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About MySchoolAccounting

TES Software provides a suite of systems that are designed to communicate with one another to provide you with a full management system. The MySchoolAccounting system has pieces to meet your accounting needs. If you need an online payment portal for school fees, TES Software has a solution for that. If you need to process payroll and track your employees’ time & attendance, there’s a solution for that.

Are you looking for just a single piece to meet a single need? TES Software can accommodate that. Do you need a fully-integrated suite of systems to manage all of your school’s accounting and operational needs? TES Software can accommodate that as well. Whatever your need, TES Software has the solution for you!


MyDistrictSummary is a district-level system that manages financial reporting for multiple schools. It will give you insight into consolidated performance across multiple schools in a district. With data gathered from MySchoolAccounting, it will provide you with a snapshot of individual and consolidated performance.


  • Month by Month Combination of School financial data at the district level
  • Automated account rollups are used to match school accounts with accounts in District Chart of Accounts
  • District summary and School comparisons are available by Fund, Program, Function, Object, etc
  • Data can be exported to Excel to produce State and Federal Reports
  • Consolidated 1099 reports and exports can be used to provide district level 1099s
  • Custom programming to meet your district specific needs is available

MySchoolAccounting Features

MySchoolAccounting works as the backbone of your financial management. It will manage the accounting for all of your programs/departments/funds. Below you will find a list of features:

  • Ease of use and TES Training insures effective use by your staff
  • Integrated Student Control Center provides single point access to all of a student’s transactions
  • Meets general accounting standards and exceeds State Department of Education requirements
  • Real-time posting provides current balances and simplified processing
  • Simplifies, automates, and streamlines the accounting of funds
  • Total integration with Student Records and District Accounting Systems
  • Simultaneous data entry and access from multiple computers
  • Class / Teacher based for Elementary Schools
  • Customized tracking of Student Fees and Fines
  • Tracking and processing of Waived Fees Multiple months and years are online
  • Laptops can be used to create multiple receipt lines at registration
  • Teachers enter year end fines directly from their classrooms
  • Teacher purchase cared are tracked and easily processed
  • ACH payments are supported Fully integrated credit and debit card support
  • Integrated budget development and tracking
  • Easy processing of fee changes when students change classes
  • Automated student refunds
  • Teachers, coaches and sponsors have intranet access to their account and account-group balances at any time
  • Full integration with Online Payment System
  • Excellent support for you school secretaries and administrators

Product Overview

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