A web-based software system designed by CSI Software for health care & social services companies.

About SpectrumNG

CSI Software’s SpectrumNG is a fully integrated, single-source solution for today’s health and fitness club.

What Sets Us Apart:

  • Fully integrated, single-source solution
  • Bank-direct billing features that eliminate third-party fees
  • Paperless membership agreements, statements, receipts, and forms
  • Powerful hosting in the cloud with Windows Azure
  • More than 30 years of industry experience and insight

Driven by advanced technology and decades of experience, SpectrumNG is your catalyst for managing bigger data, gaining customer insight and optimizing your infrastructure. We specialize in striking that balance between innovation and application.

SpectrumNG’s reputation and performance make us a leading software provider for health clubs, campus recreation centers, parks and recreation departments, wellness centers, fitness resorts, and nonprofit health organizations like the JCC and YMCA.

#1 Software in the Health and Fitness Club Industry

Club Industry magazine’s annual Top 100 Clubs list recently revealed more clubs in the Top 100 use SpectrumNG than any other club management software. Read why CSI Software is the prefered Club Management Software Solution.

Empower your entire staff with state-of-the-art tools. Engage more customers through online services. Secure your data across a trusted platform. Discover a better way to schedule, bill, and grow your membership. And enjoy professional support from a dedicated team of experts. With SpectrumNG, it’s easy to bridge the gap between capabilities and execution.

Cloud Hosting Service

CSI Software offers a true PaaS (Platform as a Service) Cloud Hosting Service. We leverage Microsoft’s Azure Cloud Platform – flexible, infinitely scalable and rock solid. Let us worry about your data so you don’t have to.

Customer demands and expectations are changing, requiring a more sophisticated strategy for enhancing the customer experience and beating the competition. You must also adapt to complex data environments that require power and intelligence. We designed SpectrumNG for your industry dynamics. We positioned SpectrumNG to stay ahead of the game. Whether onsite, online or in the cloud, we help you transform data into breakthrough services.

SpectrumNG is flexible and customizable, with robust features ideal for capturing revenue, maximizing resources and launching initiatives. Now, tackle large volumes of data with speed and agility. Explore new opportunities based on sound analytics. Save money by simplifying processes and streamlining assets. SpectrumNG is a comprehensive platform engineered to elevate your entire business.

And SpectrumNG is a great tool for collaboration and communication, automating critical aspects of your workflow, generating meaningful reports, and connecting your teams to one system. Create a faster path to your business goals. Inspire new levels of production throughout your organization, because SpectrumNG offers endless possibilities for shaping data into success.

Access Control System

Manage Member Access With Speed and Efficiency.

CSI Access Control System drives club traffic through designated access points in a fast, secure environment, enforcing facility usage rules based on membership type. Eliminate administrative hassle with Access Control System and get back to delivering your best customer experience.

CSI Access Control System (ACS) provides a flexible access security system for managing member traffic flow. With the swipe of a card, ACS processes member data and grants or denies entry in milliseconds. A Check-In record is quickly created in SpectrumNG, allowing club members to move at their pace while all access activity is automatically logged into the Front Desk Check-In module of SpectrumNG.

Customize ACS to fit the needs of your location. All membership contracts are not the same, and ACS flexes to allow various levels of facility access and usage. IP-based ACS enforces specific contract terms, maintaining the integrity of your membership agreements.

If you need manual control, the ACS Viewer application monitors traffic and grants access to any access point in your facility. Design secure traffic flow any way you like.

Access Control System Benefits:

  • Convert an unlimited number of doors, turnstiles and gates (including garages) into secure access points for your facility.
  • Enforce facility access and usage rules based on membership type.
  • Integrate access activity with SpectrumNG’s Front Desk Check-In module.
  • Monitor access point activity and manually open an access point from any computer in your facility using the ACS Viewer.

Hardware Requirements:

Control CSI Access Control System from a central location and eliminate additional hardware. Activate and integrate each location, or access point, with just a power source and Ethernet cable.

  • Door, turnstile or gate
  • Card reader (magnetic or bar code)
  • AR2 relay device
  • Lantronix controller
  • Ethernet cable
  • Power Supply

CSI Software recommends a default set of hardware to compliment the ACS application. However, ACS is compatible with different hardware utilizing similar functionality.

ACS in Action

Once installed, CSI Software’s ACS facilitates member access automatically, communicating all access activity to SpectrumNG with lightning-fast precision.

  • Member swipes or scans his or her card.
  • Member’s data is sent through the ACS.
  • ACS grants access if the member’s data is valid.
  • A Check-In record is created in SpectrumNG.

Billing and AR

Bring Your Billing Back to Life.

CSI Billing and Accounts Receivable optimizes your billing with powerful tools for accepting multiple methods of payment, resolving billing problems before they happen, and instantly updating your books with precise numbers. Flexible billing, in a secure, innovative environment, maximizes your resources and showcases your customer service. And SpectrumNG makes it happen.

Enjoy full integration into all other SpectrumNG accounting programs. Automate your billing through EFT and credit card drafts. Offer online payments for reach and convenience. Increase dues with a hassle-free function. Preview billing and eliminate errors. Update credit card information - in the background - in an instant.

And Say NO to Billing Companies

SpectrumNG comes fully equipped with no transaction fees, no billing fees, no decline fees and no collection fees. We’ve taken out the middleman. Advanced features process your drafts directly to the bank and merchant provider of your choice. We’re serious about saving you time and money.

SpectrumNG features endless ways to stop manual billing.pectrumNG provides endless opportunities to make billing an asset.

Billing and Accounts Receivable Benefits:

  • Automate the entire billing process across a fast, secure platform.
  • Offer flexible methods of payment and build better customer relationships.
  • Identify and resolve billing problems before starting a billing cycle.
  • Eliminate third party processing fees.
  • Utilize Deferred Revenue Management for accurate revenue recognition.

Billing and Accounts Receivable in Action

Enterprise Billing– SpectrumNG Billing offers a true enterprise solution, allowing corporate offices to access all billing data from one screen. Enjoy the convenience of having all your clubs - all your numbers - aggregated in one view. See the big picture before each site’s billing is even initiated. Quickly analyze trends, dissect issues, and get in front of billing issues. It’s fast, easy, and all on one screen.

Billing Groups– With Billing Groups, you can run billing multiple times throughout the month. SpectrumNG gives you the flexibility to bill or draft at your discretion, creating options for both your members and staff. Customize Billing Groups and set up ideal billing dates for each of your facilities. Target individual sites with specific billing groups. Or, send all billing groups to all sites. CSI Billing automates and integrates the entire process, and adapts to both your billing rules and billing cycle.

Dues Increase Utility

Discover a hassle-free way to increase dues and make changes stick. CSI Dues Increase Utility eliminates billing errors and accounts for differentials automatically. Schedule increases for different membership types. Drill down and make adjustments within a specific membership type. Exclude members that are not up for renewal. Even exclude members that are inside a year of their Join Date. No guesswork. No mix-ups. Now manage all your dues increases with accuracy and precision.

  • Set up multiple increases and save them under different labels.
  • Target specific dates for your dues to increase.
  • Pull reports that confirm changes in individual member accounts.

Card Account Updater

Keep credit fluid and simple with SpectrumNG. Update credit cards in your system on the fly with Card Account Updater. Don’t inconvenience your members, and don’t upset your billing cycle. When a credit card expires, this powerful function updates the billing system – and the member’s record – with new card information, including expiration date. With Card Account Updater, billing keeps rolling and your books stay straight.

Billing Preview

Ensure your numbers are correct before starting a billing cycle. SpectrumNG gives you a complete billing snapshot in a simple, two-step process. Use Pre-Billing to verify everything is set up properly to run a clean billing cycle. Run it at any point in your billing cycle.

Billing Preview displays a comprehensive view of key billing data: charges, credits, dues, late fees, draft statements and balance forwards. It’s an actual billing report, prepared and presented – for review – before you accept billing.

Together, you maintain both billing integrity and administrative control. You can also view and print reports for specific sites and get a deeper look at different categories and details. No more backtracking. No more manual corrections. Billing Preview is great preventive maintenance.

Draft: Credit Card or EFT

Streamline your billing by offering automatic drafts of bank accounts and credit cards. Now, account for member dues and charges at the same time every month. Convenient, secure and timely, SpectrumNG helps capture payments on your schedule. And automatic drafts have long gone mainstream – customers expect it, banks are ready for it.

SpectrumNG provides options for handling declined cards, too. You have the option of reprocessing declined cards, sending declined cards to the Card Account Updater, or reversing charges and applying the designated draft amount back to a member’s account balance. EFT draft declines work the same way, without the Card Account Updater option.

And when requested, send statements to members currently on credit card or EFT draft. SpectrumNG gives your customers the freedom to use different methods of payment.

  • Bypass your back office and send payments directly to your merchant or bank.
  • Charge a reversal fee for all declined drafts sent back to a member’s account.
  • Create a check-in message to alert members a draft has been declined.


If paper statements are still in demand, customize your statement to include strategic information - and a little branding. Add a company logo. And include text that promotes an upcoming event or special offering.

Go online and leverage the power of the web to boost your billing. Empower your members to pay at their pace. Online Account services is full of features that allow payments to be made from any web-enabled device.

  • Send a follow-up statement to members on credit card or EFT draft.
  • Forward e-mail notification to online users indicating a statement is ready.
  • Set up the system to automatically inactivate a past due member.

Business Intelligence

Build a Smarter Business.

CSI Business Intelligence turns big, complex data into higher performance. Regardless of employee position or perspective, SpectrumNG gathers, analyzes and distributes critical information to your entire staff through one, integrated solution.

Take a quick snapshot, or pull a detailed report. Business Intelligence delivers tactical support to any member of your staff wherever, or whenever, it’s needed.

Clubs operate today in a dynamic environment. Tough competition, savvy customers and industry sophistication require clubs to expect more from their BI software. SpectrumNG fuses Reporting, Analysis, Scorecards and Dashboards into one concise view for not just managing your environment, but creating your future.

Valuable BI means actionable insight into key drivers impacting your club’s success. CSI Business Intelligence aligns your objectives with past, present and future data, making a huge impact on the bottom line.

Make fast, informed decisions about your business. Explore new opportunities for growth and efficiency. Develop your strategy based on powerful analytics. Let SpectrumNG take the collective intelligence of your club to a higher level.

Business Intelligence Benefits:

  • Get the right information, at the right time, and make smarter business decisions.
  • Enjoy fast access to accurate, quality data delivered in a graphics-rich format.
  • Gather, organize and share critical information to all levels of your organization.
  • Implement forward-thinking solutions based on advanced, predictive analyses.
  • Connect to one platform and eliminate fragmented data from different sources.

Business Intelligence in Action

SpectrumNG generates a unified view of your club’s business from a proven workflow. Reporting, Analysis, Scorecards and Dashboards are user-friendly tools for accessing information, exploring opportunities and leveraging insight. Report with confidence and crunch time. Make your club smarter, the essence of BI.


CSI Business Intelligence displays critical data pulled from key areas of your club into one dashboard. Think of it as a container holding reports and scorecards, all translated into sharp, concise visuals that dictate strategy and boost performance. Charts, graphs and maps produced in crisp graphics, and displayed in a familiar format, making club intelligence easy to share and understand. BI Dashboards give you a clear picture of your current organization and a pathway to future success.

  • Get one, simple view of your business “at a glance” and make faster decisions.
  • View, refresh, and analyze complex data in real time.
  • Unify and mesh data from different areas of your club and summarize performance.
  • Bring your data to life with 3D charts, color-coded maps and animated speedometers.


