A multi-module management system designed by PDS Business Systems & Services.

About Corp_ProSM

Corp_ProSM is a revolutionary new tool for small government contractors and non-profits. It offers a completely self contained DCAA compliant job cost accounting combined with an enterprise management system…with no up front costs and no special server or security set up.

Corp_ProSM has considerably more features than other popular alternatives. Accounting is only one of a number of modules. This is why we call it a CORporate PROcess manager. It is not just an accounting system. It provides tools for everyone in your company. Each functional manager and employee has a window specially designed to support his/her needs. The integrated back end database ensures everyone is informed. This means you can:

  • Cut administration costs
  • Streamline workflow
  • Enforce responsibilities, and
  • Insure consistency

Corp_ProSM provides for storage of data as well as documents. It is totally web enabled. All reports are easily converted to MS Excel and/or MS Word.

Corp_ProSM Is Specifically Geared Toward Companies or Organizations that…

  • Want to know job costs and revenues in real time
  • Have 10-500 employees
  • Provide services, system integration, or VAR
  • Have employees in multiple locations

Corp_ProSM Is a DCAA Compliant Job Cost Accounting System

Corp_ProSM is geared especially for companies (or non profits) that need to collect, record and analyze costs (direct and indirect) by contract, grant, or other cost objective. All expenses and revenues are tagged by direct cost objective or indirect service center. Indirect costs are automatically accumulated into overhead and G&A pools and presented in the format and manner prescribed by DCAA. You can set your company up with as many divisions as you like. Each division has its own employees, contracts, division service centers, and work breakdown structure. Each contract can have as many jobs, labor categories, CLINs/SLINs or subcontracts as necessary. Budgets, action items, expense vouchers and purchase requests can be prepared for contract jobs or service centers.

  • Secure, DCAA compliant, electronic timesheets and expense vouchers
  • Calculation of, fringe, occupancy, B&P, IR&D, overhead and G&A in real time
  • Separate overheads for material and sub contracts
  • Separate labor overheads for divisions and full time/part time and on/off site labor
  • Automatic generation of DCAA incurred cost reports (based on actual and/or planned $)
  • Monthly closings with retention of detailed historical data
  • Tracking of the cost/revenue of each contract by product sold
  • Automatic generation of invoices based on timesheets, payroll, and payables
  • Calculation of orders for CPFF, T&M, and FFP contracts
  • Tracking of umbrella (GSA) contracts, job orders, prime contracts & sub contracts
  • Tracking of backlog and contract ceiling by CLIN
  • Tracking of sub contract and contract incremental funding by modification

Budgeting & Cost Control

Corp_ProSM Is a Budgeting and Cost Control System

  • Calculation and management of budgets for direct projects and indirect service centers
  • Labor assignments by direct project and service center
  • Creation of baseline & working budgets
  • Separate service centers for each functional area (personnel, facilities, purchasing, etc)
  • Separate service centers for each division manager (division management, B&P, IR&D)
  • Real time updates to budgets with actual costs & revenues

Facilities & Security

Corp_ProSM Is a Facilities and Security Management System

  • Tracking of facilities & equipment & equipment upgrades
  • Tracking of software & licenses by user
  • Tracking of equipment maintenance requests
  • Tracking of DOD security classifications for facilities, equipment, personnel, and contracts
  • Calculation and recording of depreciation by asset
  • Control of procurements, disposals & usage
  • Tracking of occupancy budgets and costs

Marketing & Contact Management

Corp_ProSM Is a Marketing and Contact Management System

  • Tracking of prospects, teams, and competition
  • Generation of capture plans
  • Storage & publication of resumes in flexible formats
  • Storage & publication of experience citations in flexible formats
  • Tracking of contacts, contact journals, & knowledge database
  • Generation of workforce loading plans
  • Storage of RFPs, contracts & proposals
  • Calculation of cost proposals and forecasts


Corp_ProSM Replaces Your payroll/HR Service

  • Calculation of gross pay including bonuses, commissions, salaries, hourly, & DOL pay types
  • Integration of payroll with timesheets & invoices
  • Automatic generation of 941’s, W2’s, and other payroll reports
  • Tracking of fringe (tax, benefits, leave) by employee and pay period
  • Links to banks for direct deposit
  • Control & tracking of personnel changes, grade evaluations, performance evaluations, & training plans

Project Management

Corp_ProSM Is a Project Management System

  • Tracking of the cost/revenue of each contract/job by product sold
  • Tracking of orders for services, material, products, or ODC’s
  • Tracking of budgets, expenses and revenues by job
  • Tracking of job tasks, task status, WBS & action items
  • Tracking of labor categories and assignments

Purchasing & Inventory Management

Corp_ProSM Is a Purchasing & Inventory Management System

  • Generation & approval of purchase requests
  • Creation of purchase orders from purchase requests
  • Tracking & reporting deliveries
  • Tracking of standard parts
  • Tracking and valuation of inventory

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