A job cost application designed by Acumen Data Systems.

About JobVIEW

Your business is like a symphony–and the greatest start together, work together, and finish on time. JobVIEW ensures your team and manufacturing processes are on-schedule and in perfect pitch. With easy-to-use production scheduling, inventory tracking, and machine tracking. All with a common user interface, database, and job flow. And with dashboards that make sense. So you can achieve total harmony–complete manufacturing automation and lower operational costs, on-time, all the time.

Smooth System Transition

Stuck using multiple programs? Managing everyday tasks across your business by switching between programs and databases means inefficiency, redundancy, miscommunication and less-than-accurate recordkeeping. With JobVIEW, integrate seamlessly with your other business systems. Incorporate real-time shop floor data collection software to automate manufacturing production.

Unparalleled In-Depth Reporting

Take a closer look at the complexities of your workforce and production. JobVIEW provides insight through in-depth reporting into manufacturing processes, raw materials, inventory, and employee labor. It manages jobs, manages machines, and best of all, your finest asset: people. With real-time access to current and historical job data, you can optimize production and increase productivity without a lot of fuss.

An Interface Anyone Can Use

Simple organization is vital to effective job tracking. That’s why we designed JobVIEW to be easy for any business to use. Our job tracking functions are organized by tabs, so you can reach any information you want about a given job from a single screen. You’ll know where all of your employees are, what job they are currently completing, and when it is complete. Shift employees wherever they’re needed at a moment’s notice. Anyone on your team who can use a web browser with tabbed browsing already understands how to use our software. It’s synchronized with real-time updates.

Build on What Works

Integrate with the programs you already rely on to keep your business running. JobVIEW integrates with any ERP system, MRP system, payroll system, or database. Whether licensed or deployed in a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, our web-based solution is accessible anywhere in the world, any time of day.

Interoperable with most employee time and attendance systems and other business systems.

Production Scheduling and Capacity Planning

Get real-time insight into your resources - raw materials, machines, labor, and inventory - so you can accurately schedule jobs, forecast promise dates, and determine appropriate production rates. With production information and resource availability at your fingertips, you can accurately calculate production capacity to mitigate under-delivery and improve overall equipment effectiveness.

Shop Floor Data Collection

Get fast and reliable access to current and historical information for the maximum return on your investment. Optimize workflow with accurate, real-time information regarding time and materials spent on each work order. JobVIEW integrates seamlessly with existing systems such as Macola and SAP, as well as Acumen’s other applications.

Manufacturing Automation and Machine Tracking

JobVIEW integrates with most data collection devices, including terminals (time clocks), camera systems, scanners, handheld and mobile devices, computers, and more. Synchronized in real-time with Acumen’s GetDATA data collection software and PutDATA data replication software. JobVIEW identifies machines that are down and re-routes production accordingly. Error codes identify the problem so you don’t have to. Machine maintenance tracking sets up on schedules to automatically account for downtime, ensuring no production lapses.

Inventory Tracking

Available raw material, parts, assemblies, inventory, scraps, and waste–all key metrics that you need, providing essential information so production never misses a beat. JobVIEW means you reliably and cost-effectively take physical inventory counts without ever counting anything. Track it all–from location to expiration dates. Automating inventory reconciliation, JobVIEW saves time, reduces costs, and identifies restocking needs automatically.

Job Costing Integration

Because we integrate with all ERP, MRP, and most other systems, JobVIEW ensures the accuracy of all job costing information. Provides real-time job costing for hard costs. Also imports job costing data (hard and soft costs) from ERP, MRP, or most business systems and databases. Your purchase orders and bill of material information can then be automatically imported from these business systems using our synchronization software.

Workforce Management

With our roots in employee time and attendance, our workforce management modules are extremely powerful. That’s because JobVIEW integrates completely with our workforce management software - including employee time and attendance software, employee scheduling software, and HR management software. Plus it’s interoperable with most third-party workforce management software.

  • Track Multiple People on a Job
  • Track Multiple Jobs by Employee
  • Messaging (with Historical Records)
  • Employee Time & Attendance
  • Employee Task & Job Tracking
  • Employee Scheduling


Track production cells and assembly lines - and create reports to assess performance, troubleshoot production issues, and optimize processes. This means you can run production reports like job time, operation time, and open jobs. JobVIEW provides immediate insight into all Works in Progress - as well as historical jobs - keeping you on top of all manufacturing processes.

  • Job Tracking Reports
  • Standards Report
  • Standard Vs. Actual Report
  • Standard Vs. Actual Graph
  • Incentive Summary
  • Materials Report
  • Assembly Report
  • Part Template Report
  • Material Needs Report
  • Part Efficiency Report

Complete Work Order Management

Create estimates, work orders and invoices more efficiently. Get more jobs, get paid quicker and get better business insights.

  • Your office staff can manage work orders from any computer.
  • Your field staff can access work orders from their smartphones or tablets.
  • Your whole company can share the workflow: from quotes, to jobs, to invoices.
  • Send notifications via text messaging
  • Drag and drop field workers and resources

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