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Scalable project management software

About mpower

mpower is a project cost control software for construction and engineering industries. As a cost control and management solution, mpower makes it easy estimate labor, equipment, and material costs for jobs. An easy to use budget dashboard lets you track project costs from start to finish.

Fully scalable, modular project management software for better project and performance management.

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Features of mpower

  • Budget dashboard
  • Cost estimating and value management
  • Invoicing
  • Scheduling
  • Labor, equipment, and material costs
  • Job cards and work packs
  • Time management
  • Shutdown and turnarounds

Product Overview

User Reviews of mpower

Submitted on February 18th, 2020 by an anonymous mpower user.

Over the past year, we’ve been using mpower for cost management and have been very happy with the results. As an accountant, I’ve been exposed to other financial systems and I find mpower easy to use as it doesn’t over complicate things for no reason. With the implementation of any new system, there are always issues that arise; however, the support from the Monitor team ensured it was a smooth process. To ensure the success of any project, the right type of reports are needed. Mpower was able to customize these to our company’s needs and present a story that allowed the project manager to make easier and well informed decisions. The ongoing support provided with personalized training materials and quick responses to queries is highly regarded and cements the business decision to implement this system.

Submitted on February 18th, 2020 by an anonymous mpower user.

Our company has been involved with Monitor for at least ten years. We recently invested in mpower for cost management, time capture, billing and reporting. We decided not to take the planning module of mpower in this instance, and instead bought a third-party tool to interface with it. Monitor’s people were heavily involved in planning and implementing the systems, and worked with our own people to develop the interface between the two products.We’re currently working on a large number of projects, and using the same toolset on each means we can easily transfer people from one project to another. They all know how the system works, so there’s no learning curve when someone moves to another project - they can just get on with it. One of the key benefits of mpower’s integrated toolset is that as information flows in, it’s filtered through to the correct area. This way we don’t have cost disparity, or cost and billing systems that require interfaces to transfer data - or worse, a need for people to re-key the same data into two or three different systems. It’s all in one area, a shared database that everyone can use.

Submitted on February 18th, 2020 by an anonymous mpower user.

I’m responsible for all construction and commissioning activities for our company. From my perspective the great thing about mpower is efficient job-carding. If we didn’t have the system there’s no way we could record what’s being done offshore. It’s used as a progress and monitoring tool against man-hours, allowing us to work out productivity - if we didn’t have it we wouldn’t be able to do our jobs. Monitor has done quite a bit of work for us over the years and we intend to continue working with them. Their personnel have been very helpful and supportive.