ORION Medical Devices

A web-based ERP system designed by 3I Infotech for manufacturing companies.

About ORION Medical Devices

The Medical Devices Business Suite is a comprehensive, affordable, full-featured ERP solution targeted at the equipment manufacturing industry.

Challenges Faced by the Industry:

  • Need for all encompassing pre and after sales service and support
  • Ability to process returns with RMA accountability and warranty tracking
  • Integration of purchasing with the complete supply chain process
  • Need for accurate and timely forecast of customer demands
  • Ability to maintain brand equity and increase market position through superior quality and value added services
  • Inventory management with ýcradle to graveý lot tracking and serial number control
  • Ability to support kitting and assembly processes while working with multiple subcontractors
  • Field service support for repair and maintenance activities
  • Warehouse management with directed putaway, inspection, kitting, and rule-based picking
  • Full financial and manufacturing support throughout the complete lifecycle of the product
  • Patient tracking and aftercare follow-up

Through its ERP offering, ORION Medical Devices, 3i Infotech understands the unique requirements of equipment manufacturers and uses software technology to meet these challenges. With ORION Medical Devices, your organization will have the power and technology to effectively and efficiently manage your business today and grow it in the future.

In addition to satisfying the specific needs highlighted above, the Medical Devices Business Suite includes components to satisfy the needs of:

  • Accounting and Financial Reporting
  • Procurement
  • Order Entry and Customer Service
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Manufacturing, Scheduling, and Lot Tracking
  • Extensive Back Office Support for Administration and Logistics
  • Quality Control and Inspection
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Patient Relationship Management

In addition to being feature-rich and functionally-complete, 3i Infotech passes on the savings of off-shore development centers to its customer in an ERP offering that provides excellent value for your money. Additionally, we offer a remote implementation model that have been proven to be successful and saves our customers time and money. Finally, included in the price of the software are four world-class implementation tools that allow you to make changes to menus, workflows, and screens and migrate your legacy data into ORION Medical Devices - all without requiring technical expertise or changes to the foundation code.

Our software solution is suited for all sizes of businesses ranging from the small, single location business to the medium-size business with multi-location, multi-division operations with numerous production lines and product mixes. You now have the power and technology to effectively and efficiently manage your business today and grow it in the future.

In equipment manufacturing, you have enough of challenges. Why not look to software designed specifically to meet these challenges. Look to 3i Infotech’s Medical Devices Business Suite.

Back Office Support

Medical Device Business Suite assists you in keeping your financial house in order by automating procurement and accounting transactions, thereby ensuring that data at each step of the process is accurate, complete, and auditable.


  • Structure an accounting and cost center configuration that meets the needs of your organization and best represents your business
  • Provides effective procurement of materials to JOT/JIT inventory practices
  • Simplifies the creation of invoices from confirmed orders and sets up the necessary receivable entries for receipt of payments
  • Provides better and timelier information on which to base decisions, promoting proactivity rather than reactivity
  • Provides the flexibility and information to assist you in managing your production costs in the most suitable way possible
  • Minimize the level of data entry, eliminating the potential of error, and ensure consistent and accurate reporting across the enterprise


  • User-defined enterprise and account code structure
  • Full-featured accounts payable integrated with the purchasing functions
  • Full-featured accounts receivable integrated with ordering and invoicing functions
  • Online, real-time visibility into accounting and costing transactions
  • Supports multiple methods of cost accounting to include actual, standard, and weighted average
  • Fully integrated financial reporting at all levels

Inventory Control Management

Medical Devices Business Suite provides you with the facilities to manage, pick, and control your inventory in the ways most conducive to how you do business and optimize results.


  • Enables enforcement of picking strategies that can be tailored to parts or finished goods
  • Allows intelligent sloting of material by matching item and location dimensions or consideration of special factors such as temperature and pressure controls
  • Facilitates the taking of a complete physical inventory or cyclical counting through the use of ABC codes, utilizing bar code technology to decrease time and increase accuracy
  • Maximizes the use of warehouse space
  • Permits you to buy and store in bulk and issue in EA_s
  • Better inventory management resulting in reduced carrying costs


  • Multiple picking strategies to include FIFO, LIFO, and FEFO, and expiration date with additional strategies that can be defined through easy-to-use pick and click menus
  • Dimensions and specifications maintained with items
  • Physical and cycle inventory counting with optional use of bar code readers
  • Multiple locations for same item
  • Separate units of measure (UOM) for stock keeping and stock issuing
  • Built in triggers and alerts


Medical Devices Business Suite enables you to improve manufacturing productivity and streamline operations, thereby helping you achieve more with less.


  • Facilitates product recall and compliance with the federally regulated guidelines and programs as required by external agency such as the FDA
  • Ensures that the right parts and products are issued at the right time
  • Enables the handling of diverse, complex product lines based on using parts and subparts from various suppliers
  • Ensures expected parts and subparts from third party subcontractors are delivered on time and within budget
  • Facilitates yield variance review and reporting at a detailed level
  • Provides management and control of static and mobile stock whether on assembly lines, fleet of trucks, or assigned to the sales force
  • Generates material requirements based on available production orders and suggests purchase orders in case of shortages
  • Using results of MRP, available resources, and customer demand, suggests resource scheduling to best meet requested delivery dates
  • Provides complete visibility of supply chain by collaborating with customers to forecast demand, identifying the best manufacturing alternatives, and optimally scheduling internal resources


  • Extensive raw material and finished goods tracking and reporting
  • Visibility to and consideration of expiration dates
  • Extensive kitting and assembly processes
  • Processes to control work and progress of subcontractors
  • User-defined analysis codes
  • Flexible management of WIP, static and dynamic finished goods
  • Material Requirements Planning (MRP)
  • Capacity Requirements Planning (CRP)
  • Demand forecasting, advanced planning, and advanced scheduling

Patient Relationship Management

Medical Device Business Suite assists you in focusing on the needs of the patients using the medical devices, ensuring that supplies can be ordered, follow-up schedules are met, and data is being collected for studies and analysis.


  • Permits the organization to perform un-intrusive and complete aftercare follow-up
  • Manages the activities of call centers, providing an alert notification for upcoming patient contacts
  • Ensures that ordering of supplies and invoicing processes are completed on a timely basis while patient is on the phone
  • Enables patient to enter requested information via the Internet, thereby reducing call center staffing requirements as patients increase
  • Provides secure and restricted access to patient data for analysis while complying with HIPAA guidelines
  • Allows patient data and usage profiles to be analyzed for trend analysis and responding to FDA queries


  • Patient-related data as to best method (i.e. phone, e-mail) and time of contact (i.e. day of the week, mornings, afternoons)
  • Tracking and reporting for inbound and outbound call center activities
  • Fully integrated with other ERP modules and components
  • Web-enabled interface available for patients
  • Secured and controlled access to data via the Internet
  • Repository of electronic data with cross-referencing and indexing

Sales and Marketing

Medical Devices Business Suite enables you to manage the sales and marketing functions effectively and efficiently through handling promotions, pricing decisions, and building production plans based on customer feedback, thereby assisting to react quickly to market conditions.


  • Facilitates selling to larger companies that do centralized purchasing
  • Permits tailoring pricing strategies by customer and/or location to gain market share or penetrate new markets
  • Web-based ordering for frequent and preferred items
  • Provides ordering for your customers from the convenience of their desktops
  • Designates order templates by customer for repeat orders or to ensure standard products are not overlooked


  • Creation of customers with multiple bill-to addresses and multiple ship-to addresses
  • Pricing based on a single customer or a range of customers; a single location or a range of locations; or a combination of both
  • Repeat customer templates

Product Overview

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