A child care management software to stay connected and in control

About Procare

Procare, formerly Kinderlime, is a child care management software made to help staff and parents stay connected and in control. This online or desktiop solution offers contactless check-in/out, integrated tuition collection, business management tools and more with no expensive contracts required. With Procare, you get everything you need to run your business in an innovative, all-in-one platform so you can focus on what matters most - caring for kids!

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Both the online and desktop versions of Procare include a wide variety of helpful features:

Child Care management (CMS)

  • Web Application (use on any device)
  • Child-Staff Ratios Compliance and Scheduling
  • Family and Child Information
  • Child Roster
  • Attendance
  • Meal Tracking and Food Program Management
  • Enrollment Schedules
  • Immunizations/Allergies/Meds
  • Rooms/Facilities
  • Reporting

Classroom Management

  • Lesson Planning
  • Frameworks, Assessments and Milestones
  • Events Calendar
  • Alignment to State and Montessori Standards

Mobile Apps

  • Staff Mobile App
  • Parent Engagement Mobile App
  • Contactless Check-In/Out (with Authorized Pickups)

Financial Management

  • Center Financial Accounting
  • Tuition Charges and Balances Tracking/Calculations
  • Multi-Family Billing
  • One-Time Invoices

Payment Processing

  • Multiple Payment Options (ACH , CC, etc.)
  • Automated Billing

Staff Management

  • Staff-to-Staff Messaging
  • Staff Timecard
  • Staff Data and Information
  • Payroll

Parent Engagement and Communications

  • Videos and Photos of Daily Activities
  • Staff-to-Parent Messaging
  • Staff Data and Information
  • Newsletter Creation and Distribution


  • Online Registration Form
  • Registration Fee Collection
  • Lead List/Waitlist Management

Lead Management

  • Lead Tracking/Profile
  • Lead Nurturing
  • Lead Automations
  • Lead Tasks Management

In addition to all these features, live customer support is available along with chat.

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User Reviews of Procare

Submitted on March 8th, 2022 by Terri G.

Procare’s customer service is exceptional. I came from a company where we strived to deliver amazing customer service so I know what it takes. As a small business owner, it means so much to me that Procare is there to help me resolve any issues.

Submitted on March 8th, 2022 by Cynthia R.

Procare is how my business runs! We use it for all payments, sign in and out sheets, time cards for staff, scheduling students even simple things like birthday lists. Procare is the staple in my child care.