Business Intelligence pulls more than just data. It pulls your management team together to make collaborative decisions based on custom analytics and trusted information. Explore broad scopes of data from a single source. Engage your entire team and share valuable insight.

Go from being reactive to predictive, static to strategic, because SpectrumNG powers your collective intelligence with analytics designed for everyone to make smarter decisions. Make BI your engine for solving problems and boosting growth.

  • Organize data into logical categories including fiscal periods, locations/regions and product groups.
  • Slice and dice complex data groups and view different levels of detail.
  • Move from summary to detail, cube to cube, and target the exact information you need.
  • Drill down, rank, sort, forecast and nest information to reveal trends, causes and effects.
  • View and analyze both data relationships and historical evidence that drive new perspectives.

Camp Management

Run a Smarter Camp This Year.

CSI Camp Management is a comprehensive, end-to-end solution for managing all of your camp initiatives. Powerful functions make it easy to enroll, discount, bill and schedule. Camp Management fully integrates into related SpectrumNG modules, making it a single source for running high-performance camps.

Camp season is always a unique blend of revenue generation and customer service, bringing unique challenges to both your staff and members. With a quick setup, Camp Management knows your campers by name, time, location, activity and billing – an organized method for maximum efficiency.

Reserve and allocate resources for your entire camp calendar. Schedule activities and retrofit electives down to the minute. Exercise flexible options for any billing scenario. Enroll multiple campers from the same family without a hassle. And rest easy, knowing Camp Management tracks your campers all day - even on their lunch break. Design your camps any way you want, because SpectrumNG was built to handle your busiest camp schedule.

Camp Management Benefits:

  • Develop your master schedule with a top-down approach, starting with the Fiscal Camp, or entire camp season, as a framework.
  • Design different camps and different sessions, and account for everything based on your custom criteria.
  • Set up electives for campers to choose from, and charge according to your specific billing rules.
  • Enroll multiple children into multiple camp programs and bill with accuracy.
  • Enjoy full integration with Membership and Financial databases, as well as other Facility Management modules.
  • Specify pricing for members, nonmembers, and special membership types.

Camp Management in Action

View and program Camp Management from different angles. Start with the Fiscal Camp and work down through Camp Sessions, then individual Camps, and down to the last minute of your camp season. It’s simple and intuitive.

Schedule each individual camp based on facilities, instructors and hours, including both activities and electives. And if one camp session is shortened by a holiday, bill a pro-rated amount.

Camp Management is powerful, flexible and adaptable, capturing and organizing all your data points so you can get back to running a successful camp.

  • Calculate volume and sibling discounts automatically.
  • Identify and schedule electives based on each camper’s registration.
  • Choose whether an additional fee will be charged for electives.
  • Track and manage - at all times - both campers and facilities.


The Camp Enrollment Wizard makes enrolling campers fast and easy. Find your camp, find your family, and begin adding camps, electives and billing selections to each participating family member. Fine-tune each camper’s profile with medical and transportation information, including sibling discounts and add-on fees. You also have multiple options for collecting fees.

The Camp Enrollment Wizard is designed for a smooth and easy walk through the enrollment process.

  • Activate the Camp Enrollment Wizard and rapidly fill up your camps with accurate, pertinent data.
  • Pay for the entire camp up front from the SpectrumNG Point of Sale screen.
  • Charge to a member’s account, if Charge to Account privileges are in place.
  • Take a deposit or down payment and bill installments through the Camp Billing process.


Track all your camp resources through SpectrumNG. From scheduled staff to athletic fields, account for everything you build into the camp experience. And Camp Management targets your participants, too. If parents need to pick up their children early, or anyone gets separated from the group, the schedule of Activities and Electives chosen during registration provide a path to each participant. A nice security feature for both parents and instructors.

Camps should be a source of both revenue and enjoyment, so utilize Camp Management’s robust capabilities and quickly locate all your resources.

  • Reserve the resource or provider’s time when you schedule activities and electives.
  • Communicate with other scheduling modules and avoid duplicated bookings for rooms and staff.
  • Pull a Provider’s Activity List report and confirm work schedules throughout camp season.
  • Create a reliable framework for locating campers at all times.

Contract Management

It’s Time to Negotiate a Richer Contract.

Make contractual agreements the foundation of your business plan by acquiring more members, capturing new revenue and managing compliance issues. CSI Contract Management arms your sales staff with powerful features for turning prospects into members. Welcome new members with supreme efficiency. Renew contracts in a seamless workflow. Reinstate or rejoin valuable memberships based on your chosen terms and conditions. And capitalize on both up-sell and cross-sell opportunities.

Contract Management helps your club gain better visibility into active contracts, and gain more control over expired ones. Your sales staff will create faster, more effective agreements. Your managers will evaluate and approve contracts built on trusted, secure data. And your customers will appreciate the professional, pain-free approach to joining your club. Contract Management is a true end-to-end solution for producing polished agreements that don’t leave money on the table.

Now, it’s easy to manage your contract lifecycle. Contract Management positions your club for performance with new capabilities, fresh perspectives, and proven tools to maximize the return on your agreements.

Automate and standardize contract procedures with advanced, customizable features designed for today’s club, today’s customer. Take advantage of meaningful analytics generated by accurate reporting and real business intelligence. Mitigate risk and increase turnaround times through electronic signature. With Contract Management, we’ve taken the uncertainty out of contractual agreements and made them the bedrock of your business.

Contract Management Benefits:

  • Align your club’s policies and procedures with a customizable, dynamic interface.
  • Improve customer relationships through a fast, secure contract process.
  • Create contracts that exceed your quality and legal requirements.
  • Manage your entire contract environment, including all aspects of customer retention.
  • Connect to one platform and enjoy full integration with SpectrumNG.

Contract Management in Action

Contract Management offers a flexible setup allowing you to customize contracts that meet all your legal requirements. Legal wording, agreements or disclaimers can be added and reviewed before the contract module is presented to your sales staff. And add your company logo for a professional touch and better branding.

Multiple default settings help your staff fly through the contract process. Allow open-ended contracts, prorate dues, add additional prepaid dues, and require all contracts to prepay first or last month’s dues. Even designate members and sub-members for charging privileges. And supplement with specific data fields: member address, date of birth, phone number and e-mail address. Because Contract Management matches your rules, meets your needs. It’s easy, intuitive, and built for speed.

Cover all your bases with a Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PARQ). Include a PARQ as part of the contract process and get to know your new members while protecting your investment. Gather vital medical information from members before they hit the club floor. Consider it due diligence and customer service in one smart setup.

Get deeper insight into your members using customizable member codes. From food allergies to lead source, set up codes by category and pull richer data for business intelligence. And incorporate user-defined interests like company name or athletic preferences – anything required, or desired, for marketing and analysis.

Contract Management automates managerial control of contracts with a simple setup for review and approval. Finish a contract and forward immediately to the appropriate manager. Fast, efficient and designed for your club policies, build your membership with total control and zero bottlenecks.

  • Set up Contract Management to accept both required fields and special criteria.
  • Utilize PARQ security settings for medical discretion and sensitive information.
  • Designate price changes, voiding contracts and credit changes for managers only.

New Members

Use the contract wizard to walk through each step of the contract process. Membership pricing and promotions are defined by membership type and integrated through SpectrumNG’s Promotions Manager module. View promotional membership types first. Then, pricing and corresponding memberships will appear for easy access and discovery. Drill down with the “Full Price” button for more detailed information pertaining to your chosen membership type.

Contract Management is fluid, moving page to page in a logical sequence. And it’s made for a your busy sales team. Locate accounts. Add sub-members. Take pictures. Enter financial and billing information. Edit and backtrack with ease and precision. Everything you need to sign up a new member is at your fingertips – driven by a user-friendly interface.

And close each contract through the summary screen, giving your sales staff the perfect opportunity to review pricing and tie up loose ends before processing payment. Initiation fees and monthly dues are automatically calculated based on membership type and contract length. You can process payment directly in POS, print the entire contract, and then store with electronic signature capture. Contract Management helps standardize the contract process, without standardizing your club’s services and procedures.

  • Recognize and automate special pricing for companies and preferred organizations.
  • Add personal training sessions and other premium services while signing up members.
  • Use electronic signature capture to secure membership documents and instantly access contracts.

Existing Members

Retain customers and keep those valuable revenue streams by using Contract Management to renew, reinstate or rejoin a member. Each contract revision maintains a distinct set of rules for accurate accounting and flexible workflow.

Renew members before their contract expires. Configure Contract Management to fit your renewal policy and better manage your contract lifecycle. Determine – to the day – when members can renew based on expiration dates. Allow members to upgrade or downgrade any agreement. Waive or discount initiation fees for renewing members. Even allow employees to receive commission from renewals. The options are endless for you to maximize resources and better serve your customers.

Now, reinstate or rejoin members with hassle-free functions meant for keeping your club full. Have valued customers missed their opportunity for renewal? Contract Management treats reinstatements similar to renewals, with reinstatements falling in a different category for organization and clarity.

“Rejoin” a member only after renewal or reinstatement is no longer an option. Rejoins can occur at any time within, or after term. Quickly access the existing member information, create a new contract, and get your rejoins back to working out. Membership selection and pricing calculations are processed like a new contract, keeping your system current and your bottom line in shape.


Making changes is easy with Contract Management. From credit cards to contact information, utilize Contract Addendums for key changes and never skip a beat. No delays. No mistakes. No tearing up contracts. Just make any necessary edits, get an electronic signature and maintain the integrity of any member’s existing contract. Add and delete dues. Add or remove sub-members. And change membership, account or billing information in the background while your memberships keep moving.


If a member needs to break a contract, Contract Management is equipped with three methods to eliminate errors and make things easier for both parties. Variable percentage defines a penalty based on term length of a contract. Flat percentage rate charges the same percentage regardless of how much time is left on a contract. And, you can apply a flat fee. Pull an existing contract, select a buyout option and process payment. It’s a pain-free approach to breaking contracts.

Voiding a Contract

Voiding contracts is always a last resort, but Contract Management offers a simple solution for terminating agreements after the contract is signed and in the system. Access a completed contract, select the Void option and step through the prompts. You have the option to refund all fees associated with any contract. All transactions are fully documented and reported.

Employee Check-In

Set Your Clock Forward to Better Performance.

Imagine a simpler way to track employee time and attendance. Trade your old time clock for CSI Employee Check-in, a state-of-the art solution designed to replace mechanical punch clocks, time cards and attendance books. Gain better insight into critical employee data, the kind that makes your club tick.

Now, your staff – using an employee ID number or employee card – can check in after walking through the door. And your managers can view, edit and make additions to check-in information from their own computer. Calculate pay rates, too. Even cross-department employees assigned variable pay rates are properly accounted for - to the penny. Optimize your time management and keep perfect records with Employee Check-in.

SpectrumNG specializes in maximizing club production through smart automation. Employee Check-In eliminates a physical time clock and replaces it with a simple function for getting your employees back to work. No more lines, waiting, questions, or equipment breakdowns. Designate one workstation for employees to check in and leave the process and administration to SpectrumNG.

Employee Check-in Benefits:

  • Track employee time and attendance through a simple, automated workflow.
  • Manage resources more efficiently and boost your club’s performance.
  • Streamline payroll reporting with a fully integrated solution.
  • Save time and money by eliminating time clocks, timecards and manual tasks.

Employee Check-in in Action

Your staff will appreciate the convenience and accuracy of Employee Check-in. Create one workstation as a centralized location for checking in and out. From user-friendly, to pain-free, to getting more out of your employees, it’s a virtual solution targeted for each department. Not a bottleneck shared by the entire club.

Instructors and trainers can move from class to class, payday to payday with speed and confidence, knowing the system is on their side. Different classes, different dollars, it’s all calculated and reflected correctly, taking the mystery out of the next paycheck.

