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Blue Bear SchoolBooks makes activity accounting easy! Now you can track detailed deposits and expenditures all the way from Purchase Order to your General Ledger. Prints checks, purchase orders, 1099’s and receipts. Complete financial statements are supplemented with detail account analysis reports - and there’s even a program to reconcile your bank statement! Best of all, SchoolBooks is completely integrated with Blue Bear’s popular Tracks Student Fee Collections point-of-sale software, so importing sales transactions at the end of the day is a snap! It’s so flexible, you can even handle financial records for several schools at once.

THE SCHOOLBOOKS ADVANTAGE Why should your district consider Blue Bear SchoolBooks over other accounting packages?

  • SchoolBooks was created by Blue Bear, a leader in student activity accounting since 1992. Our software is installed in over 1100 schools across the county. SchoolBooks was designed for schools and only for schools! We are dedicated to providing top quality software, service, and support to our clients.

  • SchoolBooks is a simplified fund accounting program - it is NOT a standard business, debit and credit-type accounting system. That means it is easy for school bookkeepers without formal accounting training to learn and use! Detailed Account Analysis Reports show information the way schools are accustomed to seeing it - with columns for income, expense, transfers, and balance amounts - not just confusing debits and credits!

  • SchoolBooks reports are easier for club advisors to understand -because balances in their accounts are shown as positive numbers - not credit balances with minus signs. And anything that makes it easier for the advisors and staff to read their trust account statements means your bookkeeper spends LESS TIME explaining things to them.

  • SchoolBooks handles encumbrances so you can see the REAL balance available in all your accounts. Encumbrance Reports show the actual cash balance less any open invoices and purchase orders for that account. That means the coach can’t over-draw his account. Well, actually he might, but at least you have some warning!

  • SchoolBooks makes it easy to transfer funds from one account to another. The screen is intuitive and easy to use.

  • SchoolBooks prints receipts showing detailed descriptions and the account number for all funds received. And the total of your daily receipts rolls right into your bank deposit. It’s easy to keep it all straight!

  • SchoolBooks has an iron-clad audit trail! Every transaction is assigned a number by the system and updates to the master files, which requires the actual printing of a journal BEFORE the update can take place. All transaction history is maintained and accessible through reports.

Blue Bear provides software, installation & setup services, training, and 800-number telephone support for all our products. Training options include on-site individual and group training sessions, web-based private sessions, and webinars.

SchoolBooks Activity Fund Accounting


Blue Bear SchoolBooks makes activity accounting easy! Designed for the user with little or no bookkeeping/accounting experience, this powerful software automates the accounting functions needed by most schools.

SchoolBooks Features:

  • Prints Checks (instant checks or batch mode), Purchase Orders, Receipts, even 1099’s.
  • Tracks vendor payment history for both calendar and fiscal YTD. Provides for temporary vendors too.
  • Encumbrance reporting shows actual account balances AND outstanding invoices and purchase orders. Warns you before you overdraw an account.
  • Automatic import of POS sales information from Blue Bear’s Tracks.
  • Access detailed general ledger postings quickly on the screen or print to a report.
  • Performs multi-school bank reconciliations (for schools or districts that write checks for several schools out of ONE bank account).
  • Format your general ledger account numbers as you please because of the 25-digit format that lets you enter your own punctuation.
  • Allows costing of purchase orders, invoices, and checks to multiple accounts.
  • Allows for account roll-up into summary accounts for reporting.
  • Makes adjustments and transfers between accounts simple.
  • Makes bank reconciliations easy. Balances your bank statement right on the screen - easy as popular personal software.
  • Account Snapshot Reports keep advisors instantly updated on a club’s true balance.
  • Allows for unlimited Vendors, GL Accounts, and Bank Accounts.
  • Tracks Trust Accounts and Club Activities.

SchoolBooks Standard Reports:

  • Financial Reports - selectable by date
  • Trial Balance, Balance Sheet, Statement of Revenues, Budget Report
  • Account Analysis Reports – with date range and account masking selections
  • Chart of Accounts
  • Detail Report – shows transaction detail
  • Summary Report – shows summary total for selected accounts
  • Encumbrance Report – shows actual balances plus encumbrances
  • Account Snapshot Report – a fast screen preview of a single account
  • 1099 Reporting
  • Adjustment Report and Transfer Report
  • Receipt Report and Bank Deposit Report
  • Bank Reconciliation Report
  • Cash Disbursements Report
  • Open Purchase Order Report and Open Invoice Report
  • Vendor Master File Listing and Check History Report

Simplified Payroll

SchoolBooks Payroll is an add-on module that enables users to process payroll transactions. This is a very basic, easy-to-learn and easy-to-use application that allows users to set up Employees, print payroll checks, run reports, and even print W-2’s at the end of the year.

For more information about our Payroll module, please call our office and speak to a Sales Representative.

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