An estimating and bidding software for heavy civil construction projects.

Product Overview

Estimating Link is an estimating software for contractors and managers in the heavy and civil construction sectors. It offers unit price and lump sum bidding. The software simplifies the task of creating and reusing data for various tasks, making it easier to adapt to different job sizes. A notable feature is its integration with DOT electronic bidding systems, enhancing its utility in public sector projects.


  • Integrates with project management tools, such as Microsoft Project
  • Easy data transfer into and out of DOT electronic bidding systems
  • Free trial available


  • Lack of copy-paste functionality
  • Initial learning curve

Target Market

Professionals and companies involved in heavy civil construction projects, such as highways, bridges, and environmental construction.

About Estimating Link

Estimating Link software is designed specifically for heavy civil construction estimating and bidding. This easy-to-use program helps centralize your data, increase speed and accuracy, and boost profit margins.

Estimating Link allows users to create and re-use task data from previous jobs and scale tasks to the appropriate amount of work. The solution features subcontractor/material and rate table comparisons and a fuel worksheet that automatically recalculates the appropriate resources.

It also allows moving revenue sources to take advantage of quantity overruns or underruns. Users can check their bids for possible errors, and the program will report potential pitfalls and oversights.

Estimating Link integrates with DOT electronic bidding systems and can export data directly into accounting and project management systems. Multi-user capabilities enable multiple estimators to edit the same project simultaneously.

  • Bid Sheet - Summarizes all the primary items/tasks with the bid quantities, unit prices, total prices, and more. Add project overhead, bond costs, corporate overhead, and desired profit percentages.
  • Item Sheets - Add resources, enter production in days or hours, and Estimating Link will calculate item unit and total cost, manhours, and more.
  • Rate Library - Simple, one-time setup of reusable crews, equipment, material, and other project rates.
  • Sub-Items & Indirect Items - Create complex items/tasks or phases of a job using sub-items. Spread indirect costs across items.
  • Alternates & Fixed Price Items - Add alternate items to the bid and fixed price items the customer requires.
  • Move Money - Take advantage of windfall profit/loss and track the money.
  • Fuel Calculator - Easily change fuel rates and update the entire project at the last minute.
  • Subcontractor, Material, and Rate Table Comparison - Update material and/or subcontractor price quotes in a project and update the bid price in a click.
  • Pipe Trench Calculator - Calculate the fill or bedding required to fill a trench.
  • Accounting Integration - Estimating Link integrates with most major accounting systems.

Additional features include:

  • State DOT bidding support
  • Metric to English conversion
  • Over 70 reporting options
  • Project classifications
  • Password protection for projects
  • Spreadsheet imports and exports
  • Catalogs
  • Template customization


Estimating Link software is sold with subscription licenses, depending the business’s preferences. The starting price for the SaaS is $166 per month.

There is a two-week free trial available along with a free live demo.

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Starting Price
$166 /month
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Pricing Details
Perpetual license also available

Product Overview

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User Reviews of Estimating Link

Submitted on December 16th, 2022 by Anonymous

I like the program, I like the way it works. Price played a big factor in it. The other ones are pretty expensive compared to this one. The people are really nice. Jennifer over there and I think Kathleen is the owner. They’re easy to work with and the price is right and I like the program. It does what I need and more. We’re just starting to use it.