And what about your multi-talented employees working in different departments? Set up the system to link each eligible department back to the employee. Set the pay rate for each department and let your cross-functional employees clock to the correct department – and pay rate.

Together, your employees are paid to make your club go. Give them the tools to do their jobs, while trusting in your compensation plan. And that starts at check-in.

  • Eliminate headaches caused by having one clock in one location.
  • Take the guesswork and rework out of calculating both pay rates and hours worked.
  • Create one transaction for an entire day of instructor or trainer-led classes.


With Employee Check-in, club managers can throw out timecards and ad hoc math. SpectrumNG replaces tedious, time-consuming work with instant verification of check-in or checkout information direct from a trusted source.

From their computer, your managers can track location and work status of any employee, make edits to check-in history, and run valuable reports measured in both real or rounded time. Hide pay rates with privacy features. Create an export file for your club’s payroll system. Employee Check-in is a robust tool for saving time and monitoring employee production.

  • Gain instant access to critical employee data without manual, repetitive tasks.
  • Track both individuals and groups along specific dates and timelines.
  • Pull reports containing employee payroll and hours for more accurate compensation.

Equipment Check-Out

Manage Your Assets With One Smart Investment.

Gain better control over your equipment inventory with CSI Equipment Check-Out. Designed for clubs with multiple departments handling a variety of equipment types, SpectrumNG makes it easy to track large volumes of inventory located in different areas of your club.

Rent, reserve, or simply check out anything from basketballs to weight belts. You can even charge late or replacement fees through simple, intuitive features built for your business. Equipment Check-Out is fully integrated, connecting to your membership database, financial systems and other SpectrumNG modules for downstream organization and seamless workflow.

Both customizable and powerful, Equipment Check-Out cuts deep into your replacement expenses and helps balance your budget. It also keeps your members satisfied knowing the right equipment is ready, when they’re ready to play. Your trainers and instructors will appreciate having the right tools available to train clients - and leverage their expertise.

Separate inventories by location. Group your equipment into packages. Charge both reservation and rental deposits. Reserve equipment in advance. Even track bulk items like towels and tennis balls. And, rest easy knowing where your equipment is at all times.

Whether your equipment is indoors or outdoors, you can divide equipment reservations and invoices by location. Splitting the two resources empowers your employees to view and account for only the equipment they support.

So eliminate manual tracking. Discover a reliable revenue stream. Explore new ways to better serve your members because Equipment Check-Out is a state-of-the-art solution to an age-old problem.

Equipment Check-Out Benefits:

  • Assign your inventory location by location and become more accountable.
  • Designate both bulk and inventory items for better resource management.
  • Charge applicable late and replacement fees and control expenses.
  • Track inventory through an automated process saving time and money.
  • Enjoy full integration with SpectrumNG and connect your assets.

Equipment Check-Out in Action

Begin by configuring General Setup for your location. Then create different equipment Categories, Inventory Types and Bulk types. Drill down and input individual items for your chosen inventory types. Finish by setting up shortcut keys for your designated workstation.

Define parameters for each location within your facility through General Setup. And fine tune with things like End of Business Day, Deposit Item Codes, and whether a signature is required for a transaction. Equipment Check-Out streamlines your workflow, automates your inventory, and takes the pressure off your staff.

  • Equipment Category Setup divides your equipment into categories for easier search and accurate reporting.
  • Bulk Type Setup defines equipment you don’t track as individual items.
  • Inventory Type Setup covers bigger ticket items that should be tracked on an individual basis.
  • Equipment Package Setup groups Bulk Types with Inventory Types into packages that can be rolled into a package price.
  • Equipment Shortcut Keys Setup assigns equipment a series of shortcut keys through the Equipment Check-Out screen.

Check Out or Reserve Equipment

Start by scanning a member’s card. Verify identity and eligibility, then select equipment type and choose desired items from available inventory. Click Check Out and complete the process. If necessary, collect a deposit or fee based on your billing rules. Make it all happen in seconds, and keep your club moving.

Equipment Check-Out distinguishes between a member checking out equipment and reserving equipment. You reserve or check out equipment from the same screen. Enter reservation dates for the chosen equipment, hit Reserve and your member is off and running. And SpectrumNG’s user-friendly, robust interface delivers what you need, fast and easy.

It’s really a hassle-free way of taking care of your members, while taking care of your bottom line.

Checking in Equipment

Bring your equipment back home with speed and efficiency. Equipment Check-Out is smart and flexible, restoring your inventory in a few quick steps. Pull a complete list of all outstanding invoices for a chosen location. Or, swipe a member’s card and access their individual invoices. Ensure everything is in order – in shape - and click Check In. You are done.

If equipment is late, damaged or stolen, take action based on your club policies from the same screen. SpectrumNG watches your equipment, so you don’t have to.

Event Management

Become the Choice Destination for Any Event.

Make the most of your club events with a powerful scheduling tool for expert planning and implementation. CSI Event Management is an integrated solution for booking and managing any event that your club may host. Book, rent and manage your valuable resources with speed and efficiency, knowing both you and your customer are getting a great return on investment.

Capture more revenue. Offer custom packages that exceed expectations. Optimize your staff, facilities and capabilities to deliver a better event, a better customer experience. With Event Management, you are hiring an automated event planner - networked throughout your entire club - that truly knows your business.

As part of our Facility Management suite, Event Management integrates with CSI Scheduler, Spa, Camp, Program Registration and League & Tournament Management modules to streamline resources and empower the right departments. Now, verify availability and eliminate double booking with smart features designed to save time and money.

Turn sophisticated events into simple exercises. Event Management is equipped to handle the finer points of any scheduled event. From first contact to final bill, you can navigate meetings, banquets, and even pool parties with professional precision – inside or outside your facility.

Event Management Benefits:

  • Build creative events and packages using customizable features.
  • Book events with ease and efficiency leveraging vital data from start to finish.
  • Enjoy flexible payment options that drive both revenue and customer satisfaction.
  • Target more events utilizing fast, proven resource management tools.
  • Integrate with SpectrumNG and make your entire club part of the event.

Event Management in Action

Event Management makes it easy to initiate all your events and functions through a uniform workflow. Enjoy flexible options that align with your club policies and initiatives. During setup, customize Event Management to handle a broad range of events. And your staff will schedule, arrange and manage all events using the same process.

Design a variety of room layouts. Display exactly how a room should look for meetings, birthdays and conventions. Dig deeper by subdividing rooms into multiple sub-resource configurations – without double booking. And, based on customer demand, reserve a wide breadth of resources for any event. Event Management is built to meet your customer’s most creative needs.

Set up Event Management to process different fees for different events. Charge a flat fee for any event. Charge by the room. Create a standard fee, or charge a premium based on the time of day. Set a different price structure for non-members. And differentiate member pricing by membership type. You can also define a cancellation fee while arranging an event. Set up everything around your rules and resources and Event Management will handle the rest.

Add more detail and maximize your events. Staffing, chairs, food & beverage are all extra fees you can target and charge both individually, or as a package. Include decorations or an open bar to refine your packages. Hire a caterer. Satisfy special requests. And offer technical assistance with audio-visual equipment, or softer touches like balloons, because Event Management can accommodate the most robust package, the most unusual request.


Allow members, guests or prospects to book an event. Regardless of who makes a reservation, Event Management can process everything necessary to create a memorable experience. Booking events has never been easier. Event Management offers three Graph Views: Month, Week and Day. Available resources are summarized in both the Month and Week graph views. Book new appointments through the Day graph. You can also use the Day graph to view booked appointments currently on your event schedule.

After choosing a function type and date, Event Management will provide critical details about your reservation. Specify an event name, times, resources and estimated attendance. Select an event configuration and identify applicable event fees. Add a contact for the reservation. And include a credit card guarantee along with any specific instructions for the event. Shape a reservation with valuable information for your staff to follow, using Event Management to run your best event yet.

And when booking a repeat event, create a Continuous Booking that reserves resources for multiple days all on one reservation. Event Management will duplicate information and payment data for each scheduled day of a continuous event. Both consistent and accurate, Event Management is ready to handle your biggest events.


Event Management offers flexible payment options. Whether collecting payments, deposits, or setting up installments, Event Management gives your customer choices. Go through POS, take installments, invoice and bill, or charge to a member’s account. Accept multiple deposits leading up to an event, or draft the same amount as an installment. You can take a full installment or multiple installments, and complete the transaction by drafting a credit card on file with the reservation.

Take advantage of Event Management Billing and automatically process installments and event fees. With a credit card on file, you can quickly charge for an event based on the chosen payment option. You can also print an invoice or statement for the customer’s records. And after billing is generated, you can choose to draft only installment amounts for reservations with a credit card guarantee. It’s all part of Event Management – a better way to plan your next event.

Front Desk Check-In

Jump-Start Your Front Desk.

Give your front-desk employees the right tools for checking in members with speed, efficiency and the latest in security controls. CSI Front Desk Check-In monitors your business and leaves a great first impression. It puts your entire club in motion, getting your members, guests and prospects from check-in to workout with ease.

With intuitive functions built for performance, Front Desk Check-In tracks attendance, validates membership status and controls club access. Programmable alerts make your staff aware of key member information at check-in. From account balances to membership renewals, you are well equipped to automate – and execute - critical aspects of your business plan and club policies. And your staff will be more proactive, capturing new revenue opportunities and delivering exceptional service.

Front Desk Check-In is designed to magnify data points and turn them into success. Are certain parts of your club busier than others? Utilize Activity Check-In and identify discrepancies in activity and usage. Gather and share intelligence that fills up your facility and enhances the total club experience. It all starts at check-in.

Enjoy full integration with SpectrumNG’s robust suite of programs, building downstream connections to your entire club. Your personal trainers can forward messages regarding appointments to clients. Spa reservations can be confirmed on the spot. Allow your staff system access to member lockers, member balances, member management, guest registration and point of sale. Handle everything up front because SpectrumNG powers up your premium services at first contact – the minute your members walk through the doors.

Front Desk Check-In generates a unified view of check-in data for managers, leveraging insight and information about members and activity. Easy view tabs quickly reference club attendance and check-in exceptions. You can monitor facility usage and track participation. Identify members that require a follow-up, or special attention. Customize SpectrumNG to fit your needs while creating a user-friendly environment for both staff and members.

And drive traffic through designated access points with faster, more secure flow – starting with the front desk. Verify contact and membership information. Make comments and notes available to your staff. Control turnstiles, doors and gates. Front Desk Check-In is also compatible with state-of-the-art entry systems: key tags, card readers, and fingerprint or handprint biometrics. SpectrumNG really does put advanced controls – and tight security – at your fingertips.

Front Desk Check-in Benefits:

  • Enhance customer relationships with detailed, relevant data.
  • Move member traffic through your facility with speed and precision.
  • Alert members to status changes through one, integrated source.
  • Engage customers with timely information that boosts both revenue and customer satisfaction.
  • Control access to your club with proven, advanced security features.

Front Desk Check-in in Action

Front Desk Check-In is really an end-to-end solution for fast, convenient check-ins. It also connects club to member, displaying a comprehensive view of each member’s account information. You can set up audible alerts for reminders, administrative items, current or past due balances, and notification triggers, including invalid check-ins for both member status and membership types. And use the family check-in screen for quickly getting multiple members of the same family through the doors and off to their club destination.

  • Position your front-line staff as a single point of contact for members.
  • Target membership renewals and new revenue opportunities.
  • Enable a variety of audible alerts, each with a unique sound.

For Management

Arm your managers with strategic data for making better business decisions. With a custom snapshot of sharp, reliable information, your managers can dig deeper into member accounts and profiles, crafting smart responses to issues impacting your club. And Front Desk Check-In moves as fast as you do. 15 canned reports help you spot trends, optimize performance and track member behavior – at your speed. It’s instant access that gives your managers an edge.

