Aurigo Masterworks Cloud

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An integrated suite for planning, building and maintaining large capital assets

About Aurigo Masterworks Cloud

Aurigo Masterworks Cloud Platform provides an integrated suite of enterprise software products for planning, building, and maintaining capital assets. These assets range from infrastructure to facilities.

The four main products are:

  • Capital Planning & Portfolio Management
  • Full Lifecycle Construction Management
  • Safety, Quality, and Maintenance
  • Business Operations

The Aurigo suite offers the most comprehensive industry-ready solution that automates every phase of the plan-build-maintain-operate lifecycle. The online software is intuitive and easy to use from any browser or mobile device, with familiar Windows-based screens and controls. It’s easy to implement and update Aurigo products as your processes evolve over time with the point-and-click Configuration Toolkit.

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Aurigo Features

Each module has different features:

Capital Planning & Portfolio Management

  • Capital planning
  • Capital project management
  • Federal aid reimbursement

Full Lifecycle Construction Management

  • Estimation and bidding
  • Consultant service contracting
  • Right of Way
  • Contract management
  • Construction project management
  • Civil rights and labor management

Safety, Quality, and Maintenance

  • Materials specification and testing
  • Lab management
  • Capital asset and facilities maintenance
  • Construction safety and compliance

Business Operations

  • Real property management
  • Permitting
  • Advertising
  • Claims management


Aurigo charges a per named user subscription for each product purchased. You can start with just one product and add more over time, or buy the whole Aurigo Masterworks Cloud suite at once. All annual subscriptions are paid up front each year.

The SaaS (Software as a Service) pricing model acts as a software rental and does not require the customer to purchase any software licenses.

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User Reviews of Aurigo Masterworks Cloud

Submitted on September 8th, 2021 by Tim Pratt

We manage our most important infrastructure projects with Aurigo. Using the Aurigo Masterworks Cloud, we keep track of every schedule, budget, fund, and document during complex, multi-year projects.