MasterWorks Classic

An accounting software system designed by MasterWorks Software.

About MasterWorks Classic

ýPowerful Tools for School Board Administration.ý That is what we have been providing our clients for close to 20 years.

Our software, although used by some private industry clients, is designed to meet the special needs of School Boards. The core systems are available as stand-alone modules, and provide the best value as integrated applications. The General Ledger (GL), Accounts Payable (AP), and Accounts Receivable (AR) functions are consolidated into one stand alone module. Payroll can also be run on its own if so desired.

In addition we offer other modules which deliver further integration, time savings and value to the client. These include:

Personnel: Tracks all relevant employee details required by a Human Resources department. Absences, absent entitlements, seniority, evaluations, FTE details, and demographic information are just some of the types of information that this system records.

Substitute Booking: This application is flexible in its operation. The system can be used to find Substitute Teachers, and also record all relevant details for Teacher Absences. It can be set up to run at the Schools or the Board.

Web Based School Access: This software works in conjunction with your existing MasterWorks Financial software, capitalizing on the integration between the systems and delivering immediate savings in time and money to our customers. Remote users can access financial information, enter Purchase Orders and Outstanding Invoices, and access Vendor information. All user rights are customizable to enhance or restrict remote data entry capacity.

Web Based Teacher Applications: This module’s primary functionality is the collection of applications for employment at your school board via the Internet. Once collected the information can be sorted and searched to find the right applicant for the right job.

All MasterWorks software is integrated to the highest degree possible, to deliver maximum value to the client. With over 100 school boards using MasterWorks each day to meet their needs, we know our motto is more than just a nice heading!

Accounts Payable

The MasterWorks’ Accounts Payable system provides you with a single, easy-to-use tool for all your AP functions. It’s simple to use, fast and precise. Features include:

  • Commitment based system
  • Enter Purchase Order and/or Invoice details with batching, while allowing multiple-users to enter simultaneously
  • Print custom Purchase Orders, Invoices and Cheques
  • Search Paid Invoices by numerous criteria including Invoice Number and Cheque Number
  • Full purchasing history by Vendor with a click of a button
  • Maintenance features including removal of unused Vendors and deletion of completed Purchase Orders
  • Simple Payment selection and processing
  • Supports Cheque Reversals, Automatic Deposit (EFT) to Vendors, Cheque Reconciliation
  • Ability to create reports using third party Report Writer software
  • Comprehensive library of reports

Accounts Receivable

The MasterWorks’ Accounts Receivable system is a simple and accurate system for tracking receivables. The system is open item, and entirely customer based.

Specific Features Include:

  • Full customer history available
  • Supports invoice and receipt entry, and handles cash receipts
  • Adjustment screen for manual customer account updates
  • Easily create custom invoices, receipts and statements
  • Excellent reporting including aged receivables, deposit reports, statements
  • Supports batching for more organized functioning
  • Ability to create reports using third party Report Writer software
  • Comprehensive library of reports

General Ledger

The MasterWorks General Ledger is the cornerstone of our Fund Accounting system. We poured everything we had into this tool to make it the absolute best it could be. It’s ready to work for you providing Year-to-Date, Activity, Budget, and Commitment information in a variety of relevant formats for quick access.

Specific Features Include:

  • Fund Accounting
  • Commitment Accounting Flexible account structure, allowing up to 30 characters, 8 segments
  • Search for accounts quickly and easily
  • Journal Entry functionality, providing proof and auto-balancing, recurring batches
  • Full budgeting capacities, including importing of budgets from spreadsheets
  • User-defined codes for account descriptions
  • Work in multiple fiscal years simultaneously
  • Ability to query all standard reports for specific information
  • Ability to create reports using third party Report Writer software
  • Superior reporting capability with hundreds of General Ledger reports
  • Comprehensive library of reports


The MasterWorks Payroll system was specifically designed to meet the needs of School Districts. It calculates payroll, distributes salary and benefits, and produces required government documentation. With the system in use at over 100 school boards in Western Canada a comprehensive set of functions, reports and capabilities have been created. The MasterWorks Payroll system is flexible, powerful and an excellent tool to meet your payroll needs today and in the future.

Features include:

  • Ease of use, data stored on employee master files
  • Complete history available, year to date, retro pay and distribution details
  • Specialized functionality for School Districts, including employment grids, Teacher pensions, Benefit maximizing and average salary calculations
  • Required data tracking such as ROE, pension adjustments, T4’s, etc.
  • Alternatively track absent time, professional development
  • Benefit and pension reporting including ATRF, ASEBP, MEPP, STF, STRP, MAST, TRAF, LAPP, BCTF
  • 3rd party file creation, export data electronically to deliver to third parties (i.e. electronic data file creation for T4’s)
  • Fast cheque calculation process
  • Manual cheque screen to evaluate ýwhat ifý scenarios
  • Integration to other MasterWorks systems, such as the General Ledger and Accounts Payable systems

Although specialized for school boards, the flexibility and ease of use has prompted some private industry clients to use MasterWorks Payroll to meet their requirements.


MasterWorks Personnel system tracks all relevant employee details required by a Human Resources department. Absences, absent entitlements, seniority, evaluations, FTE details, and demographic information are just some of the types of information that this system records. Its strongest feature is its ability to capture employee history and give users quick concise access to the data they need to perform day-to-day Human Resources functions:

  • Track relevant demographic information, name, address, birth date, S.I.N., and a host of others
  • Flexibility in integration with Payroll, you tell us which system takes precedence
  • Record absences, track entitlements, view absenteeism summaries visually
  • Track seniority based on your current formulas
  • Schedule and record evaluations
  • Track recognition reports
  • Ability to create reports using third party Report Writer software

Substitute Booking

The MasterWorks Substitute Booking System offers users tremendous gains in time savings, data entry consistency and integration with our Payroll software. This application is flexible in its operation with three different options for use. First it can be used at the main office to book subs as absences are reported. Second it can be used to record substitute details at the individual schools. Third, back at the main office it can be utilized to record the substitute details after the fact. Whichever business rules your school board has for recording teacher absences, this software can accommodate them.

  • One screen for data entry ensures ease of use
  • Synchronized Teacher and Substitute lists with the Payroll system
  • Group and sort available Substitutes by location and/or skills
  • Import Substitute details into Payroll and reduce manual payroll data entry
  • Relevant reports for proofing and absence summaries

Web Based School Access

The MasterWorks Web Based School Access system allows Schools to work directly in your Financial system reducing redundant data entry and creating many efficiencies.

The application resides within your board’s firewall, and is further protected by your own security configuration. Users can have View, Add, Delete and Edit functionality in a number of different areas.

Specific Functions Include:

  • View accounts, restricted to an individual’s school or location
  • Add Purchase Orders
  • Add Vendors
  • View Outstanding and Paid Invoices
  • Run standard reports to stay on top of budget amounts

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