  • Monitor both facility usage and member attendance and maximize resources.
  • Identify issues and leverage business intelligence for optimum performance.
  • Create custom queries tied directly to your club’s rules and practices.

Club Security

Keep your club secure and maintain the integrity of your memberships with SpectrumNG’s powerful system for managing traffic flow. Picture imaging and selectable tabs give your front-line staff a fast, effective method for checking in members.

And Front Desk Check-In is permission driven, leaving you in control of who sees what. It works with the most advanced entry systems available. It activates gates, turnstiles and magnetically controlled doors in milliseconds. Take hands-free control of your club access points and accelerate traffic, while keeping your assets protected.

  • Enforce facility access and usage rules based on membership status.
  • Make notes and comments, initiated by management and back office staff, visible to your front desk.
  • Integrate with Access Control System and grant access based on membership type.

Gift Card Management

Launch a New Revenue Source.

Gift cards are a powerful way to offer convenience, increase profitability and build brand awareness. CSI Gift Card Management is a dedicated module for creating, selling and tracking customized pre-printed gift cards redeemable for any service your club provides. Perfect for the café or the spa, take advantage of a proven method for generating new revenue streams while enhancing your club’s professional image.

Gift Card Management makes it easy to design attractive cards, promote versatile usage and automatically track value – all in a secure environment. It’s flexible enough for single or multi-site clubs. Apply your club logo and put your own signature on each card. And Gift Card Management is fully integrated with SpectrumNG, making it easy to manage gift cards from activation to expiration. Gift cards have become a preferred method of payment for many consumer-driven industries. Today’s health club is a multi-service business driven by customer service and attention to detail, making Gift Card Management an ideal tool for attracting and retaining customers throughout your facility. Use Gift Card Management as a simple, efficient way for members and guests to get the most out of your club.

Gift Card Management Benefits:

  • Offer a new payment method available throughout your club.
  • Customize cards for branding and promotional opportunities.
  • Control the entire gift card process with simple, intuitive functions.
  • Make gift card sales, redemption and refunds a customer service tool.
  • Integrate fully with SpectrumNG for downstream accounting and accuracy.

Gift Card Management in Action

Starting at the corporate office, create an item code for all participating facilities. The gift card setup can account for general ledger postings into a liability account for deferred revenue. At card redemption, revenue flows to the designated account tied to the purchased item or service. Define an exact expiration date as part of a strategic promotion, or open, ongoing customer use. Prepare cards in bulk with a pre-determined dollar amount, or customize individual cards with a unique value. Setup is quick, easy, and ready for activation.

Sales and Redemption

Gift cards are sold and activated through POS. Gift Card Management can accommodate any purchase or redemption amount. Once a customer chooses a purchase amount, the card is activated and all redemptions are reflected through POS. Allow your members to use their gift card at any of your locations. And if a card is lost, deactivate the card in a snap using the same POS functions.

And through POS, gift cards can be used anywhere in your facility. Whether having lunch by the pool, or enjoying a massage in the spa, Gift Card Management empowers your members and guests with a reliable source of payment. No more cash or credit cards. Simply select an item or service for purchase, choose gift card and redeem.

Gift Card Management is streamlined through POS for both security and convenience.

  • Track and monitor card values automatically through SpectrumNG.
  • Leverage available card amounts for up-sell and cross-sell opportunities.
  • Add additional value to any card through a one-step function.


Gift cards have become a standard method for offering customer refunds. They also provide innovative vehicles for selling vertical services or introducing a customer to a new club amenity. Use Gift Card Management instead of issuing cash or credit. Gift card refunds not only ensure future revenue, but also help keep your books clean.

Gift Card Information

Use the Gift Card List or Gift Cards by Member features to review card information and history in a snapshot. Gift Card Management captures everything required for reporting and decision making though one simple view: original purchase amount, amount spent, amount available, and what items or services were redeemed per transaction. And even print a receipt of individual transactions. Gift Card Management connects your staff to precise numbers in an instant, leaving a lasting impression on your customers.


Inventory Is No Longer a Numbers Game.

CSI Software’s new Inventory Enhancements enable your club to gain control and increase visibility of your inventory. View, adjust and track on an itemized basis through powerful features and functionality. Save time and money using an automated, integrated system that delivers inventory to the right people, at the right time.

Add new inventory by size, color, style or design. Quickly indentify precise inventory numbers for each of your locations. Even handle purchase orders for multiple sites. Manage stock, move more products, and get the execution right because our Inventory Enhancements will optimize your most demanding inventory needs.

Inventory Benefits:

  • Access, adjust and transfer available inventory from multiple sites.
  • Get instant, detailed views of your entire inventory.
  • Track inventory using robust selections for pinpoint control.
  • Enjoy full integration with SpectrumNG for an end-to-end inventory solution.

Inventory Enhancements in Action

The new Inventory Enhancements allow you to centralize inventory with a laser focus on products and purchase orders. Enter purchase orders for your entire organization. Order inventory by size, style, brand and color for each of your designated sites.

  • E-mail purchase orders in an instant.
  • Enter a “cancel date” on any purchase order.
  • Create purchase orders using alphanumeric entry.

Inventory product setup helps you build a flexible inventory system, tailored for your needs, through customizable features.

  • Enter size, style and color during inventory setup.
  • Utilize sizing scales with each inventory item.
  • Set up unique class distinctions, or different levels of departments.

Site and User Level

With our new Inventory Enhancements, individual sites can track negative on-hand. Meaning you can account for inventory quantities that go below zero. Now, track and report off a negative count.

Program Level

Pick any inventory item and get a quick snapshot of critical information through our new view inventory screen. Drill down and search item by item for any category, code, name, vendor or scan code. Instantly view selected data, including cost, vendor information, receiving information, available quantity and quantity sold-to-date. Even identify the last date an item was sold. Your staff will find everything required for a fast, accurate search.

And when moving items from site to site, create a transfer slip and ensure a seamless operation. Use a transfer slip to attach items sent to your chosen site.


Inventory Enhancement is integrated with POS, enabling your staff to look up on-hand inventory across all sites - across your entire inventory chain.

Start a search using an item-by-item code, scan code, or description. Then scan a list and locate your chosen item. After targeting an item, you will be able to view sites holding that inventory selection. Selected items will be displayed on a separate screen. And from this screen, you can view inventory distinctions such as color, size and style, as well as locations with similar on-hand inventory.

Using the new Inventory Enhancements, you can also edit item descriptions at point of sale. Create this option in POS setup.

Kid Care

A Smarter Way to Manage Kids.

Today, being a full-service club means taking care of the entire family. And CSI Kid Care delivers the right functionality for taking great care of children while parents work out. Streamline scheduling, administration and billing for your child-care facility. Ask the right questions, capture the right data, provide the right experience, and send a reassuring message to your members that don’t take childcare for granted.

Kid Care is the perfect solution for managing that “younger” department in your club with unique needs and special demands. CSI Software knows your child-care facility is more than just an ancillary service – it’s now a selling point, attracting and retaining members. And with Kid Care’s rich feature set and user-friendly functions, you can organize and automate disruptive tasks, and get back to focusing on the kids.

Track the time children spend on your watch. Separate kids based on age and needs. Set different kid-to-employee ratios by room. Charge different rates based on specific criteria. Ensure all kids are handed off to the correct guardian. And get detailed reports of facility usage and user trends. SpectrumNG’s Kid Care module was designed to help facilitate trusted, professional childcare because it’s one of the most important things you do.

Kid Care Benefits:

  • Track children, parents or designated guardians for safety and security.
  • Build a user-friendly database of valuable details about kids in your care.
  • Bill for services through SpectrumNG’s fully integrated platform.
  • Speed traffic flows and enhance the full-service club experience.
  • Develop a professional child-care facility based on trust and accountability.

Kid Care in Action

Kid Care setup defines all the inputs and variables needed to operate your facility at full strength. Start by setting up the auto-numbering system for adding kids to your database. Then, designate your club employee responsible for the Kid Zone areas.

Organize a series of user-defined fields specific to Kid Care. Enter critical information about each kid into these fields, including allergies and medical alerts.

Whether physical or virtual, Room Setup builds unique rooms in your Kid Zone area. This segments kids by age group, satisfies kid-to-employee ratios, and charges appropriate rates for different groups. Infants, toddlers, and school-aged children can have individual rooms because Kid Care is custom fit for your child-care needs.

Use Room Schedule and Provider Schedule to target available rooms, and properly staff employees for designated rooms based on your mix of programs. If your hours of operation vary for different age groups, Kid Care accounts for any carryover or gaps built into your schedule.

  • Design your Kid Zone area to match available resources.
  • Segment and assign based on rooms, kids and employees.
  • Generate accurate bills according to precise, customizable variables.

Guardian & Child Management

Track children matched to an authorized guardian through the Guardian Management screen. If currently a member, the child can be linked to other club members from the same family, making all family members on the same account guardians. Add non-member children of existing members to the system. Add non-member guardians for unique circumstances. Enter grandparents, family friends and emergency contacts for safe, efficient traffic flow.

Or, work in reverse from the Child Management screen. Start with the child’s account and edit user-defined fields just like the Guardian Management screen. Make changes or supplement with additional guardians authorized to drop off or pick up.

Check In

Kid Care provides a fast and easy map to any member’s child-care data. Scan a member’s card and access relevant information for both the child and adult, including all children a member is linked to as a guardian. Select each kid being dropped off, enter the guardian’s club destination, and the member is off to work out.

Based on your policies, use SpectrumNG – through the Point of Sale module - to charge fees for using your child-care facility. Even print a customized nametag for each kid upon arrival, ensuring your staff meets any predetermined needs. Kid Care is the perfect interface for members making a smooth transition from kids to club.

Day View

The Day View screen becomes the home page for your Kid Zone staff. It’s a snapshot of your facility on any given day. Drill down to each kid and identify the guardian that dropped off, drop-off time, guardian location and total time in the facility. Backtrack with the same information for kids that have already been picked up, including paid or unpaid fees associated with the child’s stay. It’s really an intelligent tool for keeping all your kids safe and sound.

League Scheduler

Fill Out a Winning Bracket.

Go professional with League Tournament Management, the complete solution for managing all of your leagues and tournaments. Register individuals and teams. Track all of your games. Build bigger brackets adaptable to any format. And charge fees for participation based on flexible billing rules.

Basketball, tennis, racquetball&whatever the sport, whatever the season, League Tournament Management has the functions and capabilities to manage your leagues and tournaments like the pros.

And League Tournament Management is fully integrated into SpectrumNG, connecting to other key modules that make your leagues and tournaments even more dynamic. Track employee payroll. Schedule games into existing resources. View games through your master facility schedule. Even collect fees through the Point of Sale screen. Streamline both your sports and athletes with the power of SpectrumNG.

No more paper, mismanaged fees, and questions about results. From scores to standings, from round robin to revenue, everything you need to run a superior league or tournament is an easy setup away.

Enjoy a user-friendly interface in a graphics-rich environment, bringing life to your leagues and control to your fingertips. Whether hosting a tour stop, or running a full summer league, CSI League Tournament Management makes the most of your time and resources.

Go online and leverage the power of the web. SpectrumNG supplies a rich feature set to any computer, tablet or smartphone. Enroll teams, manage rosters, and check schedules, all at the user’s convenience. Just another way SpectrumNG can take you from amateur to pro.

League Tournament Management Benefits:

  • Offer leagues and tournaments of any size and format.
  • Deliver accurate scores and standings in real time.
  • Bill accurately for both teams and individuals.
  • Integrate with SpectrumNG for better resource management.
  • Speed enrollment and boost appeal with online access.

