A web-based membership management software for nonprofits and small organizations.

Product Overview

Wild Apricot is web-based membership management software for small associations and nonprofit organizations to help manage membership, website, events and other activities. It offers a suite of tools for managing member databases, events, and financial transactions. The platform includes an automated member registration process, website building capabilities, and a range of management functionalities for admins and managers.

A mobile app is available for iOS and Android devices, allowing remote accessibility when attending events or visiting multiple chapters or branches.


  • Offers a wide variety of templates for flyers and newsletters
  • Can modify group assignments to allow specific-event registration


  • Cannot automatically send a post-event survey to attendees of a specific event
  • Account credits must be manually applied to dues

Target Market

Small to medium-sized organizations and clubs seeking an all-in-one solution for member management, event organization, and website management.

Not Recommended For

Large enterprises or organizations that require advanced email marketing or social media integration.

About Wild Apricot

Video Overview


  • Membership management
  • Even registration
  • Website builder
  • Online store
  • Online payments
  • Email and contact database
  • Mobile apps for iOS and Android


Plan Paid Monthly Pre-Pay 1 Year Pre-Pay 2 Years
Personal (100 contacts) $60/month $54/month $51/month
Group (250 contacts) $75/month $67.50/month $63.75/month
Community (500 contacts) $140/month $126/month $119/month
Professional (2,000 contacts) $240/month $216/month $204/month
Network (5,000 contacts) $440/month $396/month $374/month
Enterprise (15,000 contacts) $530/month $477/month $450.50/month
Global (50,000 contacts) $900/month $810/month $765/month
Starting Price
$60 /month
Price Range Learn More
   $     $     $     $     $   
   $     $     $     $     $   

Product Overview

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User Reviews of Wild Apricot

Submitted on November 13th, 2019 by Dennis Seger

We use Wild Apricot for three foster parent associations. Wild Apricot has the best mix of performance and price compared to competitor software I’ve used. Non-technical people can use most functionality. Wild Apricot can still be customized if you know HTML and CSS. We recommend this software for small to medium-sized non-profits to consolidate donor, member, and event databases into one solution.

Submitted on November 13th, 2019 by Carol Warkoczewski

With Wild Apricot, setting up our nonprofit’s website, events, and membership pages has been easy. Although there’s a learning curve, the solution is pretty intuitive. The support team has been wonderful at responding to my questions. The Wild Apricot team also makes improvements to their software based on user input.

Submitted on November 13th, 2019 by Natalie Carmolli

We use Wild Apricot for membership management. Wild Apricot is an easy site-building tool with lots of features. Wild Apricot is also constantly improving and updating their software solution.

Submitted on November 13th, 2019 by Isabel Hogue

We use WildApricot for managing our membership platform. Wild Apricot is easy to use and has been well received by our membership base. The customer service was fast when I needed the help.

Submitted on December 10th, 2018 by Anonymous

Only let you have 1 invoice template, need multiple templates - their click ratio is way too high to send out emails, system is overly complicated, financial pieces don’t report well.