A law office software for legal billing and case management.

About ProTempus

ProTempus is unique software for small law offices that want to keep their client’s data on their local computers NOT the cloud. It is a complete solution which includes contact management, scheduling, task management, billing, document management, AR, AP, GL and many other features to take the headaches out of running an small law office.

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ProTempus Features

  • Billing
  • Scheduling
  • Task management
  • Document management
  • AR, AP, GL
  • Google calendar or Outlook sync or secure browser access to your calendar and contacts

ProTempus Pricing

The cost of ProTempus starts at $100/month for the 1st attorney and $40/month for each additional attorney and $20/month for paralegals. Additional staff members are free. There is a free trial available. There is no free version available.

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User Reviews of ProTempus

Submitted on July 30th, 2021 by Emily

I have used ProTempus for the past 3 years & cannot recommend it more. It is hard to find time management/billing software these that doesn’t use the Cloud - but ProTempus prides itself on offering a non-cloud based program that is very secure, including remote access through Splashtop. The customer service is top notch! Ron Shaw customizes the program to fit our needs, always make himself available to patiently and kindly answer all of my (often “non-tech-savy”) questions. I also absolutely love how easily it syncs with Quickbooks so that I do not have to do double entries - plus, it offers a self-auditing feature that helps me rest assured that our trust account is always accurate. It truly puts the “quick” back into Quickbooks and makes our office run so much smoother. I could not be happier with ProTempus and highly recommend to any firm or solo practitioner. Thank you so much, Ron Shaw. You are awesome!

  1. Non-cloud based & secure 2) Superior customer support 3) Easy Time tracking and billing 4) Flawless Quickbooks sync with self auditing feature 5) Secure Remote access via splash top 6) Affordable
Submitted on July 30th, 2021 by Mike

Very good experience, especially with quick and accurate response from customer service when needed.

I have been in practice 40 years and have used Pro Tempus for over fifteen years (2 lawyers + 3 support staff). I had billing problems because I was never taught how to keep time. It seemed impossible. I could almost never remember to log phone calls and other work. I would work for hours in research or writing but when I was ready to bill, I could remember only a small part of my time, loosing great amounts of time. Pro Tempus was a fast learning curve. It was only a few extra key stokes to keep my time records. In the first couple of years, my billings went up well over 25%. It is greater now. I don’t bill every phone call, but I could with a few clicks of the mouse and key strokes when I start a phone call and I have my time record. I make my entry as I complete the phone call and the clock keeps my time, my billing is accurate from the contemporaneous entry, and the client isn’t complaining about the billing on the phone call. When the client gets the bill, he or she sees what we talked about, not just the meaningless “phone conference w/ client”. Before using Pro Tempus, when I would prepare a bill, it lacked a lot of detail, both in time and information, resulting in questions from the client. Now, I effectively have a ‘one write’ system, where I enter into the event screen what I did, and I can generate the invoice from that entry no additional record keeping or dependence on faded memory. Pro Tempus has contact management, scheduling, document management, case management, billing, and an integrated A/R system that will sync with QuickBooks The ProTempus system for handling emails will automatically route emails to the correct client’s document folder for long-term archiving. ProTempus also interfaces with your smart phone and works safely with remote access for your laptop or home computer. Literally, when I am on a contact, I can click on one button and access every document and e-mails or every time record regarding a client for over the last 15 years. Most other billing programs use Cloud Based technology. I am unwilling to expose my clients data in the Cloud. ProTempus is not Cloud Based. ProTempus is very reasonably priced, way lower than the big name products that do less.

Submitted on July 30th, 2021 by Ronald L Coombs

My experience has been exceptional with pro tempus. Ron Shaw has been readily accessible. He immediately responds to all communications.

It is user friendly

Submitted on July 30th, 2021 by Patricia

ProTempus is easy to use. The customer service is the best I have ever experienced for any kind of software. I like that it is not cloud-based. It is so user-friendly that it is easy to learn just from using it. It is also very affordable. I was pleasantly surprised that ProTempus imported all the data from my previous practice management software for FREE—no charge whatsoever. I am extremely pleased with ProTempus.

Fantastic support and user friendly. Not cloud-based. Very affordable. Free data import.

Submitted on July 30th, 2021 by John

This is a great billing program. Will pay for itself several times over. This program works great. It is easy to use, reliable AND not cloud based. Most important, customer service is excellent. If you have a question, customer service is there to help you. Without hesitation, I recommend this program