League Tournament Management in Action

General Setup is a primer for all leagues and tournaments. Determine if a player can participate on multiple teams. Define a waiver for online enrollment. And, grant designated captains, managers and members - from each team - default online access permissions. Walk through the remainder of the setup and choose from a variety of options validating rules and requirements for each league you offer.

  • Identify individual sports your club offers from the Sport Setup.
  • Specify season duration and enrollment dates using Season Setup.
  • Declare age and gender restrictions through League Setup.
  • Input game details and league bracket type with League Season Setup.

Go ahead and create your leagues with the Add/Edit League function. Indicate whether your league is a singles, doubles or team sport. Officials, roster size, bracket type, and number of league teams are also entered here. Even book a tournament for the end of the season.

Calculate league standings using League Points awarded for wins, losses, ties, forfeits and defaults. League standings can be used to determine playoff tournament eligibility and pairings. Enjoy new setup screens for both seasons and leagues. Season Setup specifies season duration and enrollment start and end date, helping players browse for league seasons, and staff to select and run reports. League Setup defines restrictions based on gender, age, teams, game and roster type. Also predefine venues for games. Venues can contain in-house resources, which can be integrated with other CSI modules and external resources.

We also have new options for creating your actual leagues. Game Details allows you to set up in-house and online registration dates, add a roster change deadline date, require a payment, or include an open enrollment option. Playoff Tournament adds a league bracket type, individual or combined. And the new Group Setup enables combined playoff brackets, meaning the best teams from each group automatically advance and play one another. League Tournament Management continues to deliver the innovation and automation needed to manage a perfect season, down to the last point.

And don’t worry if games come down to the wire, because SpectrumNG can break any tie using a variety of methods. Set up the Tie Break Method and always send somebody home a winner.

  • Break a tie based on total points earned, or allowed, throughout a league schedule.
  • Use head-to-head matchups between teams playing each other in the same league.
  • Rate teams after each game and declare a winner based on sportsmanship points.

In the spirit of fair play, SpectrumNG allows you to suspend a player and define the suspension expiration date and suspension reason. The suspended player’s status can be updated to Active after serving the designated suspension. If necessary, you can also ban a player, a more permanent measure eliminating the targeted participant from an active roster for the remainder of a league season.

League Tournament Management setup helps design your league exactly how you want it, automating your league seasons from start to finish.

Enroll a Team

Get your teams rolling in League Tournament Management. Users should select a group before enrolling a team. Then, enter a team name and build your roster. If the same team has previously competed in another league or tournament, simply import the roster into the league you are building. And encourage teams to enroll and pay online to expedite the process. Taking the field has never been this easy.


Both flexible and precise, League Tournament Management can charge team or individual fees for every league you offer. SpectrumNG leaves that choice to the participant. Set up an item code and price for each option, and the system automatically updates the roster until a team is considered paid in full. You can even develop different pricing for different membership types. SpectrumNG is a smart accountant, ensuring everyone pays to play.

Create a Schedule

Start by manually entering a schedule for the first week of games. Then clone the games for the rest of the tournament, or season. SpectrumNG automates the process, filling up the schedule with the required number of weeks necessary to complete your chosen format. And use the Assign Competitors function to insert designated teams into a round-robin format. No matter how complicated your schedules become, League Tournament Management ensures a perfect season.

Record Games

And when you’re playing for keeps, SpectrumNG delivers with a robust set of features for recording the outcome of every game. Enter final scores. Note whether a team forfeited. And identify the individuals that played in the game. Input game details, and League Tournament Management updates the standings as you go, including wins, losses and scores. SpectrumNG is your official scorer - and helps stir up the competition.


Build a bracket in a snap. Based on your setup, League Tournament Management can create either a single, or double elimination bracket. Specify the time and place for each game. Assign the officials working the game. And enter the scores and participants, all by clicking on the appropriate game. Winners automatically advance to the next round in the bracket. And for double elimination tournaments, the loser will drop directly into the loser’s bracket. SpectrumNG will even turn your league standings into a play-off tournament based on how your teams finished.

Online Enhancements

Extend your reach with new League Tournament Management online enhancements. Upload an image as a team logo. Clarify and visualize a rainout on the standings screen. And empower free agents to input preferences such as team, teammate, and group. We’ve also provided the option to browse leagues and tournaments in offline mode. Offline users can view critical in-season information, including sport, teams, standings, daily game schedule, and a league or tournament schedule.

With simple, automated features, League Tournament Management brings new meaning to “tournament time.”

Locker Management

Turn Your Lockers Into an Asset.

CSI Locker Management creates and manages multiple types of lockers within your facility, providing both members and non-members a safe, secure environment to store valuables. Track locker inventory, assignment and combinations with a dedicated module built for ease and accuracy. Set up locker areas, categories and numbers to match your facility layout and needs. With Locker Management, discover endless ways to power your lockers. It’s a robust feature set that automates your locker rooms and keeps your members moving.

A modern, efficient locker system not only manages member traffic and protects belongings, but is also a great selling point to prospects and non-member groups touring your facility. Club staff will appreciate having your entire locker inventory at their fingertips. Locker Management is really the first step to a great customer experience. . Now, make lockers a source of revenue with flexible billing options for any usage scenario. Designate lockers for daily or monthly rental. Even add a towel service. Use Locker Management to design your locker banks through an easy setup. Locker Management means speed and security for your customers and optimum resource management for your business.

Locker Management Benefits:

Design all your locker areas using intuitive, customizable features. Turn lockers into a revenue stream with integrated billing options. Accommodate any locker need, from daily to monthly usage. Manage club logistics and improve customer service. Integrate with SpectrumNG and enjoy a complete, end-to-end locker solution.

Locker Management in Action

Categorize lockers however you want. From executive lockers to the pool, from the men’s locker room to the women’s, define locker categories to align with your day-to-day operations.

Customize options and settings, and accelerate the pace of your club. Locker Management leaves guesswork behind, leaving your front-line staff free to assign lockers on the fly. And get organized fast. Locker Management allows you to choose color settings down to tabs and title bar for each category, creating a hassle-free system for getting members through the doors and into their workout.

  • Charge a one-time locker fee, or bill a monthly recurring fee.
  • Assign lockers for daily usage or member’s only.
  • Add additional fees to any locker category.


First, identify and customize locker categories, and then set up your actual lockers. Lockers are grouped in locker banks for cleaner organization. Quickly set up one row of lockers, or an entire locker room. Add lockers individually using manual controls, or in a numeric sequence throughout a locker bank.


Locker Management allows your facility to offer locks on an ad hoc basis. If a member forgets their lock, simply provide a club-owned lock and preassign it to a particular locker. Or, assign directly to the member or guest needing the lock. And everyone is safe because locker combinations are always secured in the system.

Locker Assignment

The locker assignment screen allows you to identify, access and assign available lockers in an instant. Categories and locker banks are color-coded according to setup, while lockers occupied and paid are displayed with clear, recognizable icons. Select a locker, locate a member, assign a lock and select a method of payment. Locker Management is transparent to the member and simple for the staff.

Upfront payments can be made through POS, AR or Billing. Everything is integrated through SpectrumNG, delivering multiple options for locker charges. Locker Management is built to handle day lockers as well. If you assign a day locker, Locker Management will automatically vacate that locker when your member or guest is finished using it.

Locker Utilities

Quickly track locker assignments for both members and non-members. View assigned, vacant and expired lockers in one snapshot. And clear expired lockers from Locker Management with a one-button selection. Enjoy convenient reports showing locker category, status, start date and expiration date. Use the data to alert customers with expired lockers through letters or e-mails.


Take Care of Your Most Loyal Customers

Protect your customer relationships and ensure loyalty throughout your membership with CSI Loyalty Program, an automated platform for awarding points.

Loyalty Program delivers powerful data and functionality – the technology required to run a state-of-the art rewards program. It also delivers the right expertise to differentiate your club from the competition and showcase strategic aspects of your club using a proven method for keeping customers coming back to your facility.

Give points to long-term members. Reward referrals. Encourage members to book more appointments. Determine exactly what incentives to offer, and how long to do it. Loyalty Program is flexible and can impact any of your customer-facing departments. Design your rewards program to reflect your brand and nurture relationships. And let SpectrumNG handle the execution because we specialize in making your loyalty data count.

Loyalty / Rewards Program Benefits:

  • Automate your entire rewards program with dedicated features.
  • Determine program participants based on your specific club rules.
  • Integrate with SpectrumNG and leverage the Facility Management suite of modules.

Rewards in Action

Rewards definitions are controlled by your club’s corporate, or main office. Implement the same rewards program across multiple sites, or tailor individual programs for each site. Defining Eligibility Eligibility criteria will help identify participants in your rewards program. Membership types, member codes, member status and relationship are criteria clubs can use to initiate a program.

SpectrumNG defaults all membership types and codes, making them eligible for your rewards program. You can also choose specific membership types or codes for eligibility to customize individual club programs. Also, members of any status or relationships are eligible participants. But, based on program design, you can restrict any member status. For example, make a program exclusive to full members.

Defining Reward Rules

Members can earn points for checking in, spending money, and making appointments or bookings at your facility. Define both the type and amount of points a participant can earn as a function of reward rules. Award points for things like new member referrals or length of membership.

Awarding Activity Points

  • Award points for each member check-in, or check-ins after a targeted number of check-ins.
  • Determine a value of points for each check-in based on your rules.
  • Account for and reward multiple check-ins per day.

Kid Care Check-In

  • Award points for each kid check-in, or check-ins after a targeted number of check-ins.
  • Give points for member check-ins and double those points for kid check-ins at your child care facility.

Appointments or Bookings

  • Award points based on bookings in the Facility Management suite of modules.
  • Utilize Spa Management, Program Registration, Scheduler, Group X, Camp and Event Management modules for your program.
  • Designate points per booking, or a pre-determined number of bookings before awarding points.

Money or Dollars Spent

  • Award points based on a pre-determined dollar spend at your facility.
  • Promote certain product categories by awarding points only to specific, promotional items.

Loyalty Points

  • Award points for a member’s tenure based on flexible criteria.
  • Set up a stretch target that rewards points after a pre-determined number of membership years.
  • Configure built-in, weighted variables and reward more tenured members.
  • Keep the math simple and assign a specific value for each membership year.
  • Reward members for referring a new member.

Defining Levels

Define levels in Loyalty Program based on a minimum number of points associated with each level. Each level is defined by a level name, a level description, and the designated number of points required to reach each level. Give your members goals to attain - an incentive to get more out of your facility. And reward levels will be displayed on member screens throughout SpectrumNG, making it easy for your staff to acknowledge top spenders and more active members.

Defining Promotions

Use Loyalty Program to promote strategic assets within your club. Book more spa appointments. Move more traffic through your Group X classes. Sell more gear in your pro shop. Rewarding certain member actions and stimulating buyer behavior is not only good business, but also capitalizes on the diversity of your club.

Promotions are set up and initiated by certain inputs: promotional period, points to earn, name and description, and applicable rewards area. You can set up multiple promotions based on a promotional schedule, but only one promotion will be active at a given time. Promotional points are added to a member’s overall rewards total.

Member Rewards Information

In this section, your staff can view a member’s reward points and information. The initial member list will display each member’s “Reward Status” and eligibility based on pre-determined criteria. You can add or remove a member based on status.

Locate a member and review reward points data: Rewards Start Date, Total Points, Level Name – or current member level - and Points Earned Through. Points Earned Through lists each area points were earned, and more detail regarding points earned for each area.

Transaction Listing

Your club can use the transaction listing to view parameters of points earned. Transaction listing provides date, time, points earned, and how those points were earned, or accumulated.

