A multi-module management system designed by Commercial Logic.

About PowerPM

PowerPM is a full featured practice management product with integrated CRM, Contact Management, billing, accounts receivable, and management information systems. PowerPM works in conjunction with other Commercial Logic products including the TrakTime personal timesheet, the PowerForeCast budget & scheduling system, the TrakDate task and due date monitoring system, the PowerDex on-line rolodex, PowerView (data extraction utility) and PowerImport (data import utility).

PowerPM is built on a powerful database management engine and provides secure and rapid access to over a million online transactions if needed. The MDBS database software which PowerPM uses competes with Oracle and SyBase.

PowerPM maintains complete open item WIP and A/R and does not summarize the transaction. Detail as WIP is billed and Open Bills paid. Retrieval and reporting of transaction information is date driven. Most PowerPM features are currently available in our new Windows version 4, including a client management module that provides full access to your clients financial and master file information and the ability to add new clients and modify the records of existing clients, and complete billing functions.

Commercial Logic automatically upgrades its customers at No additional cost as additional CLI Windows modules for PowerPM are released.


  • On-screen or batch billing
  • No tedious month-end closing
  • Complete audit trail and control of WIP and A/R
  • Accurate Retroactive reporting.
  • Prior period reporting of WIP and A/R balances
  • Prior period balance modification ability if necessary
  • On-screen account information readily available for review
  • Validation of data entry codes and IDs
  • Date-driven
  • Over 150 standard report formats, each with powerful and flexible sort, selection, and summarization options
  • One-page recap of primary subtotals is automatically provided for management overview on most reports
  • Client/server technology The database server may be run as an NLM on a fileserver for optimal results
  • Unrivaled security of both functions and data as well as conditional access.
  • Multi-office processing support

Price: $100 per active timekeeper in sets of 5 with a minimum level of 10 timekeepers

PowerDex, Client and Contact Quick Reference Tool

PowerDex, Commercial Logic’s client rolodex, is included withe PowerPM. PowerDex works with the PowerPM database to provide lookup and display capabilities for all descriptive client information including names, contacts information addresses, email and website addresses, telephone numbers, and notes. A click of the mouse copies selected files to the clipboard for easy use with other windows products. A link to PowerDex is provided in TrakTime, CLI’s personal timesheet, for quick reference to key client and contact information when entering time.

Client Information Display–PowerDex provides an easy-to-use on screen display of nonfinancial client information allowing you to lookup and display client attributes from your existing client records (addresses, phone numbers, etc.).

PowerFC Budget and Scheduling Module

The PowerFC add-on module for PowerPM provides a powerful tool for staff scheduling and revenue forecasting.

Anticipated hours and revenues for a project may be entered, as well as the number of hours scheduled for each staff member to work on the project. The actual hours and revenues are tracked and compared to those budgeted. PowerPlan presents budgets and schedules in an easy to use Windows drill-down format allowing the manager to view the from the perspective of the project and/or the staff. Managers can easily modify the staffing of a project.

PowerPlan reports provide managers with accurate data to schedule staff, analyze client budgets, and predict future revenues:

  • Budget/Schedule Transactions
  • Client Scheduled Staff Hours
  • Staff Scheduled Client Hours
  • Actual vs Budget Time
  • Budget Realization
  • Budget Backlog
  • Staff Resource Allocation
  • Staff Resource Allocation Summary
  • Billable Staff Hours/Month
  • Billable Client Hours/Month
  • Client Budget vs Actual Hours

PRICE: $50 per active timekeeper in sets of 5. Licenses must parallel PowerPM.


  • Modifications–Budgeted and scheduled transactions may be modified or recalculated using new rates at any time.
  • Revenue Prediction–The Budget vs Actual report combined with the ability to recalculate budgets using new rates allows great flexibility in predicting future revenues.
  • Powerful Reporting–Among the wide selection of reporting capabilities is the Budget Backlog Report–a revenue based report which shows total dollars budgeted compared with actual, providing the remaining budgeted amount–and the Budget Realization Report–giving the percent realization of dollars or hours either budget to actual or actual to budget.
  • Flexible Reporting–All reports have a wide array of options which provide either narrow or wide filtering of the data reported. Reports may be generated to reflect specific dates, work codes, or open or completed budgets.


PowerImport, is included withe PowerPM. PowerImport allows data from other applications to be imported into PowerPM. Data that can be imported includes Clients, Projects, Contacts, Unbilled Time and Expense Transactions (WIP), Open Balance A/R Items, Budget transactions or Schedules.


