A solution to solve inefficiencies in purchasing and payment processing.

About SnapAP

SnapAP is a full Cloud-based Purchase-To-Pay software platform, synced to on-premise ERPs. Saving time and money for Finance Teams (Buying, AP Management, Payments), SnapAP provides measurable ROI to all users including Suppliers and external auditors.

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SnapAP Features

SnapAP subscribers receive access to:

  • Supplier Portal (FREE A/R Tool)
  • Requisitions capability
  • Purchase orders
  • Delivery receipts
  • Invoices processing
  • Payments transactions
  • Employee expenses
  • Mobile app
  • Full audit controls
  • Native ERP integration

SnapAP Payables Automation Benefits

  • Increased productivity
  • Defect elimination
  • Improved morale
  • Permanent cost reduction
  • Primed for growth with full scalability
  • Catch early payment discounts and negotiate for better payment terms
  • Manage cash flow more efficiently
  • Eliminate delays in processing
  • Ensure accuracy
  • Enjoy better compliance
  • Keep your data secure
  • Stop the onslaught of paper…no more stacks of filing, lost documents, or paper cuts
  • Easy to implement and fully compatible with your existing finance software

SnapAP Paperless Benefits

  • Better accuracy: avoid duplication and errors during processing
  • Easier locating of documents when needed
  • Secure data, ensuring legitimacy of the Supplier Invoice
  • Better tracking of processing and the approval cycle
  • Damage prevention
  • Reduced costs, eliminating postage, printer costs, paper, and ink
  • No more filing, paper cuts, filing cabinets, off-site storage, or piles of paper
  • Tracking and matching Invoices to their Purchase Order and Receipts

SnapAP Target Market

Mid-tier to entry-level enterprise organizations with complex AP processes interested in process improvement and efficiency.

SnapAP Pricing

The cost of SnapAP starts at $500/month. SnapAP scales based on number of transactions and is priced by the number of invoices processed. SnapAP supports an unlimited amount of users. There is no free trial available. There is no free version available.

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User Reviews of SnapAP

Submitted on September 20th, 2021 by a SnapAP user from Redpath Mining

Thanks to your software (SnapAP), we did not experience any serious disruption of business continuity whatsoever with our Finance departments operationally (with Covid-19). We were able to still work remotely and keep up with overall Accounts Payable obligations very easily, despite the many pandemic-related challenges being addressed in several other areas of our global divisions.