Member Management

Build a Better Customer Experience.

Gain valuable insight into your club. Launch CSI Member Management and get a powerful look at what your members are all about.

CSI Member Management delivers outstanding customer service when it counts the most. Quickly access critical data that makes a difference when member issues develop in person or over the phone. With a custom snapshot of both personal and financial information, your staff can provide faster feedback and make better decisions about your club’s future.

And Member Management delivers outstanding customer intelligence when it’s needed the most. Your sales staff can pull the right information to effectively engage members. Enroll, maintain, retain&and develop stronger customer relationships. Your back office staff can access financial and billing information to make flexible, accurate changes to a member’s account. Attention to detail serving the best interests of your entire club.

Member Management is good at bringing a lot of member data into clear focus. View and edit membership type, family members, billing information, e-mail addresses, activity preferences, medical limitations, status, notes and more. And add key parts, too. Take pictures, make comments, access transactions, and print customized membership cards. Even track check-in history.

Member Management Benefits:

  • Access critical member information for prompt action and discovery.
  • Isolate data in key departments and guarantee a consistent workflow.
  • Customize settings to reflect your billing rules and club practices.
  • Enhance customer satisfaction with timely, meaningful responses.
  • Maximize revenue opportunities and minimize billing errors using precise inputs.

Member Management in Action

Arm your sales team with tools making enrolling and retaining members fast and easy. Member Management offers unlimited membership types and customizable membership lengths. Facility, activity and spending trackers monitor member behavior - a smart indicator of participation and satisfaction. Give your sales team an edge because keeping members always costs less than finding new ones.

  • Optimize customer relationships with detailed, relevant data.
  • Save memberships through Case Management, Notes and unlimited report options.
  • Identify issues and strategically engage customers before a membership is terminated.

Front Desk

Make a big impression on members when they walk through the door. Member Management empowers your front desk with vital account information – the kind members want up front. Get your front-line staff ready to handle most inquiries and help automate the customer experience.

All Member Management information is permission driven, leaving you in control of who sees what. Member Management provides quick access to contract information, check-in availabilities, dues rates, transaction history, locker information, scheduled activities and other member data. Update contact information and edit or add comments, notes and check-in messages, too.

Member Management creates endless opportunities to make a great first impression.

  • Protect sensitive billing information by customizing permissions.
  • Position your front-line staff as a single point of contact for member inquiries.
  • Leverage business intelligence for better customer service.

Back Office

With Member Management, your staff can instantly change member status and billing information through robust options designed for speed and accuracy. Whether adding a family member or switching a billing method, SpectrumNG gives your back office and accounting staff the best tools available to meet the demands of your constantly changing business.

Member Management is customizable and comprehensive, providing access to member information -based on your rules - across one, integrated platform. Ensure each member account has the correct information: draft, dues rate and financial data. This maximizes billing integrity and eliminates rework. Update member status on the fly, using simple, intuitive features for making just about any change. Member Management delivers a reliable, agile response to your members and your business.

Start with a change feature to reflect a member’s current status. SpectrumNG walks you through each step. Make changes to family members, dues, locker information and any scheduled activities. Select a reason for the status change and enter quick notes anyone can reference. Choose another option and charge, suspend, skip or remove dues. Even freeze accounts for members unable to use your club for a prescribed length of time.

And take action based on deeper insight into a member’s financial information. Missed a charge on a member’s account, add it through AR Entry mode. Need to account for a forwarded payment, apply it through AR Payment mode. A member wants a copy of a transaction receipt, access it through Transaction Listing. Switch from statement billing to draft billing. Access 30 canned reports or create your own. Add family members, update contact information, verify member finance and installment options, and send e-mails with HTML, including attachments. Capture everything you need in Member Management for better control over your bottom line.

  • Make member status changes quickly through one, integrated source.
  • Freeze a member account based on your club’s billing rules.
  • Enhance reporting capabilities through query builder.

Online Services

Align Your Club With Today’s Technology.

CSI Online Services captures sales opportunities and publishes vital data around the clock, keeping pace with web innovation and engaging members at their convenience. Today’s business climate requires a fast, flexible approach to customer service. Online Services pushes payments, enrollments and bookings straight to your members’ fingertips, wherever they may be.

SpectrumNG supplies a rich feature set to any computer, tablet or smartphone.

Join the club online. Access billing statements. Book an appointment. SpectrumNG links to your club’s website and delivers a virtual suite of services to a more demanding, mobile membership. Expand your reach and promote club services direct to both prospects and members – your most important resources.

Boost your membership sales. Manage club services. Create a paperless environment. SpectrumNG leverages the power of the web, finding new revenue streams while maximizing existing ones. Crunch time and expenses with Online Services, and boost productivity throughout your entire facility.

Online Services Benefits:

  • Automate registration for programs and classes
  • Schedule classes, programs, leagues and special events
  • Pay membership dues and club bills online
  • Send paperless billing statements and notifications
  • Provide secure payment options for online billing
  • Enroll new members at their convenience
  • Monitor attendance and employee reports

OLS in Action

SpectrumNG turns club prospects into club members. We’ve designed Online Services with your membership in mind, creating an environment that ensures joining your club is a fast and friendly user experience. Make OLS your virtual sales team.

Member and Guest Wizards

Member and Guest Wizards walk future members through easy, concise instructions while providing detailed descriptions of your facilities, hours and amenities.

  • Set up memberships specifically for online users.
  • Control which club sites offer online memberships.
  • Customers can access a full help file while enrolling through OLS.

More Benefits

Boost your brand by creating a custom e-mail template to motivate prospects joining your club online. We’ve made over 15 data input fields available, including a site logo and text feature. Online Services makes it easy to build a template that sends a targeted message and enhances your club’s image. And through the latest OLS enhancements, customize a temporary membership card to supplement an e-mail confirmation sent to new members. Choose from over 10 input fields and include your club logo.

As part of the new member contract, send a confirmation page full of vital information promoting classes, spa events and personal training specials. Give new members a memorable welcome while showcasing your club amenities. Also provide members a completed contract – all online - including an option to view in a PDF format. Display contract start date, expiration date and post-contract dues. Online Services gives your club a powerful presence in the online space.

Account Management

Automate your billing in paperless environment. Online Services helps manage your customer accounts on the web, while cutting deep into expenses tied to traditional billing. Offer a standard online statement, or drill down and display billing details that satisfy most member inquiries in an instant. And customize your online environment using OLS Label Management, a unique way to differentiate your services with full descriptions of both club services and member advantages.

Streamline your bottom line with SpectrumNG’s Online Services.

  • Go paperless and eliminate paper, ink and postage.
  • Combine with SpectrumNG’s Billing module and send automatic billing notifications.
  • Customers accessing Online Services can view and print billing statements.

Program Registration

Give members the power to register for programs on their time. Online Program Registration offers a pain-free function for managing the enrollment process – both for club members and club staff. No more standing in line, no more phone calls. Simply direct customers to Online Services and enjoy the fastest, friendliest way to fill up your club programs.

Create more awareness and make your programs more attractive, down to your most specialized Group X classes.

And accelerate the online registration process using our Quick Guest feature. Based on your club rules, display only minimum required fields during the sign-up process. Maximize resources in the background, while allowing members to book classes at their speed.

  • Enforce enrollment requirements with a full range of set-up options.
  • Request an electronic signature for a waiver.
  • Give customers the freedom – where applicable - to make a donation.
  • Expand your online services to include Group X classes


Scheduler makes your complete club schedule available online. Members can access the program from anywhere, at any time, booking tennis and racquetball courts, as well as personal trainers and physical therapy. Customize and control booking requirements for up to 50 viewable schedules. Let SpectrumNG do the scheduling for you.

  • Allow customers to choose date, time and duration for any scheduled service.
  • Control guest access to any scheduled service.
  • Indicate if payment is required at the time of any online booking.

Auto-Pay Options

Offer members flexible and secure auto-pay options through Online Services. We now have enhanced options for adding, activating and switching bank or credit card information on the fly. Today’s consumer-driven market demands more choices, and OLS can satisfy your members’ preferred payment methods using seamless, secure features.

  • Switch auto-pay methods from bank draft to credit card.
  • Update any existing auto-pay form in a hassle-free environment.
  • Choose to limit member options to bank account draft, or credit card draft.

OLS Employee Benefits

Your employees will enjoy the power and convenience of Online Services, too. Access new features for booking, billing and marketing – a faster, more efficient way to lock-in revenue, and provide deeper customer engagement. Perfect for trainers and instructors, OLS starts by empowering employees to directly book and bill services.

  • Accept credit card payments for an employee’s Scheduler reservations.
  • Sell a series sales package or redeem a member gift card.
  • Charge fees to a member account for online charges.

And OLS offers creative ways for your customer-facing employees to build better relationships with members. Create an instructor bio or personal web page and encourage online customers to link to backgrounds and certifications - information and trust that make a difference. And provide all your trainers and instructors with e-mail addresses during setup. With dedicated e-mail, members can go direct to the source with questions and concerns, bypassing the front desk while making valuable connections with your training staff.

Point of Sale (POS)

Expand Your Sales Horizons.

Gain state-of-the-art control over your sales transactions with CSI Point of Sale. Instantly process, track and inventory your club’s products and services using SpectrumNG’s powerful tool for managing complex sales environments.

Deploy Point of Sale and connect your different departments to one integrated system for faster transactions, bigger sales volumes and superior customer service. Discover how to maximize your revenue and deliver total convenience.

Point of Sale streamlines sales operations throughout your club with hardware and software designed for your diverse needs. Find sales items with a speedy search. Move items fast using a bar code scanner. Add a cash drawer, receipt printer, signature capture device and real-time credit card processing.

From the front desk to the pro shop, use Point of Sale wherever – and whenever – you make transactions. Give your members and guests the freedom to make purchases and payments throughout your club. Promote the entire club experience. And capture more revenue opportunities.

Customize your setup to reflect discounts and prioritize your biggest sellers. Designate certain transactions for managerial approval. And link everything back to your inventory for measurable updates and automated accounting. Process data around your sales cycle and billing rules, because Point of Sale is truly an end-to-end solution. Now your staff will be more efficient and your members will be more satisfied.

And Point of Sale was built for flexibility. Redeem gift cards. Take ad hoc member charges and payments. And because POS is fully integrated into SpectrumNG, you can also charge and collect payments for scheduled camps, leagues, spa services and private lessons. Enjoy downstream planning, budgeting and accounting with accurate, precise numbers.

With Point of Sale, it’s now easy to align your club resources. It’s now even easier to position your club for higher sales performance.

Point of Sale Benefits:

  • Connect and interface with all your departments using POS.
  • Automate high-volume inventory driven by POS transactions.
  • Extend your marketing reach to specialized departments and functions.
  • Take payments and process gift cards in strategic areas of your club.
  • Enjoy full integration with SpectrumNG and other facility management modules.

Point of Sale in Action

Empower your front desk with Point of Sale and meet sales opportunities head on. Your front-line staff makes that first impression. And your front desk is a hub of activity. Whether coming or going, customers appreciate buying and booking on the fly. Water, gift cards and training sessions become perfect convenience items - and valuable revenue streams.

  • Set up POS at your front desk for popular, quick sale items.
  • Accept cash, credit or member charges in a paperless environment.
  • Ensure a smooth and well-documented sales process for convenience items.

Pro Shop Inventory

Point of Sale helps make your pro shop a nice complement to your premium services. Clothing, equipment and quick hitters like energy bars and sports drinks are always in demand. Turn your pro shop into a profit center while maintaining a razor sharp inventory with the power of POS.

  • Automate your inventory and account for every item sold.
  • Measure quantities sold regardless of volume.
  • Enjoy accurate updates of quantity, price and cost after each transaction.