  • On screen preview of data to be uploaded.
  • Extensive Data Validation.
  • Can be used in conjunction with PowerView to make mass updates to existing PowerPM data.

PowerPM Multi-User Database Server Software


Who should consider a database server? Any firm for whom productivity is a concern and multiple online updating a requirement.

The database server software manages the database in a consistent and orderly fashion. The database server software alone has direct access to the PowerPM database and controls the multi-user access to the database so that workstation stability is not an issue.

PRICE $5000.00


  • No need for a dedicated computer–The database server runs on your Windows or Novell Fileserver, eliminating the extra expense and overhead of an additional server.
  • Dramatically improved speed and security–Putting the database server functions in the fileserver instead of on a workstation cuts out an entire communication layer between the operator and the database dramatically improving the speed. Furthermore, this critical operation is now being run on the fileserver, the fastest, most secure, and most reliable computer in your operation.
  • The database server can be unloaded without halting the normal operation of your fileserver.
  • Reliability–The server operates indefinitely without intervention or tuning from operators and preserves the integrity of the database even when the client workstation crashes.


PowerView, is included withe PowerPM. PowerView allows the extraction and exporting of selected client, project or contact data into common file formats, including Excel, for use in customized reporting, mail or email merges, or for modification and re-importing to PowerPM with PowerImport.


  • Easy selection of fields to be included in export.
  • Multiple selection criteria based on any data field.
  • Save and reuse profiles of common display and selection criteria, including location, location and file name to be used for export.

TrakDate Task and Due Date Tracking Software

Sold as on add-on to PowerPM or stand-alone, TrakDate is a powerful due date monitoring system designed to track multi-step tasks through to completion. Especially useful in tracking the steps in the preparation of tax returns, any project may be assigned an unlimited number of multi-step tasks with associated due dates and extensions.

An unlimited number of multi-step work types may be defined with up to 20 discrete steps. For example, work type TAX might have the following steps: Review, Prepare, Assemble, Sign, Deliver. Each work type may be assigned an unlimited number of tasks with specific due dates and up to three extensions. For example, within the work type TAX, one might set up tasks based on tax forms 1040, 1120, 5500, etc.

An onscreen display of incomplete tasks allows management to pinpoint those items which are falling due and still incomplete. Employees date and initial the completion of each step, thus the status of tasks is easily reviewed and may be modified onscreen by management or the employees working onthe tasks.


  • Integrated with PowerPM - elimintates duplication of entry and maintenance of Client Data.
  • Onscreen Task Management–Tasks may be selected by office, management, task or work type, and sorted, sub-totaled or viewed by work year, work type, management, due date, extension date, or step.
  • Step Report for firm-wide review of tasks has extensive sorting and selection capabilities.
  • Multi-User–Full multi-user access is available using CLI’s advanced client/server technology. See the PowerPM Multi-user module

TrakTime for PowerPM


The TrakTime Personal Timesheet provides on-screen entry of daily time and expense items as they occur, eliminates redundant data entry, saves administrative time, and helps the professional capture all billable hours. TrakTime operates as a stand-alone system–access to the PowerPM database is unnecessary, which allows increased database speed, greater database security.

Complete portability of the TrakTime timesheet allows time and expense entry wherever you are: at a remote site, on a laptop, or at home. The completed timesheet may be submitted by the timekeeper to PowerPM via the network, email, modem, or diskette as the situation requires.

The timesheet is available in two formats:

Transaction model for Windows Desktops: separate line item for each event

Spreadsheet model (Web based - ASP) for Windows: tabular format


  • Easy to Use/Easy to Learn–Users report a 5 minute learning curve for this simple yet powerful software.
  • Full Screen Editing–Timesheet entries may be reviewed, modified, or deleted at any time before the timesheet is submitted.
  • ID & Code Lookup–Easy selection and validation of all fields including dates, work codes, and IDs greatly reduces entry errors.
  • Onscreen Totals–Popup onscreen viewing of daily totals and percent chargeable time.
  • Automatic Time Entry (desktop)–Unlimited user-controlled meters automatically enter accrued time per project onto the timesheet.
  • Rounding Up–Optional rounding up of accrued time to user-defined increments.
  • Unlimited Meters (desktop)–Start, pause, stop, or reactivate an unlimited number of meters to track multiple projects simultaneously.
  • Flexible Reporting–Flexible formatting allows reporting to your specific needs.
  • Administrative Utilities–Allow you to track and report missing or incomplete timesheets and configure all users from a single source.

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