PO’s
  • Systematic comparison of an invoice to goods received
  • Ability to accept multiple receipts against: an open purchase order
  • Ability to cancel an open purchase order
  • Specific reason codes for items returned to vendor to include; over shipment, quantity rejected etc.
  • G/L account specified by line item
  • Order parametric components generated from the * Product Configurator Module for sizes, colors and options

Quoting and Estimating

The Quoting and Estimating Software Module is cost estimating software that helps any Job Shop prepare estimates, control projects and establish information to compare estimated and actual costs. It is ideal for any manufacturing or construction company in an “Engineer to Order” or “Make to Order” environment. The Seradex Quoting Module offers an integrated

Quoting and Estimating Features

  • Store multiple estimate revisions
  • Use the Product Configurator Module for sizes, colors and options
  • Detailed estimating including unlimited cost types e.g. material, labor, commission, sub contract, freight etc.
  • Use unlimited job cost categories
  • Copy and modify previous estimates to create new ones
  • Maintain job templates for typical jobs
  • Unlimited levels of detail in the Bill of Material with full costing
  • Include set up and run times for labor operations - this allows recosting on quantity changes
  • Issue multiple estimates per project
  • Track supplier quote information
  • Fully Integrated with Inventory and Accounts Receivable
  • Easily alter margin or price
  • Extensive comment fields - for estimating, costing, production and purchasing
  • Free form multi level organizational structure
  • Include existing assemblies and modify and modify to suit
  • Compute taxes
  • Full multi currency capabilities

Sales Commission Tracking

Sales commission programs exist in every shape and size. These programs tend to vary significantly from industry to industry, and many times within companies in an industry. Sales commission programs tend to be different by employees even within a single firm. Variations can include the kind of performance being incented (Revenue vs Margins), the frequency of calculation (Monthly vs Quarterly), the type of transactions being incented (Sales orders vs Invoices vs Payments), the level of salespeople being incented (Salesrep vs Sales Manager), whether Draw or Cap is being used, and so on.

Seradex ERP has a flexible Sales Commissions software tool with the Advanced Commission Tracking module. It is an add-on module that integrates with Seradex ERP at Sales Order and Invoice processing.

Sales compensation programs differ by company. However, all sales compensation and incentive programs have one thing in common: Effective administration requires time and money. We can help reduce your administrative costs and still enable you to provide reliable and accurate information to your sales force and sales management

Many manufacturing companies have commission plans for sales employees, dealers, distributors, contractors and other sales agents. Tracking, calculating, controlling and administering commissions is time consuming and error prone. Over and under payments often occur leading to sales force friction and reduced moral.

  • Create customized sales compensation plans that keep your top producers happy without jeopardizing your profitability
  • Define sales commissions rules for sales staff, reps or distributors
  • Set up commissions by customer, part, market, margin, commodity, or groups
  • Enables commission splits for up to 5 people for each Sales Order
  • Easily update sales incentive rules for all personnel
  • Decrease sales force turnover
  • Enforce a common approach to administering your compensation programs
  • Create payroll batches for sales employees
  • Create Accounts Payable batches for non employees
  • Use custom formulas to create commissions based on user-defined rules to handle any combination of customers, prices, margins or discounts or currency
  • Ensure credit notes result in commission claw backs.
  • Enforces commission adjustment if the original order is changed
  • Handle multiple currencies
  • Select specific items or charges to exclude from commissions - i.e. freight o taxes

Sales Order Processing

The Sales Order Module is designed to help you improve customer service and evaluate sales and marketing activities. It is ideal for any company in the distribution, engineer, design or customize to order, repetitive or process environment. The Sales Order Module maintains extensive customer information, defines pricing and tax information, generates sales orders, manages picking, issuing, packing and shipping operations, and checks credit. All of the administrative, product, pricing and shipping information is edited during the sales order entry process.

The Sales Order Module, built on the Seradex Technology platform, provides in-depth insight into the main business processes of sales and distribution, such as inquiry, quotation, and sales order processing, backlog management, returns handling, and delivery. The Sales Order module ships with a set of key reports, as well as standard business metrics, key performance indicators, and scorecards. Combining out-of-box analytics with power and flexibility, you can get a jump-start into analyzing sales data and also easily extend the Sales Order module to incorporate additional reporting and business requirements.

The Sales Order Module enables process management, drilling from high-level to detailed information, capturing trends, performing advanced statistical analysis, and extracting intelligence not otherwise evident. Many areas of analysis are provided out-of-box in this module.