Gift Cards

Gift cards have become a preferred method of payment, and Point of Sale has the functionality for your club to take advantage. The gift card program is integrated with POS and can accommodate different levels of gift card purchases, as well as redemption.

  • Sell and activate gift cards quickly and provide instant credit.
  • Redeem cards through POS and make transactions on the spot.
  • Leverage a fresh, proven way to generate more sales.

Managerial Control

Some transactions need a manager’s approval. Other transactions tap sensitive member information. Whatever the situation, Point of Sale is designed to leave certain moves up to your management. Exercise control, exercise discretion, because POS helps you make better decisions.

  • Set up POS to define functions only performed by management.
  • Restrict staff access to information based on club policies and procedures.
  • Give a refund, void a transaction, or override account limits and discounts.

Facility Management and Services

Go ahead and sell your services direct by integrating any SpectrumNG facility management module with POS. Reach out to your different departments and let the specialists handle charges and payments with ease and precision. Camps, leagues, spa services and private lessons are ideal candidates for special attention. Attention to detail that makes a difference with members and guests wanting a one-stop shop.

  • Allow members and guests to pay for services while booking, or at arrival.
  • Guide users through collection and processing using the POS payment helper.
  • Add additional items to any charge - in any department – and boost convenience.

Reconciling and Back Office

Connect your back office to your sales functions and keep pace with the movement of your club. Point of Sale is the answer to managing multiple employees, multiple shifts and multiple cash drawers, keeping numbers straight with pain-free reconciliation. SpectrumNG offers two methods for reconciling shift transactions. Print an invoice listing and reconcile showing a payment summary per operator. Or, use the blind close method and allow operators to count down their till before ending a shift. It’s all determined by your needs and preference.

  • Allow multiple operators to use the same POS station without reconciling between.
  • Track transactions in multiple operator mode through a password protected workflow.
  • Disable multiple operator mode and reconcile at the end of each shift.

Program Registration

Build Bigger, Faster, Stronger Programs.

Power your programs with CSI Program Registration, a smart mix of features designed to register both members and nonmembers into your ever-evolving lineup of courses and activities. It’s built to launch and support a busy schedule. Driven by an innovative, tiered hierarchy, Program Registration organizes programs by sessions and categories. Define the number of available seats for each program. Balance your waiting list. Implement a flexible fee structure. Even set up special requirements for each class, including gender, age, grade and registration start and end dates.

Customize Program Registration to showcase your unique offerings and capabilities. It’s the total solution for managing all your programs with speed and efficiency.

Now, register with ease and accuracy, ensuring your programs stay full and your customers stay satisfied. Search a program by site, session, category, course, or a specific program. Quickly view program starts, days, times, instructors, availability and a current tally of existing registrants.

SpectrumNG displays applicable fees while giving you the option to prorate programs already in session. It also identifies customers that don’t meet age or gender requirements for a specific program. All of which gives your staff more time for planning and execution. Program Registration allows you to operate at full strength, giving you the freedom to run your best programs.

And Program Registration is fully integrated into SpectrumNG’s robust suite of programs. Move quickly to Point of Sale and better manage fees. Choose the Bulk Pay function for members wanting to satisfy – at one time - all unpaid programs.

Register or withdraw a customer, adjust both the roster and available spots for a given program, and charge or credit based on your billing rules. And all of these transactions flow directly to Accounts Receivable and General Ledger. It’s all automated, agile and built into SpectrumNG for pure control and downstream communication.

Take your business online and enroll with today’s technology. SpectrumNG supplies a rich feature set to any computer, tablet or smartphone. Empower your members to register online, at their convenience. You supply the details: courses, payment method and enrollment period. Program Registration supplies the savings: time, hassles and expenses. SpectrumNG leverages the power of the web, finding new revenue streams and boosting productivity throughout your entire facility.

Program Registration Benefits:

Search your programs by site, session, category, course or program. Program Registration is flexible and connects instantly to the exact data you need. Use the advanced search to target dates, days of week and instructor. Everything is viewable and ready to enroll customers into any program you set up.

  • Unify all of your programs for better organization and performance.
  • Search using advanced functions tailored for your business needs.
  • Manage program fees with accurate, automated support.
  • Extend your reach online and capitalize on new opportunities.
  • Connect to one platform and leverage the power of SpectrumNG.

Program Registration in Action

Program Registration follows a logical workflow, including background information, both course categories and individual courses, sessions and programs. The program hierarchy is simple and intuitive. It’s tiered and dynamic, with Session, Category, Course, Program and Class providing the foundation for your setup.

Session Setup creates registration start and end dates. Clone or copy sessions and eliminate duplication of courses and programs you offer on a regular basis. Category Setup builds categories for your programs. Program searches and reports can be organized by category.

Course Setup helps program fees, instructors, resources, pop-up notes, program details and age, and gender requirements. Also, create course codes and rules for payment and enrollment.

Program Setup defines dates, times, size and waiting list parameters for your various programs. Set a target number of registrants. After creating a program, you can edit date, time, instructor and resource for an individual class. And with automatic e-mail notification, Program Setup allows you to cancel or reinstate programs, too.

Finish the tier design with Class, setting specific time and dates a program meets. And determine instructor, resource, subject and subject detail.

Fees Setup is your accountant, keeping the numbers straight based on your club policies and rules. Input fees for members and nonmembers, set up two levels of early bird fees, and automatically calculate prorated fees for courses pegged to a particular start date. And, if necessary, go ahead and bill for materials, supplies and cancellations.

Program Registration captures lots of data, helping achieve your objectives. It also captures opportunities and turns them into revenue.

Select a Program

Search your programs by site, session, category, course or program. Program Registration is flexible and connects instantly to the exact data you need. Use the advanced search to target dates, days of week and instructor. Everything is viewable and ready to enroll customers into any program you set up.

  • Utilize the program look-up feature to search programs by individual.
  • Leave messages that display when specific customers enroll.
  • Get a comprehensive view of valuable criteria used in the selection process.

Enroll a Customer

Enrolling both members and nonmembers into your programs is fast and easy. Search members by name or member number. Search nonmembers by name or telephone number. You can also add customers as you go.

And Program Registration has smart functions that align with your club policies. Leverage the intelligence of SpectrumNG to alert staff when a customer wants to enroll, but doesn’t meet your requirements for that program. It’s really about getting you the right information - at the right time - to make smarter business decisions.

  • Automate the migration of customers from a full class to a waiting list.
  • Use Managerial Control for enrolling an individual into a full class.
  • Move from program to program without manually calculating fees.

Prospect Management

The Perfect Lead to More Memberships.

CSI Prospect Management sets the tone for a successful sales cycle with fast, customizable features for capturing and managing key prospect data, helping your club close profitable memberships. Get a comprehensive view of your entire prospect. Automate critical aspects of your sales process. Streamline your customer contacts and build better relationships. Simply turn prospects into members. From initial contact to member signature, give your sales team the power of Prospect Management and never miss another sales target.

Now you can track each prospect through the entire sales cycle. Enter and access a full spectrum of prospect information through Prospect Management’s easy navigation and reliable execution. Input contact information, club interests, personal preferences, medical history and all customer interactions leading to a completed membership. Create specific tasks and take good notes. And easily integrate with both Contract and Member Management modules for a true end-to-end prospecting tool.

Prospect Management is really a single repository of marketing intelligence, enabling your sales professionals to keep a laser focus on your future members. Ensuring your club gains a customer-driven reputation.

Prospect Management Benefits:

  • Close a higher percentage of sales with flexible features designed for your customer, your marketplace.
  • Automate important functions and streamline the entire sales process.
  • Cultivate meaningful prospect relationships driven by accurate, timely data.
  • Engage more customers with strategic communications and superior customer service.
  • Integrate with SpectrumNG and fully optimize your prospect workflow.

CSI Prospect Management in Action

Prospect Management delivers customizable selections that help collect and organize key data points about prospective customers. Make fast and effective changes based on your operations and strategies. Quickly input health history, food allergies, fitness goals, class preferences and personal interests – anything you need to turn prospects into customers. Designate how many check-ins a prospect is due based on club rules or whatever it takes to make the sale. Then select a timeline of acceptable check-ins per week, month or year. Even create required fields for basic contact information like e-mail address, home address and date of birth. Prospect Management’s easy setup will give your sales staff an instant edge.

Shark Tank

Prospect Management automates the handoff of prospect accounts through a unique feature called the Shark Tank. Regardless of circumstances, the Shark Tank is where different members of your sales staff - based on your setup guidelines - can pick up prospects that need fresh attention. Set up Prospect Management to recognize a time period for moving prospects to the Shark Tank. Make it a reflection of account inactivity, or recurring days since a prospect was last contacted. SpectrumNG runs a nightly process routine that automatically drops prospects in the Shark Tank.

  • Limit the number of prospects a sales member can acquire at one time.
  • Account for prospects assigned to terminated employees.
  • Set a grace period for contacting a new prospect, or one in the pipeline.

Prospect Profiles

Prospect Management allows management and sales teams to create, manage and evaluate prospective member profiles, helping build valuable relationships that lead to memberships. Put Prospect Management profiles into action by assigning follow-up phone calls, arranging club tours and making fitness assessment appointments.

Drill down to specific details about your prospects that make a difference. Use Prospect Management to assign sales members tasks unrelated to the sales process. And send assigned tasks to Outlook as a reminder because Prospect Management works seamlessly with other tools you depend on every day.

Entry Wizard

The Prospect Management entry wizard is user-friendly and built to support your sales staff, not disrupt them. Stay engaged with a prospect while entering critical information into Prospect Management. All additions and edits will be logged in the module’s history for quick reference. And make notes along the way, at the request of your customer or your management. Each note is dated and time stamped for easy tracking.

  • Enter sub-prospects and expand your market reach.
  • Have a customer sign a waiver when necessary.
  • Enter information into required fields and add ad hoc notes.

Add a prospect and immediately grant check-in privileges based on your default settings. Each prospect account has a check-in utility for adjusting check-ins on the fly. Add a start date, end date, frequency, or total number of check-ins allowed. Prospect Management has everything you need to develop better customer relationships and close more business.

More Benefits

Align your robust collection of prospect information with Prospect Management’s state-of-the-art calendar, an invaluable resource equipped with sophisticated viewing options, legible icons and simple maneuvering capabilities. Setting, locating and reviewing prospect data will be both simple and dynamic for your sales team.

Improve sales efficiency through timely, accurate prospect data. Record each call, e-mail or tour using the main Prospect Management feature. Track the results of those customer contacts, too. You can automate tasks for inviting prospects to a club party or forwarding prospects coupons to the spa. And send e-mails directly from Prospect Management using HTML – complete with any important attachments. Make those valuable connections and generate the right buzz around your facility.

And Prospect Management is truly an end-to-end solution for completing your club’s sales cycle. Now, you won’t just log and track prospect information along the way. You will also get real metrics – a closing ratio that reflects your staff’s efforts from start to finish, initial contact to membership. Access the Production Log for all entered prospect information and a precise closing ratio. Sound metrics can be utilized as a coaching tool or as a change agent for future marketing campaigns.


Adopt a Better Reporting Strategy.

CSI Reports is a true enterprise solution for authoring, viewing and customizing reports and queries that meet the needs of your entire business. Access trusted data and build reports designed for collaboration and insight. Generate powerful analytics allowing your club to make better business decisions and meet your operational goals.

CSI Reports integrates data from key departments in an end-to-end reporting environment. Gather and share information captured by traditional membership, attendance and sales reports. Pull from over 500 system reports created in an instant, or query specific fields in the database and produce ad hoc reports driven by custom criteria. CSI Reports is scalable and flexible enough to manage your most complex processes, your toughest challenges.

