A legal calendaring and case management software system designed by LawToolBox.

About LawToolBox

LawToolBox Automates Deadlines and Rule Changes So Litigators Can Focus on the Substantive Issues That Will Win or Lose Their Cases.

Deadlines for Outlook

  • Outlook 2007 – 2010
  • Office 365/Outlook 2013

Deadlines for Matter Center and SharePoint

  • Matter Center SharePoint
  • Hosted SharePoint
  • SharePoint Online

Deadlines for Almost Any Platform

  • Google
  • Lotus Notes
  • iCal
  • Apple or PC
  • LexisNexis Time Matters
  • LexisNexis Firm Manger
  • Clio

Deadlines. Anyway Way You Want Them. Secure.

  • Rule changes reflected automatically
  • Build your own deadline templates
  • Customize to rule-sets for your practice
  • Edit deadlines to reflect orders
  • Hide one or many deadlines, single click
  • Create custom reports in minutes
  • Email reminders with links to authority
  • View history, who edited what when
  • Permission allow view or edit access
  • Anyone can learn how to use in minutes!

Case Management

View History of Changes

View who created, edited, moved a deadline, when they did it, how many times they changed the date/description, from what date, to what date (including wording changes).


LawToolBox users can modify each users permissions on a case. Not ready to let someone edit deadlines quite yet? No problem! You can now set their account to “view only”.

Forms Libraries

We provide and easy-to-use tool to upload MS word documents to your own forms library, and then run those documents through our document assmebly system. It takes all of about 10 minutes to teach you everything you need to know. If you want to share your forms with other attorneys, you can publish them through LawToolBox for resale to other clients! Pretty cool &

Build Your Own Templates

Firms can create their own custom deadline templates to be used over and over to consistently calculate deadlines for similar type cases. For example, LawToolBox users can create mini-calculators for a judge’s standard scheduling order, an insurance adjusters status updates, a real estate attorneys transactional deadlines, and other reminders for unique practices.

The group links and shared favorites feature is a simple and elegant solution that delivers a lot of value to our clients. Users can build and maintain libraries of links at the state, venue, firm and the case level. Its a great place to aggregate collective knowledge.

Document Assembly

We provide basic “search and replace” terms that can be inserted into any MS word document and uploaded to our forms library. Then, inside every matter you have, you can use our basic template to collect the matter-specific information that will be used to automatically populate your forms. For example, input case specific info such as plaintiff name, defendant name, case no., etc.; thereafter, users can modify info submitted to the forms template (such as when a new case number is assigned, or a new party enters an appearance).

Edit Deadlines to Reflect Orders

Users can edit deadlines to reflect orders and hide one or several deadlines by a single click.

Share Matters With Clients and Co-Counsel

Create an integrated docketing and information sharing system across multiple firms managing thousands of cases without configuring corporate software internally or requiring firms to install software.

Case Info

For each case you can collect information about the type of case, insurance, fees and costs, pre-trial reports, and post-trial reports. Then you can view reports that aggregate that information to give attorneys and administrators a birds eye view of this information by attorney, group, or firm.

Customize our Deadline Calculators for your Practice You can overlay our rule-based deadlines with your own rule-based deadlines for your firm, practice, or clients (for example, add deadlines for a favorite judges’ scheduling order, insurance adjuster, or deadlines for specific practices like construction defect, medical malpractice, personal injury, etc.). Further, you can automatically omit deadlines that don’t apply.

Learn the System in Minutes!

If an attorney leaves a firm, with the appropriate approval from the originating firm, those attorneys can take their cases with them to the new firm and not miss a beat!

Product Overview

  • Developer LawToolBox
  • Type Legal Software
  • Client OS Windows

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User Reviews of LawToolBox

Submitted on March 16th, 2022 by Anonymous

Initially, program seem to work okay. Appointment and deadline dates populated on everyone’s calendar and all was good. However, we eventually noticed that some of the dates were simply incorrect, which under certain circumstances, could be catastrophic. Also, unreasonably difficult to onboard new professionals without obtaining product support.

The Good…

Calculation of motion and trial related cut off dates (most of the time)

The Bad…

Some of the calculated cutoff dates and correct. Also, unreasonably difficult to onboard new employees.

Submitted on October 14th, 2021 by Anonymous

Calendaring app

The Good…

I’ve been using LawToolBox for 20+ years. It’s easy to use and I couldn’t imagine scheduling without it.

The Bad…


Submitted on March 3rd, 2021 by Alicia Hinton

Product is useless and customer service terrible. I give it negative stars.

PROS. What I THOUGHT I would like about this product is its claims of integration with my case management software, PracticePanther. But it doesn’t. And they won’t admit it.

CONS. If I could give no stars for this review, I would. LawToolBox will calculate dates and populate them into PracticePanther, but will not show the underlying statutes that are critical for an attorney. They have no user guide, so I can’t look there. Some event names and descriptions are simply wrong. For example, the event may say last day to serve by mail, but the description shows a 2-day calculation for service by fax. The names of the events are pre-pended with special codes that make no sense, such as /, +, >. There are too many problems to recount here. I raised these concerns within the first few weeks of using the product and eventually asked for a refund but they refuse. I am VERY disappointed in both the tool and the company.

OVERALL EXPERIENCE. Although I’m told that this tool works ok with MS-Outlook, Outlook is not a calendaring tool that I want to use in addition to my case management software. The product does NOT fully integrate with PracticePanther to the point of uselessness. Also, the incorrect event names and descriptions are the same in both Panther and Outlook. These are the most basic errors that should have been caught well before the product was offered for sale. As a prior computer science engineer, I would call this product BETA. In my opinion, it is unethical for the company to charge for it. Each time I asked to cancel the product, the company wanted to schedule a meeting to discuss my concerns and promised to get back to me, only to leave me with the crickets.

The Good…

I started using the product 4 months ago and tried to cancel almost immediately. I really have nothing good to say about LawToolBox, maybe other than I was only charged $29 per month per user. That doesn’t mean much when you can’t use the product.

The Bad…

Oh boy. The staff at LawToolBox believe their product is excellent. It’s not. They need to pay attention to mistakes in event descriptions and explanations. They need to provide a user guide. They need to make sure the product fully integrates with case management software before they offer it. Their customer service appears to be helpful, but then they don’t follow up with a resolution. This is a VERY disappointing purchase for me and they refuse to refund even a part of the cost.