A procure to pay (P2P) procurement solution from BuyerQuest.

About BuyerQuest

BuyerQuest’s user-friendly, cloud-based P2P procurement software streamlines electronic procurement to make purchasing at work as easy as buying at home.

Procurement is the final, essential step in the supply chain process on which your business depends–yet, enterprise-level procurement solutions historically have failed to address decentralized spend and low user adoption. Poor oversight and operator non-compliance add complexity and diminish ROI–while human inefficiencies test time and budgetary constraints.

Video Overview

BuyerQuest provides the most user-friendly procure-to-pay platform in the world. The future is user experience, and experience is their business. But don’t just take their word for it–they’re ranked highest for support and usability on Gartner, G2, and SpendMatters. As the only procurement solution that enables search across all suppliers in one storefront, their unified, streamlined approach is fast, simple and effective.

Imagine: a modern, familiar, business-to-consumer (B2C) shopping experience that leverages the capabilities of powerful, P2P softwareenabling end-users to easily purchase goods and services while adhering to corporate procurement and approval rules. User spend is controlled by real-time budget information, and a wide range of payment options–including credit cards, your ERP, and integrated third-parties–are available. Still using a legacy ERP or MRP? Give it new life–their online procurement system can connect simultaneously to multiple legacy systems, loading existing supplier catalogs into your private storefront.

BuyerQuest is neither scale-limited, nor vertical-specific, serving a global clientele in a diversity of industries–from Higher Education and Hospitality, to Quick Service Restaurants and Energy Utilities. Customers include two of the top five quick service restaurants as well as the world’s largest media company, and countless others use BuyerQuest’s outstanding online procurement software to manage spend and leverage their marketplace.

BuyerQuest Features

BuyerQuest allows direct, user-to-supplier communication, and quick reordering from previous purchases or saved shopping listswhile straightforward category selection and personalized, AI-driven search results display only permitted products, saving time and cutting waste. Optimized search capabilities yield robust product data, and large or group orders are efficiently handled. Your end-users can spend less time buying, focusing instead on strategy and what they are passionate about. Browse, search for and purchase the right products, at the right time. It should be that simpleand with BuyerQuest, it is.

What’s more, the touchless transactions system removes human intervention from the equation, with electronic document sharing and pre-negotiated products and services. Suppliers are provided with tools to update your Marketplace, preventing downstream issues, and approvers receive easy-to-use email notifications that allow instant approval, or provide additional details–anywhere, anytime. Automatic coded purchase orders, 2- and 3-way matching, supplier notifications, and pre-coded back-end reporting make BuyerQuest’s touchless transactions smooth and hassle-free.

BuyerQuest recognizes the value of inclusivity and consistency of perspective. That’s why their purchasing system allows suppliers to see what users see, and create detailed descriptions, configurations, multiple images and attribute data–everything necessary to make the right purchasing decisions.

Suppliers of all sizes can use BuyerQuest’s eProcurement solution to work with your procurement team, easily creating quotes–even for out-of-stock and non-standard goods and services–and replying to RFQs. No buyer fees, direct portal access for orders, fully electronic interactions at scale, and PO-flip and ad-hoc invoice creation make BuyerQuest an attractive, flexible option at any scale.

Our Contracts system locks in negotiated supplier pricing, and spend metrics–routed to the BuyerQuest Business Intelligence Module–provide valuable insight to inform future tiered discounts that reward both parties through volume purchasing. Contract creation, maintenance and closure–vital to the procurement workflow–operate within an integral, central hub, keeping terms in full effect from request to invoice. Let BuyerQuest help your organization maximize cost savings, and achieve the peace of mind that comes with policy-compliant purchasing and contractual fulfillment.

Product Overview

User Reviews of BuyerQuest

Submitted on October 19th, 2020 by Jason Schmidt from Kimberly-Clark

Simple interface that allows for efficient requisition creation, fast managerial approvals, and PO-Receipt-Invoice match

The Good…

We were able to quickly roll it out to our users with almost no training or change management needed. Fast implementation and go live allowed us to start to capture the ROI almost immediately. Also, the Amazon Business integration is perfect for our company because that is where a majority of our spend was already headed.

The Bad…

Would love to see a stronger tie-in to CLM capabilities, there repository is good and we are able to track spend, but there is no capability to create and approve a contract.

Submitted on May 18th, 2020 by Remi Mushalt

BuyerQuest is a marketplace for suppliers to sell to enterprise customers.

The Good…

Easy to use and maintain our catalog information

The Bad…

Would like more communication from our customer procurement team