A cannabis supply chain for tracking and visualizing data.

About Backbone

Backbone was formed in 2017 when they identified the severe gap in viable supply chain solutions available to the cannabis & hemp space. Off the shelf ERP offerings were not (and still not) prepared for the nuances of the industry and the seed to sale offerings lacked (and still lack) the depth required to scale.

The deep ERP experience from Netsuite, Intuit, and Sage combined with the domain expertise of veteran operators provided the team & context required to develop & deploy a configurable, financially oriented enterprise solution that invites operators to engage intuitively: Compliance should be implicit, live data capture should be automated and cost of goods calculations should be perfect.

You can see a handful of their customers on their website including Cookies, TerrAscend, Natura, Veritas, Bear Extracts, Summit & Eden Enterprises to name a few.

Backbone Features

The features of Backbone include:

Streamline Your Process

Their team helps you visualize and automate your process. Through a hands-on approach, they work closely with your team to unlock data from your whole supply chain and gain beneficial insights about your facility and more.

Stay compliant

One license or many, compliance can be easier to manage. They help you get and stay compliant, with a full lineage chain-of-custody so you are audit and recall ready, all while saving time and tags.

Organize Your Finances

Accurate COGS is a reality with the finance integrations. Through live tracking, an operator can start a run and an accountant sees a reduction of materials in real-time. Syncing between Backbone, Metrc, and QuickBooks Online means the data is up-to-date no matter where you look.

Increase pProductivity

We help you automate data collection to ensure you elicit the information you need to make great decisions. Lab testing, quarantine materials, reorder points, production orders, and meaningful reports—leave no stone unturned.

Become More Profitable

Keep your quality high while you grow. Data is the only way to know if margins are working for you and not against you. Plus, build trust with your supply chain partners with powerful reporting everyone will appreciate.

Let Us Adapt To Your Process

Track and model as high-level or granular as you wish. When your data flows the unique magic of your business will be insightful and unearth opportunities to do even better.


  • Quickbooks
  • Sage Intacct

Product Overview

User Reviews of Backbone

Submitted on October 6th, 2021 by Robert Gale from Humboldt Terp Council

State inspections for licensing are a stressful process. The Inspectors knew Backbone and loved that our processes were being tracked. We were able to answer all their questions with a couple of quick clicks.

Submitted on October 6th, 2021 by Laura Trostle from Proterp Manufacturing

We knew we needed to understand how much it cost to produce our products. Backbone made it easy for us to figure out if we’re making a profit, and how to become more productive.