N41 Apparel ERP Software

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An apparel ERP software featuring accounting, inventory, and sales management.

Product Overview

N41 is an apparel ERP software suitable for fashion brands and wholesalers. Notable features include customer data management, streamlined order processing, detailed style and production tracking, and EDI capabilities for various transactions. N41 delivers customizable reports, secure user access, and audit trail features.


  • Customizable reports
  • Integrated UPS API and automated invoicing
  • Mobile app for tradeshows and showrooms


  • Costly to use
  • Filtering options are limited
  • Some users finding UI overwhelming

Target Market

Businesses operating in the fashion and apparel industry, including fashion brands, manufacturers, and wholesalers.

About N41 Apparel ERP Software

N41 is a fashion and apparel ERP solution provider. They offer a mobile app for tradeshows and showrooms, eliminating the need to move samples and enabling scanning directly from the floor. This app includes built-in credit card processing, order approval request forms, integrated UPS API, and automated invoicing.

N41 ERP Key Features

Customer Management:

  • Customer Master with Quick AR and History reports.
  • Quick Customer status on-screen display.
  • Customer notes.
  • Encrypted Customer’s Credit Card storage.
  • Multiple Price Levels and Discount Rates.
  • Customer Priority for Allocation.
  • Credit Info, including Customer Credit Limit and Maximum aging date.

Style Management:

  • Style Master with easy color addition and duplication.
  • Direct Style history, availability, and Inventory reports.
  • Image upload for styles/colors.
  • Time-Sensitive Season and Available Date tracking.

Order Processing:

  • Streamlined Sales Order Processing.
  • Order Entry Validation based on various criteria.
  • Auto Allocation and flexible order processing.
  • Backorder and Re-Order Reports.
  • Live Inventory Updates and Return Authorization.

Production Management:

  • Task Manager for Production TNA.
  • Multi Locations/Stages Processing.
  • PO/Cut Ticket Issue Wizard and Multi-Vendor support.
  • Component/material tracking and Quantity Actualization.
  • Multi-Color Dye Process and Damage Inventory Control.

Vendor Management:

  • Vendor Master with Multi-Location support.
  • Contractor’s WIP Report.
  • Default PO/Cut Ticket population.
  • Cost Sheet/Bill of Material management.


  • Full Accounting Receivable features.
  • Invoice, Credit Memo, and Payment Posting.
  • Payment Report per account and CIT/Merchant Bank EDI support.
  • Sales Rep Commission Calculation and Gross Margin tracking.

Shipping and EDI:

  • Scan & Pack with quantity validation.
  • UPS Label printing and System-Generated Bill of Lading.
  • Extensive EDI support including 850, 856, 810, 997, and more.
  • Batch Job scheduler and UCC128 Shipping Label generation.

General Features:

  • Drill Down Reports and Customizable Rules.
  • “Dummy Proof” data entry with drop-down menus.
  • Easy search and customizable reports with filtering and sorting.
  • Enhanced user security and audit trail.

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Product Overview

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User Reviews of N41 Apparel ERP Software

Submitted on September 29th, 2023 by Anonymous

The most frustrating piece of software I have ever hade the displeasure of using.

The Good…

It will do the most basic things you need/would expect a proper ERP system to do.

The Bad…
  1. Awful support that is unfamiliar with its own program. (You will be stuck in support purgatory forever)

  2. Baffling designs and layouts (for example, similar pages will have completely different color schemes and layouts and seem to be using different design layouts entirely, even though they do basically the same thing, just a different steps)

  3. No real documentation. Good luck trying figure ANYTHING useful out. Good luck trying to automate things in 2023.

  4. If you decide to use any of their more sophisticated features, have fun doing their debugging work FOR them! Have fun explaining to a person that barely speaks English, whose native language grammar is backwards from the syntax of any coding language, the intricate details of every step of a process that that person knows less than you about.

  5. Overwhelming UI - A dog’s meals. Redundant tabs, mislabeled buttons, ambiguous naming of processes and functions.

Submitted on May 18th, 2022 by Anonymous

N41 ERP’s cutting edge technology and its flexibility in handling multiple business operations have resulted in greater efficiency by eliminating all the extra time consuming work we had to go through in managing our inventory. As a growing company, this has made inventory management easier than ever for us there by helping us concentrate on providing better consumer experience for our clients.

Submitted on May 18th, 2022 by Anonymous

As a long-term player in the industry, we have had quite an experience on many inventory management ERP’s. N41 proved to stand better than all these software with its unique qualities of custom design, wide range of features that supports eCommerce platforms and more importantly, its highly supportive technical team readily available either through phone or remote login service.

Submitted on May 18th, 2022 by Anonymous

We wish we had started scanning years ago (with the N41 tradeshow mobile app) but we may have chosen the wrong system!! Yesterday we could have gotten 15-20 more orders (at the MAGIC tradeshow). So glad we waited and found N41 Apparel ERP Software! From the whole Caroline Hill crew, thank you for all you did to get us up and running on N41!!!