Organize and manage all your student data with BigSIS.

About BigSIS

BigSIS Student Information System (SIS) gives transparent, powerful tools for educators, students, and guardians. BigSIS helps manage grades, attendance, behavior histories, finances, schedules, and more.

Students, guardians, teachers, and different kinds of administrators have specialized tools and modules for their needs. Master schedules, gradebooks, and more exist in BigSIS; and then it lets different users make different changes based on the access allowed by the admins.

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  • Student Reports and Grades
  • Online Applications, Contracts, and Enrollments
  • Volunteer Management
  • Calendars and Events
  • Attendance and Truancy Management
  • Flexible Gradebooks
  • Integrated Email
  • Donations and Fundraising


BigSIS starts at $199/month. There is no free version. There are no free trials.

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User Reviews of BigSIS

Submitted on May 4th, 2020 by Lori Williamson

BigSIS is awesome! On rolling the new Web-based version out to our Admin staff you could hear the sighs of relief at now having at their fingertips the pertinent information that is needed daily. Everyone started using it immediately. An employee who is not computer-savvy commented, “Finally, a program I can understand!”Minimal steps lead to class lists, detailed parent contact information, student enrollment (current and historic). Edits and updates are easy and fun.

In addition to being user-friendly, BigSIS also has the flexibility power-users need to extract data, lists and information needed for reports and analysis.The vast scope of features allows practical specialized use by different school factions such as admin, development, faculty, parents, and the board. It has many labor-saving features such as the data from website inquiries that show up directly in the database. We then monitor which of various paths a student takes all the way through enrollment and registration. The vast array of associated tasks are tracked and auto-calendared for follow-up.

We now have on-line registration for our summer camps. Separate portals are available for admin, faculty or parents to be able to access information appropriate to that specific group.