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BVEssentials Production Manager

A software system designed by Tri Tech Information Systems for manufacturing and distribution/wholesale trade companies.
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BVEssentials Production Manager is an application that expands the Bill of Material module included in Sage BusinessVision Standard Edition Client Server Edition. Sage BusinessVision Small Business and Limited Edition are not supported.

BVEssentials Production Manager will increase efficiency and functionality using data stored in BusinessVision, displaying it seamlessly in the relevant BVEssentials windows and adding additional data elements and work flow options.

BVEssentials Production Manager enables better control over scheduling and the production process by providing the user with the ability to track raw material usage and demand before it is required. At the same time it generates all files that are consistent with those produced by Sage BusinessVision’s Bill of Material module. As a result, once a Production Order is completed and posted/received, all of the standard reporting and control functions of Sage BusinessVision remain intact.

The primary purpose is to track Production Order status and raw material quantities, posting the items to the appropriate location and inventory accounts when they are completed. BVEssentials updates the general ledger accounts as defined in the Inventory Sales Departments as needed. Once the Production Order is completed, the raw materials used are removed from inventory, and the finished product is placed in inventory at the sum cost of the raw materials used to produce the item.

BVEssentials has complete lot number control over both the raw materials and the finished goods that are produced by Production Manager.

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