Get a broad snapshot of your business, or drill down and get sharper angles and detailed answers. Reports are easy to find and distribute. And all reports are professionally formatted, ready to preview, print and export. And everything is integrated with SpectrumNG for streamlined communication and optimum support.

Business reporting driven by sophisticated tools and robust capabilities. Valuable information at the fingertips of your entire staff. Less time managing and more time taking care of your members. CSI Reports is built to take you there.

Reports Benefits:

  • Access a uniform environment for all your business reporting.
  • Create customizable reports that meet your unique needs.
  • Save time and money using automated, powerful reporting features.
  • View, gather and distribute data from multiple departments to diverse users.
  • Use SpectrumNG to leverage the collective intelligence of your business.

CSI Reports in Action

With system reports, each reporting category is clearly defined, making it easy locate, separate and label reports according to your needs. And Reports has both e-mail and mailer capabilities, helping get information quickly to members, guests or prospects. Simply select reporting criteria, create an e-mail using HTML, add an attachment and send. Go ahead and alert customers to upcoming events or promotions demonstrating a professional touch.

Drill Down

Using the drill down feature, Reports gives you a deeper analysis, a better view of your business. Investigate a reporting number by drilling down to its finest details. For example, use Reports to drill down to targeted data points in an invoice. Dissect each invoice and locate things like date, time, member and payment details.


Make Time Your Ally. Make Billing an Asset.

CSI Scheduler optimizes employee and resource management through one powerful tool for scheduling and payment. Appointments and bookings become fully automated. CSI Scheduler makes billing and payment easy and accurate.

A customizable, intuitive interface simplifies the entire scheduling process, down to the most critical elements that drive your club – good numbers, great people, and your best customer service.

The health club industry has reached new levels of sophistication and complexity – more facilities, more services, more employees. And managing time and people effectively becomes crucial to success. CSI Scheduler is the engine that makes your club run smooth and efficient. Eliminate scheduling conflicts and billing errors by connecting your members and employees to one, integrated system.

SpectrumNG streamlines the entire scheduling process with flexible setup options, online booking and accurate reporting. Design Scheduler to match your booking rules and membership types.

Let members make spa appointments and book tennis courts from anywhere, at any time. Generate custom reports and view your business from fresh angles. Scheduler scales and flexes to meet your specific needs, getting the most from your time and resources.

Scheduler Benefits:

  • Customize Scheduler to track resources and employees based on your club’s needs.
  • Get a concise, consistent and comprehensive view of club bookings in a graphics-rich environment.
  • Publish online and connect your schedule to any computer, tablet, or smartphone.
  • Bill properly using custom inputs that reflect your diverse staff and services.
  • Run reports both before and after the billing process and ensure pinpoint accuracy.

Scheduler in Action

Scheduler introduces a robust set of options for club mangers to customize services and fees. Control booking rules, payment requirements and employee availability. Designed to fit the unique needs of your business, and flexible enough to manage your busiest months. Scheduler takes the guesswork out of planning and produces accurate numbers every time.

  • Create separate booking rules for both online and in-house operations.
  • Control reservations, resources and payments with timing and precision.
  • Align fees and access with different membership types and guest services.
  • Establish special fees for group bookings and club discounts.


SpectrumNG’s Scheduler brings your club to life with one quick snapshot. View an entire reservation from one main booking screen, an intuitive grid design built for speed and accuracy. Booking made easy.

Search available dates, times and employees based on real-time data. Manage with confidence knowing Scheduler is filling up your club with hassle-free reservations made by satisfied customers.

  • Access multiple resources to create more flexible bookings.
  • Drill down and search specific employees, dates and time ranges.
  • Book, view and edit recurrent reservations on an individual basis.
  • Select additional participants from a “buddy list” for each member and guest.

Online Services

Scheduler makes your complete club schedule available online. Members can access the program from anywhere, at any time, booking tennis and racquetball courts, as well as personal trainers and physical therapy. Customize and control booking requirements for up to 50 viewable schedules. Let Spectrum NG do the scheduling for you.

  • Allow customers to choose date, time and duration for any scheduled service.
  • Control guest access to any scheduled service.
  • Indicate if payment is required at the time of any online booking.
  • Designate different rules for online services and in-house bookings.


Utilize Scheduler’s flexible reporting features and dig deeper into billing and operations. Club managers can run multiple reports and organize by specific criteria for fine-tuned analysis. Scheduler doubles as a virtual assistant, getting your numbers right with comprehensive reports that drive accurate billing. Exercise the power of Scheduler to solve problems, recognize trends, and plan your club’s future success.

  • Organize reports by date range, operator, service, resource, provider or participant.
  • Pull cancellations, unpaid registrants, and sales generated through the Scheduler Program.
  • Select from a wide range of criteria and customize pre-billing reports.
  • Print post-billing reports and organize by payment type

Series Sales

Expect More Sales Volume This Year.

Offer your club members more personalized packages and properly account for the added sophistication. CSI Series Sales allows you to capture more revenue and reach more customers with automated tools for managing multiple products or services rolled into one sale.

From personal training to spa outings, Series Sales tracks usage, applies discounts, calculates pay rates, assigns commissions, targets expiration dates, and generates reports for any package you can build. It’s flexible and powerful enough to launch creative deals from any department. And it’s smart enough to integrate everything into one simple workflow.

Use Series Sales to streamline your offerings and navigate complexities. Design innovative packages that maximize your capabilities. Stay in front of your members with instant service and accurate numbers. Explore new sales opportunities because SpectrumNG is built to handle your imagination.

Series Sales Benefits:

  • Engage more customers with unique offerings, personalized service and flexible pricing.
  • Empower more departments and more staff to close up-sell, cross-sell and traditional sales opportunities.
  • Automate payroll and accounting with smart functions that instantly process key financial data.
  • Gather, organize and share real marketing intelligence through targeted reports.
  • Enjoy full integration with SpectrumNG and connect to your entire club.

Series Sales in Action

Series Sales offers an endless number of options for delivering targeted packages to your customer base.

Create discounts for designated groups or memberships. Offer sessions through both your online and in-house channels. Customize expiration dates to match your promotions. Choose fixed date, set date from first use, or sessions that never expire, and let your expiration options be as dynamic as your packages.

Whether based on a percentage or set amount, series sales sessions can be set up with a specific pay type and rate. Set Series Sales up to calculate a designated pay rate each time a session is utilized. And determine a commission rate for each series sales package. Choose a flat or percentage rate for individual packages and motivate your staff to sell services in bulk. You can give each staff member their own rate – nice for clubs with multiple departments engaged in the selling process.

Gain more control with flexible options for managing your trainers and instructors. Set up Series Sales to accept input from signed vouchers and paperwork, or go paperless and leverage session data entered into your database. And, decide if your specialists can backlog sessions. Set everything up according to your policies and procedures.

Usage and Function

SpectrumNG tracks sales and usage of series sales packages with speed and precision. Eliminate questions and concerns surrounding the implementation of your packages. With powerful functions built for your business, Series Sales manages more complex offerings that may not fit in a traditional sales cycle.

Turn your front desk into a profit center by using the POS module to market series sales packages at the first – or last – point of contact. Simply pull up a member, select a package and collect payment. New revenue streams are now at your fingertips.

Get instant access to a member’s sales usage history and information. And get a running count of sessions purchased, sessions utilized, sessions remaining and initial payment. Even drill down to the exact date, time, employee and comments associated with any session. Both fast and friendly, Series Sales helps turn your front-line staff into a revenue machine.

Give your trainers and instructors a new tool for recording sessions with pinpoint accuracy. Sync your system to a training appointment’s scheduled time. Redeem and deliver a session on the spot and automatically calculate the correct pay and commission for that session. Now, trainers can focus on their clients while SpectrumNG does all the heavy lifting in the background.

Series sales packages are the perfect fit for group exercise classes, too. Pilates, boot camp and yoga all work better in bunches. Let Series Sales manage pay rates, usage, and deferred revenue for all your Group X classes, providing a healthy experience for your members and a big boost to your bottom line.

Run a true destination spa with broader, more holistic packages meant to differentiate your club from the competition. Series Sales is the ideal tool for positioning your spa as more than a value-add service. Manage spa sales and redemption. Confirm employee pay rates and expiration dates on packages. View purchases and redemptions together and better communicate with your spa customers.

  • Log and track individual sessions for better accounting and customer service.
  • Record personal training sessions connected to any training package.
  • Design creative spa packages that showcase your specialists and expertise.


SpectrumNG generates powerful reports that reflect critical data collected by the Series Sales module. Gain valuable insight into your series sales transactions, including usage, adjustments, comps and refunds. Get a comprehensive view of any transaction. Connect downstream to payroll with accurate, timely reporting aligned with each series sales package. With Series Sales reporting, it’s really about delivering tactical support to any member of your staff wherever, or whenever, it’s needed.

  • Motivate members with reports capturing unused sessions.
  • Capitalize on up-sell opportunities by identifying packages nearing completion.
  • Gather and calculate pay rates based on any series sales package.

Spa Management

Build a Destination Spa.

Rejuvenate your spa services with a fully integrated solution tailored for that unique segment of your business. CSI Spa Management is a comprehensive platform, helping you manage reservations, track resources and power your payment process.

Your spa is thoughtfully designed as an escape for members and guests. We thoughtfully designed Spa Management to help plan that escape. Color your menu with imagination because Spa Management can take you there.

Customize your services, fees and booking rules with flexible setup options. View an entire reservation in a snapshot. Search and schedule your specialists for available rooms. Quote fees and discounts for services. SpectrumNG makes booking fast and easy – the first step to a luxurious spa experience.

And a 360-degree view of your clients will add a personal touch, while expanding your reach with critical data points for both existing and future sales opportunities. You can pull comprehensive reports for strategic analyses. Even track gift cards and spa packages. Spa Management is a state-of-the-art solution for delivering a one-of-a-kind service.

From massages to facials, from relaxation to restoration, your spa operates at a different pace, in a different environment. Spa Management captures meaningful data and turns it into valuable intelligence. It hits the finer points of your business. We think it’s the perfect treatment for your clientele, and your bottom line.

Spa Management Benefits:

  • Search available resources and book accurate, precise appointments.
  • Offer diverse packages and different price points based on your billing rules
  • Leverage deep customer insight and build lasting, profitable relationships.
  • Discover new revenue opportunities through robust analytics.
  • Connect to one platform and enjoy full integration with SpectrumNG.

Spa Management in Action

Spa Management setup aligns with your club rules and resources, delivering a custom, user-friendly interface for managing your entire spa. Build creative spa packages to differentiate your expertise. Set up group bookings for wedding parties or special functions. Even make your services exclusive to designated times and memberships. It’s all at your fingertips.

  • Create a timeline for taking appointments and handling cancellations.
  • Establish booking rules for both in-house and online operations.
  • Make provisions for both access and fees based on membership type.

Easy Booking

Fill up your spa through the main booking screen in Spa Management. Tap vital information driving any reservation. Match your providers with clients. Target available rooms to provide your services. Welcome your clients with confidence, knowing every minute of their stay is arranged and prepared for total satisfaction.

  • Search open time slots and book recurrent reservations.
  • Mark provider preference for future booking considerations.
  • Enjoy full integration into Point of Sale for charges and tips.

360-Degree Customer View

Get to know your customers, because the spa may be the most personalized service your club offers. SpectrumNG gives you – at a glance – the book on each one of your clients. From appointment history to service preference, make connections and provide touches that make a difference.

  • View past transactions for consultation and buyer behavior.
  • Make special notes and reinforce your attention to detail.
  • Track retention rates for budgeting and predictive analyses.

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