Seradex Sales Order Processing Features

  • Instant availability of all inventoried items
  • Us the Product Configurator Module for sizes, colors and options
  • On line pricing with discounts for each of your customers
  • Multiple Ship to Address (unlimited)
  • Integrated customer credit and account balances
  • Taxes automatically calculated
  • Automate all paper work required: order confirmation, invoices
  • Handles back orders and partial shipments
  • Allow easy conversion of estimates/quotes to orders
  • Commission tracking and calculation
  • Can have salesperson for bill to and ship to addresses


  • Open Order Report by customer, item or status
  • Late Orders
  • Late Shipments
  • Backorder report lists backorders that can be filled from inventory.
  • Sales, margin and commission data for each sales rep and/or dealer
  • Sales tax liability for each tax jurisdiction defined
  • Order Confirmations and Invoices
  • Extensive sales and margin analysis by month and year-to-date
  • Territory Analysis
  • Customer Analysis
  • Top 40 Customers
  • Top 40 Items

Service Module

This module processes service calls, parts, labor, quotes, warranty, purchase orders, work orders, repair scheduling, manufacturer charge-backs and customer billing. And best of all this is done in a completely integrated system in real time.

Open service calls can be accessed instantly by customer name, phone number or ticket number. Once the call is displayed, all relevant information pertaining to the issue is displayed. Any activity on the service order is time/date stamped and fully audited for management control.

Overall, the system is very easy to use. Staff may be manually assigned individually to service tickets or you can automate this! At the end of each day, the system can automatically schedule tickets by priority, route or request date. This maximizes the use of your staff and increases the number of customers that can be serviced daily.

Automatic reminders alert service representatives when customer and follow-up goodwill calls are due. Representatives will know immediately when a customer’s part has arrived, a service date has been set, or the order has been completed. The system ensures that all your customers receive the optimum service levels.

Seradex Service Module

  • Automatically manage follow-up calls and scheduling
  • Automatic warranty billing to correct parties, such as, vendor, customer or extended warranty provider
  • Quality assurance and analysis reporting by product, issue type, vendor or technician
  • Customers can log issues and track issue status over the web
  • Issue and manage RMA no’s
  • Link associated tickets
  • Attach electronic documents to the Service Ticket
  • Link a service ticket to a Bill To and/or Site
  • Create Work Flows by Incident Type
  • Link a Service Ticket to a Bill To and/or Site
  • Search and attach a Service Ticket to a product and optionally a serial number
  • Create Service Contracts and associate a Service Ticket to a contract

Shop Floor Management

Shop Floor Tracking Module collects data for costing, scheduling, updates, inventory movement, lot/serial tracking and payroll. Seradex Floor Tracking provides interactive tools for controlling production activity. This module helps you plan capacity, perform dispatching, track order status and costs, follow-up on material shortages and generate shop paperwork. All data is manually entered via keyboard.

Shop Floor Tracking Features

  • Real time updates to the Scheduling module
  • Collect time and attendance information: include hours worked, sick and vacation time, overtime
  • Create time sheet batches for popular payroll and bank software to update payroll system (once approved by the shop manager)
  • Track labour costs against shop orders
  • Tracks bill of materials used for each shop order to compare against estimates, bills of material and to supply costing information
  • Track rework and scrap costs by reasons and operation
  • Collecting lot and serial number information on finished goods and components for traceability purposes
  • Track down time and down time reason codes

Shop Floor Tracker and Data Collection

Barcode Data Collection and Manufacturing Execution Software (MES) is a growing trend at manufacturing companies. Manufacturers are being driven to deliver higher quality products in shorter periods of time. To remain competitive in this fast-paced business environment, you need to generate higher productivity from existing resources. The confusion on the shop floor is not the result of a lack of effort. It takes production control personnel and supervisors many hours each day to research the current status of all of the jobs on the floor and develop a work schedule.

Seradex offers the simplest, easiest-to-use manufacturing Barcode solutions in the industry. We offer a wide selection of quality products for creating, printing, and using Bar codes. The use of bar coding in Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) is growing dramatically. Barcodes provide fast, easy, and accurate method of data entry. The correct use of Barcodes decreases employee time required and increase an organization’s efficiency.

  • Track Operator Productivity
  • Track Work Center Productivity
  • Track Scrap and Down Code Reasons to drive lean manufacturing practices
  • Real Time Order Status and Costs
  • Monitor variance to standard labor times
  • Track Setup and Run Times separately
  • Integrates to Seradex Production Scheduling Module

Supply Chain Managmenet

Supply Chain Management is a hot topic. The emergence of the Internet, evolving customer demands, and pressure to accelerate business processes are pushing the boundaries of traditional ERP and supply chain automation. The ecosystem is expanding, and IT architecture is evolving to address tremendous opportunities. Just-in-time manufacturing and vendor-managed inventory are just two examples of business requirements that are driving automated collaboration, and therefore increased demand for integration across the manufacturing industry.

