MFG Data Archive

A software system designed by Willoware for manufacturing companies.

About MFG Data Archive

MFG Data Archive is a utility that moves historical Dynamics GP Manufacturing data to an archival company database.

The Dynamics GP Manufacturing system generates a lot of data that over time can slow the system down. Lookups, reports, inquiries and posting can all take longer. And a very large database can become difficult to manage when backups take too long, and the size of the backups begins to push the limits of your backup medium.

MFG Data Archive works in conjunction with the Remove Manufacturing Orders window provided by Dynamics GP Manufacturing. As the manufacturing utility removes records, MFG Data Archive moves them to an archival company database. Archival of other Dynamics GP data can be performed with Company Data Archive from Professional Advantage.

MFG Data Archive also integrates with the Remove Archived BOMs window to move Archived BOMs to the archive company as they are deleted from the live database.

By moving old records to an archive, Dynamics GP performance can improve dramatically.

A proprietary backup utility included with MFG Data Archive gets you started in a snap by automatically creating an Archive company.

MFG Data Archive comes with a free manufacturing data volume analysis tool called MFG Data Inquiry.

MFG Data Inquiry has several tools to help you monitor the growth of manufacturing transaction data and monitor the health of the manufacturing transaction related data tables.

  • The Fragmentation Report shows the level of data fragmentation in the indexes. A high level of fragmentation causes performance issues by requiring the disk-drive to search for information.
  • The Data Size Report helps you monitor the growth of data in the manufacturing tables, and identify rapidly growing tables.
  • The Statistics Report provides several metrics to assist in estimating future growth when planning hardware requirements or an archival schedule.

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