Do you need to reduce costs, improve supplier performance and achieve a greater competitive advantage? Supply Chain Management can help you accomplish these goals. Supply Chain Management can improve customer satisfaction, reduce inventory and cycle-time and many other costs. A supply chain exists for every manufactured product. It includes purchased material, transportation, sub contract work, manufacturing operations and shipment to your customer. Your customer may include it in their manufacturing process - so a supply chain can ultimately link many organizations before the final end product is created.

Until now marketing, manufacturing, and purchasing departments across organizations have operated independently. Technology advances now enable more collaboration and information sharing. This results in building to inaccurate forecasts and purchasing contracts issued with very little demand information. Most supply chains are ripe for extensive cost reductions. The typical analysis for supply chain management examines:

  • Inventory - the inventory for each item is analyzed - who will hold it and how much will be stocked
  • Location - which company should hold the inventory
  • Production Schedules - to to coordinate schedules of linked organizations
  • Transportation - shipment consolidation and frequency

Supply Chain Management offers companies tremendous opportunities for improving profits - improvements that have been achieved are:

  • Fulfillment Cycle Time - 30% - 50% Reduction
  • Inventory - 20% - 60% Reduction
  • Product Costs - 20% Reduction
  • Productivity - 10% Improvement

Supply Chain Management offers companies tremendous opportunities. And while it is one of the most talked about strategies in business today, it is also one of the most misunderstood. Too often efforts are focused on price, a few process improvements and inventory reductions. But there is so much more that suppliers can help you to accomplish. Let us show you what the impact can be by working with just one of the commodity / service spending areas.

Vendor Rebate Management

To eliminate headaches in calculating and tracking Vendor Rebates, use the Vendor Rebate Manager software provided by Seradex ERP. It is an add-on module that integrates with Seradex ERP at Purchase Order and Payment processing.

Many of the top manufacturers offer rebates that help their customers maximize profits while attracting new business. These supplier programs reward customers who achieve volume and behavioral goals, often through quarterly rebate incentives. Organizations like Parker Hannifin as well as others use this as standard practice.

Administering and tracking these Vendor Rebate programs is time consuming and error prone.

Seradex simplifies the often-tedious task of handling vendor rebates by completely automating the process. Each step, from negotiation to receipt and beyond is recorded, in real-time, and reflected in your General Ledger and price schedules. This way, you never lose track of a rebate you earned. Invoice and pricing errors can generate a massive amount of paperwork resulting in hours of rework and a significant impact to the bottom line. Seradex provides customers with an efficient, paperless solution for price management. As rebate programs and contracts vary significantly from one firm to the next, and even from contract to contract, Seradex provides support for complex processes and can quickly accommodate updates and new information.

Seradex can streamline and automate the discount management process, enabling you to manage and track the individual promotional programs and assure that rebate forms are submitted on time, taking full advantage of available discounts by ordering additional inventories before promotions expire. The system is used in conjunction with the Event Alert Module that can monitor inventory and production schedules. The Event alert will remind staff when rebate deadlines are nearing and notify buyers to purchase additional inventory before rebates end, and alerts managers when submissions are falling behind schedule.

Web Customer Order Status

Customer orders drive your supply chain. Your business must manage orders and inventory levels efficiently. When customers demand service through multiple channels, order promising, tracking and fulfillment become more complex and intensive. Multiple channels mean customers accessing order status information through the web; phone, fax or email. Frequently different people could answer these inquiries. These channels can lead to inaccurate or outdated information. Order status can be difficult to asses and result in poor customer service. Consolidating orders into a single interface for submission, tracking, routing, fulfillment, and order status queries, can help all employees access vital information from a common interface thus ensuring visibility in the entire order management process. And if this visibility is in turn communicated to the customer, it means that the customer has a complete picture of the status of his order until the final delivery.

Accurate Customer order status includes managing pending orders by status, accessing orders by customer, purchase order, order or invoice numbers. The Web Customer Order Status module in Seradex ERP permits customers to view the status of their open orders through a web browser. An HTML page from the host Web Site will display in a calendar format outlining the Customer PO number and your Sales Order number and the line item delivery date.

  • Enables delivery status to be accessed automatically without answering a phone call or responding to email
  • Customers access the secure web site with a user name and password to view only their orders
  • A date control on the page allows the user to select specific weeks to view
  • Users can print the delivery status
  • Users can click on a drop down calendar to change viewing weeks
  • Full security with firewalls to prevent unwanted traffic
  • Delivery dates are the most recent calculated from Seradex scheduling module
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